row_num#Exhibit #Exhibit #Exhibit #Exhibit DescriptionNumber of PagesExhibit DateAction
11 1Application Form18/24/2021View
21A1AAuthorization Letter 18/19/2021View
32 2Applicant's Statement in Support58/24/2021View
42A2ACertificate of Service 18/24/2021View
53 3Surveyor's Plat 18/19/2021View
64 4Notice of Intent & Certificate of Notice 28/19/2021View
75 5List of Owners within 200 feet28/19/2021View
86A6ACopy of Comp. Plan Generalized Policy Map 18/19/2021View
96B6BCopy of DCOZ Zoning Map 18/19/2021View
106C6CCopy of Future Land Use Map 18/19/2021View
116D6DCopy of Summary Map 28/19/2021View
127 7Acceptance Ltr. to Applicant108/24/2021View
138 8Referral to OP108/24/2021View
149 9Referral to ANC & SMD708/24/2021View
1510 10Referral to Ward 5 Councilmember108/24/2021View
1611 11Proof of Publication of NOF in D.C. Register108/24/2021View
1712 12Attestation: NOF208/24/2021View
1813 13Ltr. in Support - Vijay Kapur108/31/2021View
1914 14ANC 5C Report409/17/2021View
2014A14AANC 5C Setdown Report409/17/2021View
2115 15Comments in Support from Kelly Bell111/12/2021View
2216 16Comments in Support from Katherine Brown111/12/2021View
2317 17Ltr. in Support - Tom McIntyre212/02/2021View
2418 18Ltr. in Opposition - Miles Dittemore1512/20/2021View
2519 19Ltr. in Support - Bill Perry201/03/2022View
2620 20Petition in Support12/10/2022View
2721 21Statement in Support of Map Amendment153/14/2022View
2822 22Penthouse IZ Calculations13/14/2022View
2923 23IZ Plus Analysis with Map Amendment- Mixed Use13/14/2022View
3024 24IZ Plus Analysis with Map Amendment- All Residential13/14/2022View
3125 25OP Setdown Report114/1/2022View
3225A25AOP presentation for public meeting54/14/2022View
3326 26Cvr. Ltr. from the Applicant - Pre-hearing Statement25/6/2022View
3427 27Applicant's Pre-hearing Statement55/6/2022View
3527A27APHS: Tab A (Outline of Testimony)15/6/2022View
3627B27BPHS: Tab B (List of Maps)15/6/2022View
3727C27CPHS: Tab C (List of Owners within 200 Ft.)25/6/2022View
3828 28Letter of Authorization15/6/2022View
3929 29Proof of Publication of PHN in D.C. Register105/25/2022View
4030 30Notice of Public Hearing405/25/2022View
4131 31Attestation: PHN305/27/2022View
4232 32ANC 5C Report16/1/2022View
4333 331 Returned PHN206/22/2022View
4434 341 Returned PHN207/11/2022View
4535 35Hearing Fee Calculator27/20/2022View
4636 36Receipt17/20/22View
4737 37Affidavit of Posting39/13/2022View
4838 38OP Report59/9/2022View
4939 39DDOT Report59/9/2022View
5040 40Affidavit of Posting - part 229/13/2022View
5141 41Ltr. in Opposition - Allegra Connor, Ashley Nichols & Phylis Davis29/15/2022View
5242 42Affidavit of Maintenance19/15/2022View
5343 43Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation109/16/2022View
5444 44Witness List from 09-19-2022 Public Hearing 109/20/2022View
5545 45Referral to NCPC109/20/2022View
5646 46Ltr. in Opposition - Cheryl Dixon109/26/2022View
5747 47Draft Order from the Applicant1510/3/2022View
5848 48NCPC Report110/27/2022View
5949 49Proof of Publication of Order in D.C. Register112/12/2022View
6050 50Z.C. Order No. 21-141612/12/2022View
6151 51Attestation: Order No. 21-14112/12/2022View