row_num#Exhibit #Exhibit #Exhibit #Exhibit DescriptionNumber of PagesExhibit DateAction
11 1Application for PUD and related map amendment13/7/2022View
22 2Cvr. Ltr. from the Applicant303/08/2022View
33 3Applicant's Statement in Support203/7/2022View
43A3ASIS: Tab A (Authorization Letters)23/7/2022View
53B3BSIS: Tab B (Form 100 - Application Signature Page)13/7/2022View
63C3CSIS: Tab C (DC Surveyor's Plat)23/7/2022View
73D3DSIS: Tab D (Existing Zoning for PUD Site)13/7/2022View
83E3ESIS: Tab E (Proposed Zoning for PUD Site)13/7/2022View
93F3FSIS: Tab F (Portion of FLUM Showing PUD Site)13/7/2022View
103G3GSIS: Tab G (Portion of GPM Showing PUD Site)13/7/2022View
113H3HSIS: Tab H (Evaluation of Consistency with Comprehensive Plan)213/7/2022View
123I3I1SIS: Tab I (Notice of Intent, Certificate of Notice, and List of Owners of Property w/in 200 Ft.)43/7/2022View
133I3I2SIS: Tab I (Notice of Intent, Certificate of Notice, and List of Owners of Property w/in 200 Ft. of PUD Site - part 2)43/7/2022View
144A4A1Architectural Plans and Elevations - part 1253/7/2022View
154A4A2Architectural Plans and Elevations - part 2173/7/2022View
164A4A3Architectural Plans - part 383/7/2022View
174A4A4Architectural Plans - part 493/7/2022View
185 5List of Names and Mailing Addresses of the Owners w/in 200 Ft13/2/2022View
196 6Receipt of filing fee 103/11/2022View
207 7Letter to Applicant103/16/2022View
218 8Referral to OP103/16/2022View
229 9Notice of Filing103/16/2022View
2310 10NOF - Proof of Publication in DC Register103/16/2022View
2411 11Attestation - NOF103/16/2022View
2512 12Referral to ANC 6D703/16/2022View
2613 13Referral to Councilmember, Ward 6103/16/2022View
2714 14OP Setdown Report305/2/2022View
2815 15Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Pre-hearing Statement25/13/2022View
2916 16Applicant's Pre-hearing Statement95/13/2022View
3016A16APHS: Tab A (Updated Landscape Plans)65/13/2022View
3116B16BPHS: Tab B (List of Witnesses and Estimated Time for Applicant's Presentation)15/13/2022View
3216C16CPHS: Tab C (Witness Outlines and Expert Resumes)185/13/2022View
3316D16DPHS: Tab D (List of Publicly Available Information)15/13/2022View
3416E16EPHS: Tab E (Names and Addresses of Property Owners Within 200 Ft. of PUD Site)25/13/2022View
3516F16FPHS: Tab F (Hearing Fee Calculator)25/13/2022View
3617 17Receipt of hearing fee105/16/2022View
3718 18Proof of Publication of PHN in D.C. Register105/25/2022View
3819 19Notice of Public Hearing405/25/2022View
3920 20Attestation: PHN205/26/2022View
4021 21Proof of Publication of PHN in D.C. Register106/09/2022View
4122 22Corrected Notice of Virtual Public Hearing406/09/2022View
4223 23Attestation: Corrected PHN206/09/2022View
4324 24Affidavit of Posting56/30/2022View
4425 252 Returned PHNs307/05/2022View
4526 26Cvr Ltr from Applicant - Transportation Study38/4/2022View
4626A26ATransportation Study418/4/2022View
4727 27Request for Party Status in Opposition - Town Square Towers Condos48/23/2022View
4827A27ASupplemental to Exhibit 27 - Town Square Towers29/13/2022View
4928 28Applicants Supplemental Statement198/26/2022View
5028A28A1SS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Part 1)398/26/2022View
5128A28A2SS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Part 2)268/26/2022View
5228B28BSS: Tab B (Resilient Design Strategies)28/26/2022View
5328C28CSS: Tab C (LMP)28/26/2022View
5428D28DSS: Tab D (SW Plan Analysis)118/26/2022View
5528E28ESS: Tab E (CMP)48/26/2022View
5629 29Ltr. in Opposition - Alexa Levy108/26/2022View
5730 30Ltr. in Support - Catherine Theuer108/29/2022View
5831 31Applicant's Opposition to Party Status Request from Town Square Towers Condo68/30/2022View
5932 32Ltr. in Opposition - Robert Marino108/31/2022View
6033 33Ltr. in Opposition - Joyce Brown109/02/2022View
6134 34DDOT Report109/6/2022View
6234 34Ltr. in Opposition - Ronny B. Lancaster109/07/2022View
6335 35OP Report139/6/2022View
6436 36Letter in Support from Ian Callender109/09/2022View
6537 37Affidavit of Maintenance19/9/2022View
6638 38Written Testimony in Opposition - Laura Heller109/12/2022View
6739 39Ltr. in Opposition - Dusan Vujosevic109/12/2022View
6840 40Ltr. in Support - Chad Price109/12/2022View
6941 41Ltr in Opposition - Erin Berg19/12/2022View
7042 42Ltr. in Opposition - Marie-Christine FOGT109/13/2022View
7143 43Ltr. in Opposition - Helena & Vincent Sagart109/13/2022View
7244 44Ltr. in Opposition - Kristin Graybill109/13/2022View
7345 45Ltr. in Opposition - Miranda Chien-Hale109/14/2022View
7446 46Ltr. in Support - Walter Tersch109/14/2022View
7547 47Ltr. in Opposition - Kelley Gallagher209/14/2022View
7648 48Ltr. in Opposition - Barbara Keary29/14/2022View
7749 49Letter in Opposition - Janessa Robinson19/14/2022View
7850 50Letter in Opposition - Jim Smith29/14/2022View
7951 51Ltr. in Opposition w/Petition - Alexa Levy609/14/2022View
8052 52Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation859/14/2022View
8153 53Applicant's Reponse to Opposition Letters359/14/2022View
8253A53APhoto of Materials19/14/2022View
8354 54Ltr. in Opposition - M. Grace Fuller39/14/2022View
8455 55Ltr. in Opposition - Gail Fast on behalf of Town Square Towers39/14/2022View
8556 56Ltr. in Opposition - Rishi Thakur209/14/2022View
8657 57Ltr. in Opposition - Coy McKinney109/14/2022View
8758 58Testimony from SW DC Action309/14/2022View
8858A58AArticle "Build Baby Build"4809/14/2022View
8958B58BPanel Discussion Video609/14/2022View
9059 59ANC 6D Report709/14/2022View
9160 60Witness List from (9-15-2022) Public Hearing109/15/2022View
9261 61Testimony from Adom Cooper209/19/2022View
9362 62Letter in Support - Dave Kasten 109/23/2022View
9463 63Ltr. in Opposition - Jack Talmud 09/27/2022View