Case Information

Case Number:   15-20C
Case Name:   TBSC Owner I, LLC
Case Summary:   1st-Stage PUD Modification of Significance and 2nd-Stage PUD, bounded by M, 1st & L Sts. & 1st Pl. NW (Sq. 620, Lots 250, 893, 894, 895, 898, 900, 904 & 905) - Ward 6
Property Address:  
Relief Type:   First-Stage PUD,Modification of Significance,Second-Stage PUD
Case Status:   Closed
Result:   Approve(5-0-0)
ANC:   6E06
Past Hearing Date(s):   07/25/2019,09/26/2019,02/25/2019,09/26/2019
Past Meeting Date(s):   07/25/2019,09/26/2019,02/25/2019,09/26/2019,10/21/2019

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Z.C. Order No. 15-20CView


Transcript DateMeeting TypeAction
10/21/2019Public MeetingView
09/26/2019Public HearingView

  Contact Information

  • DCOZ
    Name: Office of Zoning
    Phone: 202-727-6311
    Address: 441 4th Street, NW, Suite 200S, Washington, DC 20001
    Url: Click Here

  • OP
    Name: Office of Planning
    Phone: 202-442-7600
    Address: 1100 4th St SW, Washington, DC 20024
    Url: Click Here

  • ANC
    Name: 6E
    Address: 437 New York Ave NW
    Url: Click Here

  • SMD
    Name: Alvin Judd Sr
    Address: 40 New York Ave NW
    Url: Click Here


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