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11 1Application for Design Review112/21/2021View
21A1AForm 100 signed112/21/2021View
32 2Applicant's Statement in Support1812/21/2021View
42A2ASIS: Tab A (Certificate of Service)112/21/2021View
52B2BSIS: Tab B (Authorization Letters)312/21/2021View
62C2CSIS: Tab C (Photo Exhibit)812/21/2021View
72D2D1SIS: Tab D (Certificate of Notice - part 1)212/21/2021View
82D2D2SIS: Tab D (Notice of Intention to File - part 2)112/21/2021View
92E2ESIS: Tab E (List of property owners w/in 200 ft)312/21/2021View
102F2FSIS: Tab F (Surveyor's Plat Map)112/21/2021View
112G2G1SIS: Tab G (Architectural Plans - part 1)1012/21/2021View
122G2G2SIS: Tab G (Architectural Plans - part 2)112/21/2021View
132G2G3SIS: Tab G (Architectural Plans - part 3)1012/21/2021View
143 3Receipt for Filing Fee112/22/2021View
154 4Proof of Publication of PHN in D.C. Register112/29/2021View
165 5Notice of Public Hearing312/29/2021View
176 6Attestation: PHN301/05/2022View
187 72 Returned PHN301/13/2022View
198 8Affidavit of Posting71/28/2022View
209 9Transportation Study281/28/2022View
2110 101 Returned PHN201/25/2022View
2211 11Applicant's Request for Postponement (APPROVED 01/31/22)21/31/2022View
2312 12Proof of Publication of PHN in D.C. Register102/01/2022View
2413 13Notice of Rescheduled Public Hearing402/01/2022View
2514 14Attestation: Rescheduled PHN402/02/2022View
2615 15NCPC Report 02/03/2022View
2716 161 Returned PHN202/17/2022View
2817 171 Returned PHN203/15/2022View
2918 18Transportation Study803/22/2022View
3019 19Affidavit of Posting73/23/2022View
3120 201 Returned PHN203/23/2022View
3221 21Cover Letter from Applicant - Pre-hearing Submission24/5/2022View
3321A21ASummary of Plan Changes and Submissions24/5/2022View
3421B21B1Updated Architectural Plans (Part 1)134/5/2022View
3521B21B2Updated Architectural Plans (Part 2)134/5/2022View
3622 22Party Status Request in Opposition - Sheila Samaddar & Greg Keagle604/07/2022View
3722A22AList of Witnesses204/07/2022View
3823 23DDOT Report144/8/2022View
3924 24OP Report214/11/2022View
4025 25Applicant's Response in Opposition - Party Status Request of Sheila Samaddar & Greg Keagle24/14/2022View
4126 26Addidavit of Maintenance14/15/2022View
4227 27Cvr. Ltr. from the Applicant204/18/2022View
4327A27AApplicant's List of Responses to Agency Comments504/18/2022View
4427B27B1Updated Architectural Plans (Part 1)2204/18/2022View
4527B27B2Updated Architectural Plans (Part 2)504/18/2022View
4627C27CUpdated Surveyor's Plat104/18/2022View
4727D27DTDM & LMP404/18/2022View
4827E27ELEED v4 NC Scorecard204/18/2022View
4927F27FList of Witnesses104/18/2022View
5027G27GResume of Rich Markus, Architect104/18/2022View
5127H27HResume of William Zeid, PE204/18/2022View
5227I27IRequested Flexibility from Final Plans104/18/2022View
5328 28ANC 6D Report404/18/2022View
5429 291 Returned PHN204/18/2022View
5530 30Testimony of Frederica Kramer, ANC 6D44/20/2022View
5631A31A1Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation (Pt 1)234/20/2022View
5731A31A2Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation (Pt 2)184/20/2022View
5832 32Ltr. from Party in Opposition - Application doesn't meet Design Review requirements1804/21/2022View
5933 331 Returned PHN205/10/2022View
6034 34Applicant's Pre-hearing Statement25/26/2022View
6134A34APHS: Tab A (Architectural Plans)215/26/2022View
6234B34BPHS: Tab B (Meeting Timeline)25/26/2022View
6334C34CPHS: Tab C (Summary of Changes and Outreach)135/26/2022View
6434C34C1PHS: Tab C-1 (Truck and Vehicle Turn Diagrams)65/26/2022View
6534C34C2PHS: Tab C-2 (Page from Easement SOCAP Neighbor Agreement)15/26/2022View
6634D34DPHS: Tab D (Conditions and Flexibility)25/26/2022View
6734E34EPHS: Tab E (ANC 6D and 1301 S Cap Agreement)65/26/2022View
6835 35Applicant's Request for Postponement to October 3, 2022 (APPROVED 06/13/22)26/13/2022View
6936 36ANC 6D Opposition - Design Review706/29/2022View
7037 37ANC 6D Support - Postponement Request106/29/2022View
7138 38Applicant's Pre-hearing Statement39/13/2022View
7238A38APHS: Tab A (3D Images)149/13/2022View
7338A38A1PHS: Tab A1 (Architectural Plans)279/13/2022View
7438B38BPHS: Tab B (Surveyor's Plat)19/13/2022View
7538C38CPHS: Tab C (Comprehensive List of Plan Changes and Updates to Zoning Flex Requests)29/13/2022View
7638D38DPHS: Tab D (Party Opponent Settlement and Additional Flexibility in the Order)19/13/2022View
7738E38EPHS: Tab E (Summary of ANC Discussions and Public Space Committee Status)19/13/2022View
7838F38FPHS: Tab F (Proposed Conditions and Flexibility to the Order)29/13/2022View
7939 39OP Supplemental Report69/23/2022View