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11 1Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - 1st-Stage PUD Modification & 2nd-Stage PUD411/19/2018View
21A1AReceipt for Filing Fee111/20/2018View
32 2Statement in Support2811/19/2018View
42A2ASIS: Tab A (Surveyor's Plat)111/19/2018View
52B2BSIS: Tab B (A&T Plat)211/19/2018View
62C2CSIS: Tab C (Zoning Map)111/19/2018View
72D2DSIS: Tab D (Copy of Z.C. Order No. 15-20)2711/19/2018View
82E2ESIS: Tab E (Copy of Z.C. Order No. 15-20A)511/19/2018View
92F2FSIS: Tab F (Copy of Z.C. Order No. 15-20B)611/19/2018View
102G12G1SIS: Tab G (Plans: First-Stage Modification - Part 1)1011/19/2018View
112G22G2SIS: Tab G (Plans: First-Stage Modification - Part 2)611/19/2018View
122G32G3SIS: Tab G (Plans: First-Stage Modification - Part 3)211/19/2018View
132G42G4SIS: Tab G (Plans: First-Stage Modification - Part 4)211/19/2018View
142G52G5SIS: Tab G (Plans: First-Stage Modification - Part 5)311/19/2018View
152G62G6SIS: Tab G (Plans: First-Stage Modification - Part 6)511/19/2018View
162G72G7SIS: Tab G (Plans: First-Stage Modification - Part 7)311/19/2018View
172G82G8SIS: Tab G (Plans: First-Stage Modification - Part 8)411/19/2018View
182G92G9SIS: Tab G (Plans: First-Stage Modification - Part 9)311/19/2018View
192G102G10SIS: Tab G (Plans: First-Stage Modification - Part 10)611/19/2018View
202G112G11SIS: Tab G (Plans: First-Stage Modification - Part 11)411/19/2018View
212G122G12SIS: Tab G (Plans: First-Stage Modification - Part 12)411/19/2018View
222G132G13SIS: Tab G (Plans: First-Stage Modification - Part 13)311/19/2018View
232G142G14SIS: Tab G (Plans: First-Stage Modification - Part 14)211/19/2018View
242H2HSIS: Tab H (Street Closing Plat & Legislation)511/19/2018View
252I2ISIS: Tab I (DDOT Report)1912/04/2018View
262J2JSIS: Tab J (Contribution to Boy's and Girl's Club)211/19/2018View
272K2KSIS: Tab K (Contribution to Perry School)311/19/2018View
282L12L1SIS: Tab L (Plans: Second Stage - Part 1)1111/19/2018View
292L22L2SIS: Tab L (Plans: Second Stage - Part 2)1111/19/2018View
302L32L3SIS: Tab L (Plans: Second Stage - Part 3)211/19/2018View
312L42L4SIS: Tab L (Plans: Second Stage - Part 4)211/19/2018View
322L52L5SIS: Tab L (Plans: Second Stage - Part 5)111/19/2018View
332L62L6SIS: Tab L (Plans: Second Stage - Part 6)111/19/2018View
342L72L7SIS: Tab L (Plans: Second Stage - Part 7)111/19/2018View
352L82L8SIS: Tab L (Plans: Second Stage - Part 8)111/19/2018View
362L92L9SIS: Tab L (Plans: Second Stage - Part 9)711/19/2018View
372L102L10SIS: Tab L (Plans: Second Stage - Part 10)511/19/2018View
382L112L11SIS: Tab L (Plans: Second Stage - Part 11)211/19/2018View
392L122L12SIS: Tab L (Plans: Second Stage - Part 12)311/19/2018View
402L132L13SIS: Tab L (Plans: Second Stage - Part 13)211/19/2018View
412L142L14SIS: Tab L (Plans: Second Stage - Part 14)411/19/2018View
422L152L15SIS: Tab L (Plans: Second Stage -Part 15)211/19/2018View
432L162L16SIS: Tab L (Plans: Second Stage - Part 16)411/19/2018View
442L172L17SIS: Tab L (Plans: Second Stage - Part 17)411/19/2018View
452M2MSIS: Tab M (Excerpts from Mid-City East Small Area Plan)411/19/2018View
462N2NSIS: Tab N (Certificate of Notice)811/19/2018View
472O2OSIS: Tab O (Application Form)111/19/2018View
482P2PSIS: Tab P (Authorization Letters)211/19/2018View
493 3Copy of DDOT Report for Case No. 15-201911/28/2018View
504 4Ltr. of Acceptance to Applicant112/06/2018View
515 5Referral to OP112/06/2018View
526 6Referral to Councilmember Charles Allen112/06/2018View
537 7Referral to ANC 6E and SMD 6E06712/06/2018View
548 8NOF to DC Register112/06/2018View
559 9Attestation: NOF212/06/2018View
5610 10Cover Letter from Applicant Enclosing Revised Architectural Plans and Elevations701/07/2019View
5710A110A1First-Stage Modification - Revised Architectural Plans (Part 1)701/07/2019View
5810A210A2First-Stage Modification - Revised Architectural Plans (Part 2)901/07/2019View
5910A310A3First-Stage Modification - Revised Architectural Plans (Part 3)601/07/2019View
6010A410A4First-Stage Modification - Revised Architectural Plans (Part 4)1901/07/2019View
6110A510A5First-Stage Modification - Revised Architectural Plans (Part 5)1301/07/2019View
6210A610A6First-Stage Modification - Revised Architectural Plans (Part 6)301/07/2019View
6310AA110AA1Second-Stage - Revised Architectural Plans (Part 1)1501/07/2019View
6410AA210AA2Second Stage - Revised Architectural Plans (Part 2))901/07/2019View
6510AA310AA3Second-Stage - Revised Architectural Plans (Part 3)401/07/2019View
6610AA410AA4Second-Stage - Revised Architectural Plans (Part 4)701/07/2019View
6710AA510AA5Second-Stage - Revised Architectural Plans (Part 5)601/07/2019View
6810AA610AA6Second-Stage - Revised Architectural Plans (Part 6)1001/07/2019View
6910AA710AA7Second-Stage - Revised Architectural Plans (Part 7)601/07/2019View
7011 11OP Set Down Report2602/15/2019View
7112 12OP Setdown Presentation Slides 202/25/2019View
7213 13Setdown Letter to Applicant102/26/2019View
7314 14ANC 6E Report203/26/2019View
7415 15Cvr Ltr from Applicant -Form 116 & Prehearing Statement205/15/2019View
7515A115A1Hearing Fee Calculator Form205/15/2019View
7615A215A2Receipt for Hearing Fee105/16/2019View
7715B15BPrehearing Statement1705/15/2019View
7815BA15BAPHS: Tab A (Revised Architectural Plans)405/15/2019View
7915BB15BBPHS: Tab B (First Source Agreement)905/15/2019View
8015BC15BCPHS: Tab C (Current Form for First Source Agreement)1105/15/2019View
8115BD15BDPHS: Tab D (Updated List of Sursum Corda Households)605/15/2019View
8215BE15BEPHS: Tab E (List of Witnesses)105/15/2019View
8315BF15BFPHS: Tab F (Draft Outline Testimony of Paige Hackler)105/15/2019View
8415BG15BGPHS: Tab G (Draft Outline Testimony and Resume of Bob Keane)305/15/2019View
8515BH15BHPHS: Tab H (Draft Outline Testimony and Resume of Trini Rodriguez)305/15/2019View
8615BI15BIPHS: Tab I (Draft Outline Testimony and Resume of Dan VanPelt)305/15/2019View
8715BJ15BJPHS: Tab J (Maps, Plans and Other Documents)105/15/2019View
8815BK15BKPHS: Tab K (Names and Mailing Addresses of Property Owners within 200 Feet)505/15/2019View
8916 16Proof of Publication of PHN in D.C. Register105/22/2019View
9017 17Notice of Public Hearing305/22/2019View
9117A17AAttestation: PHN605/29/2019View
9218 18Affidavit of Posting76/6/2019View
9319 197 Returned PHNs706/17/2019View
9420 20Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - CTR26/25/2019View
9621 21Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Supplemental Prehearing Submission27/5/2019View
9722 22Supplemental Prehearing Submission207/5/2019View
9822A22A1SPHS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Part 1)17/5/2019View
9922A22A2SPHS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Part 2)147/5/2019View
10022A22A3SPHS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Part 3)67/5/2019View
10122A22A4SPHS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Part 4)177/5/2019View
10222A22A5SPHS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Part 5)67/5/2019View
10322A22A6SPHS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Part 6)17/5/2019View
10422A22A7SPHS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Part 7)37/5/2019View
10522A22A8SPHS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Part 8)27/5/2019View
10622A22A9SPHS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Part 9)17/5/2019View
10722A22A10SPHS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Part 10)37/5/2019View
10822A22A11SPHS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Part 11)37/5/2019View
10922B22B1SPHS: Tab B (Architectural Plans - Part 1)127/5/2019View
11022B22B2SPHS: Tab B (Architectural Plans - Part 2)127/5/2019View
11122B22B3SPHS: Tab B (Architectural Plans - Part 3)17/5/2019View
11222B22B4SPHS: Tab B (Architectural Plans - Part 4)17/5/2019View
11322B22B5SPHS: Tab B (Architectural Plans - Part 5)17/5/2019View
11422B22B6SPHS: Tab B (Architectural Plans - Part 6)17/5/2019View
11522B22B7SPHS: Tab B (Architectural Plans - Part 7)17/5/2019View
11622B22B8SPHS: Tab B (Architectural Plans - Part 8)17/5/2019View
11722B22B9SPHS: Tab B (Architectural Plans - Part 9)17/5/2019View
11822B22B10SPHS: Tab B (Architectural Plans - Part 10)17/5/2019View
11922B22B11SPHS: Tab B (Architectural Plans - Part 11)17/5/2019View
12022B22B12SPHS: Tab B (Architectural Plans - Part 12)17/5/2019View
12122B22B13SPHS: Tab B (Architectural Plans - Part 13)67/5/2019View
12222B22B14SPHS: Tab B (Architectural Plans - Part 14)67/5/2019View
12322B22B15SPHS: Tab B (Architectural Plans - Part 15)17/5/2019View
12422B22B16SPHS: Tab B (Architectural Plans - Part 16)17/5/2019View
12522B22B17SPHS: Tab B (Architectural Plans - Part 17)117/5/2019View
12622B22B18SPHS: Tab B (Architectural Plans - Part 18)27/5/2019View
12722C22CSPHS: Tab C (Signage Plan for Phase I)157/5/2019View
12822D22DSPHS: Tab D (First Source Agreement - 15-20)97/5/2019View
12922E22ESPHS: Tab E (Current First Source Agreement)117/5/2019View
13023 23Applicant's Response to DDOT's Questions27/11/2019View
13123A23AApplicant's Response: Tab A (Revised Plans)37/11/2019View
13223B23BApplicant's Response: Tab B (Pierce Street Section)17/11/2019View
13323C23CApplicant's Response: Tab C (Revised Conceptual Design)37/11/2019View
13423D23DApplicant's Response: Tab D (Updated Public Space Plans)27/11/2019View
13523E23EApplicant's Response: Tab E (Updated Loading Management Plan)17/11/2019View
13623F23FApplicant's Response: Tab F (Revised Parking Plan)37/11/2019View
13724 24MPD comments 17/11/2019View
13825 25DDOT Report207/12/2019View
13926 261 Returned PHN207/12/2019View
14027 27OP Hearing Report297/17/2019View
14128 28Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Request for Postponement (APPROVED)27/19/2019View
14229 29Affidavit of Maintenance107/22/2019View
14330 30Notice of Rescheduled Public Hearing307/30/2019View
14431 31Proof of Publication of Rescheduled Public Hearing Notice in D.C. Register107/30/2019View
14532 32Attestation: Rescheduled PHN607/30/2019View
14633 33Affidavit of Posting78/14/2019View
14734 341 Returned PHN208/19/2019View
14835 352 Returned PHNs308/30/2019View
14936 363 Returned PHNs409/03/2019View
15037 37Applicant's Response to MPD Comments29/4/2019View
15138 38DCHA Resolution for Sibley Townhomes and Sursum Corda29/4/2019View
15239 39Applicant's Supplemental Statement - Responses to OP's Report129/6/2019View
15339A39A1SIS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Stage 1 - Part 1)89/6/2019View
15439A39A2SIS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Stage 1 - Part 2)89/6/2019View
15539A39A3SIS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Stage 1 - Part 3)69/6/2019View
15639A39A4SIS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Stage 1 - Part 4)189/6/2019View
15739A39A5SIS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Stage 1 - Part 5)49/6/2019View
15839A39A6SIS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Stage 1 - Part 6)29/6/2019View
15939A39A7SIS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Stage 1 - Part 7)39/6/2019View
16039A39A8SIS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Stage 1 - Part 8)39/6/2019View
16139A39A9SIS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Stage 1 - Part 9)39/6/2019View
16239A39A10SIS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Stage 1 - Part 10)29/6/2019View
16339AA39AA1SIS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Stage 2 - Part 1)19/6/2019View
16439AA39AA2SIS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Stage 2 - Part 2)139/6/2019View
16539AA39AA3SIS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Stage 2 - Part 3)129/6/2019View
16639AA39AA4SIS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Stage 2 - Part 4)69/6/2019View
16739AA39AA5SIS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Stage 2 - Part 5)89/6/2019View
16839AA39AA6SIS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Stage 2 - Part 6)59/6/2019View
16939AA39AA7SIS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Stage 2 - Part 7)169/6/2019View
17039AA39AA8SIS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Stage 2 - Part 8)79/6/2019View
17139B39BSIS: Tab B (Supplemental Renderings Package)69/6/2019View
17239C39CSIS: Tab C (Comprehensive Signage Plan)239/6/2019View
17340 401 Returned PHN209/06/2019View
17441 41Cvr Ltr from Applicant - Supplemental Unit Matrix39/9/2019View
17541A41ASupplemental Unit Matrix19/9/2019View
17642 42Applicant's Cvr. Ltr. - Agreement with DDOT re: Street Improvements39/16/2019View
17742A42AAgreement re: Street Improvements59/16/2019View
17843 43OP Supplemental Hearing Report29/16/2019View
17944 44DDOT Supplemental Report19/16/2019View
18045 451 Returned PHN209/18/2019View
18146 46Affidavit of Maintenance89/24/2019View
18247 47DDOT Second Supplemental Report199/25/2019View
18348 48Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Response to OP Report19/26/2019View
18448A48AApplicant's Response to OP49/26/2019View
18549 49Material Boards29/26/2019View
18650A50A1Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation (Part 1)239/26/2019View
18750A50A2Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation (Part 2)239/26/2019View
18850A50A3Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation (Part 3)19/26/2019View
18950A50A4Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation (Part 4)349/26/2019View
19051 51Witness Cards109/26/2019View
19151 51Witness Cards109/26/2019View
19252 52Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Draft Order310/10/2019View
19352A52ADraft Order3710/10/2019View
19453 53Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Post-Hearing Filing Statement710/10/2019View
19553A53AAPHS: Tab A (Subdivision Plat)210/10/2019View
19653B53B1APHS: Tab B (Revised Architectural Plans - Part 1)1310/10/2019View
19753B53B2APHS: Tab B (Revised Architectural Plans - Part 2)710/10/2019View
19853B53B3APHS: Tab B (Revised Architectural Plans - Part 3)710/10/2019View
19953B53B4APHS: Tab B (Revised Architectural Plans - Part 4)910/10/2019View
20053B53B5APHS: Tab B (Revised Architectural Plans - Part 5)710/10/2019View
20153B53B6APHS: Tab B (Revised Architectural Plans - Part 6)510/10/2019View
20253C53C1APHS: Tab C (Revised Comprehensive Sign Plan - Part 1)1010/10/2019View
20353C53C2APHS: Tab C (Revised Comprehensive Sign Plan - Part 2)910/10/2019View
20453D53DAPHS: Tab D (Gorove Slade Memorandum - October 10 2019)410/10/2019View
20553E53E1APHS: Tab E (Gorove Slade Memorandum - September 16 2019) Part 1710/10/2019View
20653E53E2APHS: Tab E (Gorove Slade Memorandum - September 16 2019) Part 2710/10/2019View
20753E53E3APHS: Tab E (Gorove Slade Memorandum - September 16 2019) Part 3710/10/2019View
20853E53E4APHS: Tab E (Gorove Slade Memorandum - September 16 2019) Part 4110/10/2019View
20953F53FAPHS: Tab F (Response to MPD)410/10/2019View
21054 54OP's Post Hearing Report210/17/2019View
21155 55DDOT Report110/17/2019View
21256 56Proof of Publication of Order in D.C. Register103/05/2020View
21357 57Z.C. Order No. 15-20C3903/05/2020View
21458 58Z.C. Order No. 15-20C103/05/2020View
21559 59PUD Covenant528/11/2020View