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11 1Application Form19/27/2022View
22 2DC Surveyor's Plat19/21/2022View
33 3Statement of Intended Uses19/21/2022View
44 4Zoning Self-Certification - SUPERSEDED - SEE EXHIBIT #1129/21/2022View
55 5Building Elevations19/21/2022View
66 6Burden of Proof - SUPERSEDED - SEE EXHIBIT #1519/21/2022View
77 7Color Photograph19/21/2022View
88 8List of Names and Mailing Addresses of Property Owners within 200 Ft.39/27/2022View
99 9Additional Color Photograph19/27/2022View
1010 10Certification of Service19/27/2022View
1111 11Updated Zoning Self-Certification - SUPERSEDED - SEE EXHIBIT #17210/6/2022View
1212 12Letter of Authorization - SUPERSEDED - SEE EXHIBIT #23110/6/2022View
1313 13Certificate of Proficiency110/6/2022View
1414 14Consent Agreement - 1212 Oates & 1210 Oates Solar etc.510/6/2022View
1515 15Updated Burden of Proof210/14/2022View
1616 16Form 120 Application110/14/2022View
1717 17Updated Self-Certification - SUPERSEDED - SEE EXHIBIT #22210/14/2022View
1818 18Receipt.pdf110/28/2022View
1919 19BZA Notice of Virtual Public Hearing 411/3/2022View
2020 20BZA Attestation/PHN List of Referrals 111/3/2022View
2121 21Request for Party Status in Opposition from Martin Holmes102/16/2023View
2221A21AAddendum to Party Status Request from Martin Holmes302/16/2023View
2321B21BResume from Jeremy Douglas Busse202/16/2023View
2421C21CResume of Guillermo Rueda, AIA702/16/2023View
2521D21DCertificate of Service102/16/2023View
2621E21EResume of Delaine Englebert402/21/2023View
2721F21FSecond Certificate of Service102/21/2023View
2822 22Updated Zoning Self-Certification202/21/2023View
2923 23Updated Letter of Authorization - SUPERSEDED - SEE EXHIBIT #26102/21/2023View
3024 24Letter of Certification102/21/2023View
3125 25Applicant's Response to Party Status Request from Martin Holmes32/23/2023View
3226 26Updated Letter of Authorization12/23/2023View
3327 27Cover Letter from Applicant Enclosing Prehearing Statement203/08/2023View
3428 28Prehearing Statement703/08/2023View
3528A28APrehearing Statement: Tab A (Porch Roof Height Exhibit)103/08/2023View
3628B28BPrehearing Statement: Tab B (Photos of Neighborhood)1003/08/2023View
3728C28CPrehearing Statement: Tab C (Resume and Outline of Testimony-Andrei Banks PA)203/08/2023View
3829A29AEmail from Party Status Requester Martin Holmes & Proof of Service for Supplemental Information203/16/2023View
3929B29BParty Status Request from Martin Holmes - Duplicate103/16/2023View
4029C29CParty Status Supplemental Information - Martin Holmes303/16/2023View
4130 30OP Report43/16/2023View
4231 31DDOT Report13/17/2023View
4332 32Affidavit of Posting23/24/2023View
4433 33Affidavit of Maintenance13/24/2023View
4534 34Comments in Opposition from Geoffery Hatchard 23/27/2023View
4635 35Letter of Opposition from Jaime Fearer13/27/2023View
4736 36Letter in Opposition from Stefan Schwarz103/28/2023View
4837 37Statement in Opposition from Martin Holmes83/28/2023View
4938 38ANC 5D Report1603/28/2023View
5038A38AANC 5D Report Addendum Video Exhibit103/28/2023View
5139 39Party Requester in Opposition Powerpoint93/28/2023View
5240 40Letter in Opposition from Yvette Chique103/28/2023View
5341 41Applicant's Request for Postponement203/28/2023View
5442 42Letter in Opposition from Rob Pilkington103/28/2023View
5543 43Letter in Opposition from Bobby Cato103/29/2023View
5644 44Letter in Opposition from Amanda Clinton103/29/2023View
5745 45List of Witnesses-March 29, 2023103/29/2023View
5846 46BZA Memo - Party Status in Opposition Granted for Martin Holmes & Hearing Postponed to May 10, 2023103/29/2023View
5947 47Applicant's Request to Postpone Hearing304/18/2023View
6048 48BZA Memo - Granting Postponement to Hearing July 26, 2023104/28/2023View
6149 49Affidavit of Posting27/11/2023View
6250 50Applicant's 2nd Request to Postpone Hearing37/20/2023View
6351 51Affidavit of Maintenance17/21/2023View
6452 52List of Witnesses-July 26, 2023107/27/2023View
6553 53BZA Memo - Granting Postponement to December 6, 2023107/28/2023View
6654 54Applicant's Prehearing Statement w/Certificate of Service311/15/2023View
6755 55Affidavit of Posting311/21/2023View
6856 56PowerPoint in Opposition from Martin Holmes912/2/2023View
6957 57Letter in Opposition from Martin Holmes Prepared Guillermo Rueda, AIA812/2/2023View
7058 58Affidavit of Maintenance112/4/2023View
7159 59Applicant's Request to Continue Hearing212/4/2023View
7260 60Applicant's Correspondence to Party in Opposition212/4/2023View
7361 61Testimony from Guillermo Rueda, AIA1112/04/2023View
7462 62List of Witnesses-December 6, 2023112/13/2023View
7563 63BZA Memo - Postponed to Hearing on January 31, 2024112/14/2023View
7664 64Affidavit of Posting31/24/2024View
7765 65Affidavit of Maintenance11/25/2024View
7866 66PowerPoint Presentation from Martin Holmes - SUPERSEDED - SEE EXHIBIT #6891/27/2024View
7967 67Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation111/29/2024View
8068 68Updated PowerPoint Presentation from Martin Holmes321/30/2024View
8169 69Testimony from Guillermo Rueda, AIA151/30/2024View
8270 70Context Photograph from the Applicant11/30/2024View
8371 71List of Witnesses-January 31, 2024102/01/2024View