ZC Schedule

Event Information : Public Hearing

Start Time : 9/29/2008 6:30 PM

Case Number :05-38A
Case Name :Marina View Trustee, LLC
Case Summary :(PUD,PUD Modification) Marina View Trustee LLC - M to PUD, 1000 & 1100 6th St. SW (Sq. 499, Lot 50, 853) *this was filed as a Minor Modification; setdown as a M*
Public Hearing Notice :
Result :Results from the September 29, 2008 hearing (Marina View Trustees, LLC – Modification to PUD @ 1000 & 1100 6th St. SW) were as follows: (i) Party status was denied to Tiber Island Cooperative Homes, Inc. and Paul Greenberg. (ii) The ZC found that Order No. 05-38 was valid and had not been vacated or stayed by the Courts and, therefore, there was no reason why they couldn’t proceed with the modification hearing. (iii) The Zoning Commission accepted ANC 6D’s letter in support submitted by the applicant. The record will remain open until October 14, 2008 for some additional filings requested by the Zoning Commission; it is anticipated this case will be considered for proposed action at the October 20, 2008 meeting.
Case Number :08-20
Case Name :Regulate Firearms Retail Sales Establishments
Case Summary :(Text Amendment) Office of Planning - Text Amendment to Regulate the Establishment of a Firearms Retail Sales Establishment Use
Public Hearing Notice :
Result :The hearing for the above-referenced case (Office of Planning – Text Amendment re: Firearms) concluded on September 29, 2008, with the record remaining open until October 27. The Office of Planning (OP) has until November 10 to provide a response to the additional filings and requests/comments from the Zoning Commission. It is anticipated this case will be considered for proposed action at a Special Public Meeting at 6:00 PM on November 20, 2008.