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Joseph Bailey - 09/30/2016
Section Confusing language clarification - 1502.1

"and any guard rail on a roof" has been interpreted by some to mean any guard rail on any roof, not just the penthouse level roof. The scope of this restriction is unclear. Is the intent to restrict all guardrails on any roof, regardless of level to the setback restrictions? Or, is the intent applicable only to the roof at the penthouse level?

Alma Gates - 12/23/2016
Section Confusing language clarification - 701.5

Table C § 701.5 Residential Single Dwelling Unit; and rowhouse or flats within the R and RF Zones. The number of required parking spaces are listed, i.e., 1 [parking space] per principal dwelling, etc.. Section 702.3a exempts these ... if the lot does not have access to an open, improved, and public alley with a right of way of ten feet 10 ft. width minimum. The language in § 702.3a needs to be included in Table C § 701.5 rather than or in addition to § 702. It would be more clear if the table read: 1 per principal dwelling provided there is not access... Similar clarification is added in Table C § 701.5 under Office and PDR so this clarification/exemption is not inconsistent with other sections of Table C § 701.5.

David Lewis - 10/18/2016
Section Inadvertent omission - 707.2

This should read "Within the D, CG, and SEFC zones, where there is no minimum parking . . ." as the SEFC zones have no minimum parking requirements per Subtitle C, Section 702.3.

Paul Goldstein - 11/06/2017
Section Incorrect Citation - 1401.3

The citation should reference 1401.4 and 1401.5, not 1401.6. This would match the citation in the 1958 regulations see old 413.4. Thank you.

Bob Ward - 09/30/2016
Section Typographical Error - 204.6

I think "intervening confirming use" should be "intervening conforming use"

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