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11 1Application Form18/26/2021View
22 2Location Surveyor's Plat18/10/2021View
33 3Color Photographs78/10/2021View
44 4List of Names and Mailing Addresses of Property Owners within 200 Ft.28/10/2021View
55 5Memo from Matt LeGrant, Zoning Administrator-DCRA28/10/2021View
66 6Zoning Self-Certificate-1st Page - SUPERSEDED - SEE EXHIBIT #7718/10/2021View
77 7Architectural Plans and Elevations - SUPERSEDED - SEE EXHIBIT #1718/10/2021View
88 8DCFD Report18/10/2021View
99 9Correspondence Between Paul Harrison and Mary Eckstein28/10/2021View
1010 10Correspondence Between Paul Harrison and Naima Chambliss18/10/2021View
1111 11DC Surveyor's Plat18/10/2021View
1212 12Zoning Map Excerpt18/10/2021View
1313 13Statement of Public Outreach18/10/2021View
1414 14Extended Site Plan - Setback Variance18/11/2021View
1515 15Zoning Self-Certification-Page 2 - SUPERSEDED - SEE EXHIBIT #7718/11/2021View
1616 16Updated Statement of Existing and Intended Use18/11/2021View
1717 17Updated Architectural Plans and Elevations - SUPERSEDED - SEE EXHIBIT #7598/26/2021View
1818 18Letter of Authorization19/3/2021View
1919 19Letter of Certification19/3/2021View
2020 20Compliance Letter from DCRA19/3/2021View
2121 21Form 120 Application19/3/2021View
2222 22Statement of the Applicant - SUPERSEDED - SEE EXHIBIT #76139/3/2021View
2323 23Receipt19/13/2021View
2424 24BZA Public Hearing Notice49/27/2021View
2525 25BZA PHN Attestation19/27/2021View
2626 26Applicant's Prehearing Statement512/1/2021View
2726A26A1Prehearing Statement: Tab A (Plans and Elevations)912/1/2021View
2826A26A2Prehearing Statement: Tab A (Civil and Landscape Plan)312/1/2021View
2926B26BPrehearing Statement: Tab B (Ferreira Resume)412/1/2021View
3026C26CPrehearing Statement: Tab C (CAS-DC DCL Resume)212/1/2021View
3126D26DPrehearing Statement: Tab D (Outline of Witness Testimony)312/1/2021View
3227 27Request for Party Status in Opposition from Deborah Ann Hernandez412/2/2021View
3328 28Request for Party Status in Opposition from Mary Lee112/3/2021View
3428A28AAttachment to Party Status Request from Mary Lee w/Certifcate of Service412/3/2021View
3528B28BResume of Guillermo Rueda, AIA312/3/2021View
3628C28CDG Capability Statement112/3/2021View
3729 29Party Status Requester - Request for Postponement112/7/2021View
3830 30Request for Party Status in Opposition from John Baringer412/08/2021View
3931 31OP Report112/10/2021View
4032 32DDOT Report212/10/2021View
4133 33Letter in Opposition from Carol M. Schwab, Esq.112/13/2021View
4234 34Comments from Michela M. Perrone112/14/2021View
4335 35Letter in Support from Deborah Hernandez of the Request for Postponement112/17/2021View
4436 36Letter of Authorization112/17/2021View
4537 37Letter in Opposition from Caroline James112/20/2021View
4638 38Letter in Opposition from Charles W. Steller112/20/2021View
4739 39Letter in Opposition from Claudette Christian & Donald Hertzmark112/20/2021View
4840 40Letter in Opposition from Christine Schmidt112/20/2021View
4941 41Letter in Opposition from Susan Crudington & William McElwain112/20/2021View
5042 42Letter in Opposition from David Lockhart112/20/2021View
5143 43Letter in Opposition from Dorothy Fall112/20/2021View
5244 44Letter in Opposition from Joan McAvoy112/20/2021View
5345 45Letter in Opposition from Kathy Harllee112/20/2021View
5446 46Letter in Opposition from Nina Mason & Max Hirshfeld212/20/2021View
5547 47Letter in Opposition from Meghan Haigh112/20/2021View
5648 48Letter in Opposition from Michael & Stefanie Harrington112/20/2021View
5749 49Letter in Opposition from Paolo Mauro & Zuzana Murgasova112/20/2021View
5850 50Letter in Opposition from Marcia Pearcy112/21/2021View
5951 51Letter in Opposition from Laurel Christian112/21/2021View
6052 52Letter in Opposition from Douglas Rosenthal & Annemarie Hillman112/21/2021View
6153 53Letter in Opposition from Martin O'Hara, M.D.112/21/2021View
6254 54Letter in Opposition from Thorne Rankin112/22/2021View
6355 55Letter in Opposition from Eunice Montalvo112/22/2021View
6456 56Letter in Opposition from Sharon Langmaid112/22/2021View
6557 57BZA Memo - Granting Party Status; Postponed to Hearing April 13, 2022112/23/2021View
6658 58Letter in Opposition from Laura Albert112/27/2021View
6759 59Letter in Opposition from Judith & Joseph McManus112/27/2021View
6860 60Letter in Opposition from Scott F. Nolde112/28/2021View
6961 61Letter in Opposition from Rebecca & Gary Stevens112/28/2021View
7062 62Letter in Opposition from Ana Serra & Karl Driessen112/28/2021View
7163 63Letter in Opposition from Robert & Margaret Shanks112/28/2021View
7264 64Letter in Opposition from Trina Haque112/28/2021View
7365 65List of Witnesses-December 22, 2021112/30/2021View
7466 66Letter in Opposition from Edward Rippey101/04/2022View
7567 67Letter in Opposition from Kerstin Goebel & Werner Schuele101/04/2022View
7668 68Letter in Opposition from Margery Elfin101/04/2022View
7769 69Letter in Opposition from Saira Malik101/04/2022View
7870 70Letter in Opposition from Elizabeth Wallace201/04/2022View
7971 71Appleton Dedication and Subdivisions13/1/2022View
8072 72Revised Tree Planting Plan - SUPERSEDED - SEE EXHIBIT #8913/1/2022View
8173 73CIV200(Progress)13/1/2022View
8274 74TS Examples13/1/2022View
8375 75Updated Architectural Plans and Elevations93/1/2022View
8476 76Revised Burden of Proof223/1/2022View
8577 77Revised Zoning Self-Certification - SUPERSEDED, See Ex. 7823/1/2022View
8678 78Revised Zoning Self-Certification - SUPERSEDED - SEE EXHIBIT #8523/3/2022View
8779 79Attestation/PHN103/03/2022View
8880 80Letter of Authorization (Hernandez)13/4/2022View
8981 81Corrected BZA Attestation/PHN13/11/2022View
9082 82Motion for Request for Postponement from Mary Lee13/16/2022View
9183 83Request for Postponement from Mary Lee33/16/2022View
9284 84Letter from Deborah Hernandez Supporting Postponement23/17/2022View
9385 85Revised Zoning Self-Certification23/20/2022View
9486 86Applicant's Supplemental Pre-Hearing Statement33/23/2022View
9587 87Response to Party Opponent Motion for Continuance33/23/2022View
9688 88BZA Memo - Postponement granted to Hearing May 18, 2022103/29/2022View
9789 89Supplemental Revised Tree Plan23/30/2022View
9890 90Letter in Opposition from Margaret & Robert Shanks104/27/2022View
9991 91Letter in Opposition from Judith & Joseph McManus104/27/2022View
10092 92Letter in Opposition from Laurel Christian104/27/2022View
10193 93Letter in Opposition from Dorothy Fall104/27/2022View
10294 94Letter in Opposition from Nina Mason & Max Hirshfeld104/27/2022View
10395 95Letter in Opposition from Christine Schmidt104/27/2022View
10496 96Letter in Opposition from Stefanie & Michael Harrington104/27/2022View
10597 97Affidavit of Posting24/27/2022View
10698 98Letter in Opposition from Paolo Mauro & Zuzana Murgasova104/28/2022View
10799 99OP Report85/4/2022View
108100 100Letter of No Objection from Andrew Orlin105/05/2022View
109101 101Letter in Support from Marlene Berlin15/5/2022View
110102 102Baringer Cover Letter - SUPERSEDED - SEE EXHIBIT # 10625/12/2022View
111103 103Baringer Letter of Authorization15/12/2022View
112104 104Certificate of Proficiency15/12/2022View
113105 105Baringer Statement in Opposition - SUPERSEDED - SEE EXHIBIT # 10785/12/2022View
114106 106Baringer Cover Letter - Updated25/12/2022View
115107 107Baringer Statement in Opposition - Updated115/12/2022View
116108 108Letter in neither support nor opposition from Shahin Farrokhnia105/13/2022View
117109 109Letter in Support from Rebecca & Justin Galen15/13/2022View
118110 110Applicant's Request for Postponement25/13/2022View
119111 111ANC 3F Report - Form 129205/12/2022View
120111A111ALetter from ANC 3F03 Commissioner605/12/2022View
121112 112Letter of Support for Postponement Request from John F. Baringer & Michela Perrone15/16/2022View
122113 113Letter of Support for Postponement Request from Deborah Ann Hernandez25/16/2022View
123114 114Letter in Support of Postponement Request from Mary Lee105/16/2022View
124115 115Letter in Support of Postponement Request from ANC 3F205/17/2022View
125116 116Letter in Opposition from Margery Elfin105/17/2022View
126117 117Letter in Opposition from Kathryn Harllee205/17/2022View
127118 118List of Witnesses-May 18, 2022105/19/2022View
128119 119BZA Memo - Postponed to Hearing July 20, 2022105/23/2022View
129120 120Letter of Support from Sharon Gaskin and Robert Butterfield 16/3/22View
130121 121Letter in Opposition from Jack Baringer & Michela Perrone36/5/2022View
131122 122Letter in Opposition from Caroline James106/07/2022View
132123 123Letter in Opposition from Laura Albert206/07/2022View
133124 124Letter in Opposition from Scott Nolde106/30/2022View
134125 125Second Affidavit of Posting37/6/2022View
135126 126Letter in Opposition from Wendy Hughes107/11/2022View
136127 127Letter in Opposition from Sharon Langmaid107/11/2022View
137128 128Second Letter in Opposition from Edward Rippey & Saira Malik107/11/2022View
138129 129Second Letter in Opposition from Charles Stellar & Neil Robinson107/12/2022View
139130 130Letter in Opposition from Anne Muscolino107/14/2022View
140131 131Motion to Include Additional Relief17/15/2022View
141132 132Opposition's Letter to Accept Guillermo Rueda as an Expert Witness617/15/2022View
142133 133John Baringer Letter Consenting to Opposition's Motion27/15/2022View
143134 134Affidavit of Maintenance17/17/2022View
144135 135Letter in Opposition from Neil Rodgers107/18/2022View
145136 136Mary Lee Letter Consenting to Opposition's Motion27/18/2022View
146137 137Pipestem Properties Forest Hills17/18/2022View
147138 138Properties in Forest Hill507/18/2022View
148139 139Certificate of Service107/18/2022View
149140 1402nd Letter in Opposition from Elizabeth Wallace207/18/2022View
150141 141Letter in Opposition from Thorne Rankin107/19/2022View
151142 142Letter in Opposition from Andrea & D. Andrew Austin107/19/2022View
152143 143Letter in Opposition from Sarah Margon107/19/2022View
153144 144Letter in Opposition from Martin O'Hara107/19/2022View
154145 145Letter in Opposition from Meredith Dresner107/19/2022View
155146 146Letter in Opposition from Daniel Heath107/19/2022View
156147 147PowerPoint Presentation from Mary Lee & Deb Hernandez807/19/2022View
157149 1492nd Letter in Opposition from Werner Schule107/19/2022View
158150 1502nd Letter in Opposition from Kerstin Gobel107/19/2022View
159151 151Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation257/19/2022View
160152 152Exhibits/Photos for Testimony from Deb Hernandez907/19/2022View
161153 153Request to Accept Untimely Filing from Paul Harrison27/19/2022View
162153A153ALetter in Opposition of Motion from Paul Harrison37/19/2022View
163154 154Letter in Support from Sam Buffone207/19/2022View
164155 155Testimony from Marlene Berlin107/19/2022View
165156 156Letter in Support from 2955 Albermarle St. NW107/19/2022View
166157 157Letter in Opposition from John Barringer to Applicant's Submission47/19/2022View
167158 158Letter in Support from David Cresteal, ANC 3F0127/20/2022View
168159 159Letter in Opposition from Doug Rosenthal107/20/2022View
169160 160Letter in Opposition from Kay Kornman107/20/2022View
170161 161Surveyor's Plat (March 11, 1975) Submitted by Deb Hernandez & Mary Lee)107/20/2022View
171162 162Lot 16 Water Mark View Survey Submitted by Deb Hernandez & Mary Lee107/20/2022View
172163 1633D Photographs from Deb Hernandez & Mary Lee207/20/2022View
173164 1641931 Baist Map Submitted by Applicant107/20/2022View
174165 165Albemarle Street Map Submitted by Deb Hernandez107/20/2022View
175166 166Written Testimony from Stan Wall, Commissioner, ANC 3F04307/20/2022View
176167 167BZA Memo - Decision Meeting July 27, 2022; Record closed except for Documents Requested107/21/2022View
177168 168List of Witnesses-July 20, 2022107/21/2022View
178169 169Closing Statement from Paul Harrison97/25/2022View
179170 170Closing Statement from Jack Baringer67/25/2022View
180171 171Testimony from Guillermo Rueda1007/26/2022View
181172 172Closing Statement from Deb Hernandez & Mary Lee807/26/2022View