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11 1Application Form111/3/2022View
22 2DC Surveyor's Plat111/3/2022View
33 3Statement of Existing and Intended Use111/3/2022View
44 4Zoning Self-Certification - SUPERSEDED - SEE EXHIBIT #18B211/3/2022View
55 5Color Photographs511/3/2022View
66 6Architectural Plans and Elevations - SUPERSEDED - SEE EXHIBIT #26A811/3/2022View
77 7List of Names and Mailing Addresses of Property Owners within 200 Ft111/3/2022View
88 8Applicant's Statement511/3/2022View
99 9Letter of Authorization111/3/2022View
1010 10Certification of Proficiency111/3/2022View
1111 11Certificate of Service111/3/2022View
1212 12Statement of Community Outreach111/3/2022View
1313 13Receipt111/9/2022View
1414 14BZA Notice of Virtual Public Hearing 411/10/2022View
1515 15BZA Attestation/PHN List of Referrals 111/10/2022View
1616 16Returned PHN212/05/2022View
1717 17Proof of Publication of PHN to DC Register-4/5/2023101/03/2023View
1818 18Cover Letter from Applicant Enclosing Prehearing Statement23/15/2023View
1918A18AApplicant's Prehearing Statement63/15/2023View
2018B18BUpdated Zoning Self-Certification - SUPERSEDED - SEE EXHIBIT #20A23/15/2023View
2119 19ANC 5B Report803/21/2023View
2220 20Cover Letter from Applicant Enclosing Zoning Self-Certification23/24/2023View
2320A20AZoning Self-Certification23/24/2023View
2421 21DDOT Report23/24/2023View
2522 22OP Report53/24/2023View
2623 23Affidavit of Posting33/31/2023View
2724 24Affidavit of Maintenance13/31/2023View
2825 25Motion to Waive Filing Deadline13/31/2023View
2926 26Cover Letter from Applicant Enclosing Updated Architectural Plans23/31/2023View
3026A26AUpdated Architectural Plans and Elevations - SUPERSEDED - SEE EXHIBIT #28A83/31/2023View
3127 27Motion to Waive Filing Deadline14/3/2023View
3228 28Cover Letter from Applicant Enclosing Updated Architectural Plans and Elevations24/3/2023View
3328A28AUpdated Architectural Plans and Elevations84/3/2023View
3429 29Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation154/3/2023View
3530 30Letter in Support from Commissioner VJ Kapur, ANC 5C07204/03/2023View
3631 31List of Witnesses-April 5, 2023104/05/2023View
3732 32Summary Order404/11/2023View
3833 33Attestation104/11/2023View