row_num#Exhibit #Exhibit #Exhibit #Exhibit DescriptionNumber of PagesExhibit DateAction
11 1Application Form18/19/2019View
22 2DC Surveyor's Plat18/19/2019View
33 3Statement of Existing and Intended Use18/19/2019View
44 4Zoning Self-Certification - SUPERSEDED - SEE EXHIBIT #1128/19/2019View
55 5Color Photographs88/19/2019View
66 6Architectural Plans and Elevations - SUPERSEDED - SEE EXHIBIT #70B498/19/2019View
77 7List of Names and Mailing Addresses of Property Owners within 200 Feet58/19/2019View
88 8Burden of Proof - SUPERSEDED - SEE EXHIBIT #1438/19/2019View
99 9Letter of Authorization18/19/2019View
1010 10Statement of Community Outreach - SUPERSEDED - SEE EXHIBIT #1218/19/2019View
1111 11Updated Zoning Self-Certification - SUPERSEDED - SEE EXHIBIT #70C28/26/2019View
1212 12Updated Statement of Community Outreach18/26/2019View
1313 13Form 120 Application18/26/2019View
1414 14Updated Burden of Proof38/29/2019View
1515 15Receipt19/5/2019View
1616 16BZA Referral/PHN to ANC 2B209/25/2019View
1717 17BZA Referral/PHN to ANCSMD 2B09209/25/2019View
1818 18BZA Referral to OANC109/25/2019View
1919 19BZA Referral to OP109/25/2019View
2020 20BZA Referral to DDOT109/25/2019View
2121 21BZA Referral/PHN to Council of the District of Columbia, Ward 2209/25/2019View
2222 22BZA Referral to Councilmember, At-Large ( Elissa Silverman)109/25/2019View
2323 23BZA Referral to Councilmember, At-Large (David Grosso)109/25/2019View
2424 24BZA Referral to Councilmember, At-Large (Anita Bonds)109/25/2019View
2525 25BZA Referral to Councilmember, At-Large Robert White, Jr.)109/25/2019View
2626 26BZA Referral to Chairman of the Council (Phil Mendelson)109/25/2019View
2727 27BZA PHN to Property Owners within 200 feet409/25/2019View
2828 28BZA PHN to Applicant (Kai Tong)209/25/2019View
2929 29Updated Letter of Authorization - David Barth110/1/2019View
3030 30Applicant's Request for Postponement110/1/2019View
3131 31Request for Party Status in Opposition from Peter & Brittany Bepler810/4/2019View
3232 32Request for Party Status in Opposition from Taylor & Sarah Nickel810/4/2019View
3333 33Letter in Opposition from Ben Safran210/7/2019View
3434 34Letter in Opposition from Brittany & Peter Bepler210/7/2019View
3535 35Letter in Opposition from Charles Robertson III110/7/2019View
3636 36Letter in Opposition from Clemens Kochinke210/7/2019View
3737 37Letter in Opposition from Ed Wood210/7/2019View
3838 38Letter in Opposition from Edwin Britton110/7/2019View
3939 39Letter in Opposition from Randall Kempner210/7/2019View
4040 40Letter in Opposition from Ricky Maldonado210/7/2019View
4141 41Letter in Opposition from Tom Shelton and Stephane Charreau210/7/2019View
4242 42Letter in Opposition from Brittany Bepler to HPRB410/7/2019View
4343 43Letter in Opposition from Sarah & Taylor Nickel210/7/2019View
4444 44BZA Memo Granting Postponement to January 15, 2020110/08/2019View
4545 45Letter in Support from Ian Story110/08/2019View
4646 46Returned PHN210/10/2019View
4747 47Applicant's No Opposition of Party Status Request from Peter & Brittany Bepler110/11/2019View
4848 48BZA Memo to File Granting Advanced Party Status110/16/2019View
4949 49Witness Cards210/16/2019View
5050 50Letter in Opposition from Elwyn Ferris210/28/2019View
5151 51Letter in Opposition from Barry Karas110/28/2019View
5252 52Letter in Opposition from Zach Fisher110/28/2019View
5353 53Letter in Opposition from Michael Kaplan and Maria Uehara110/30/2019View
5454 54Returned PHN210/30/2019View
5555 55Letter in Support from Laura O'Shaughnessy111/6/2019View
5656 56Letter in Support from Lisa Ingram111/6/2019View
5757 57Returned PHN311/06/2019View
5858 58Letter in Opposition from Kerry Kemp111/24/2019View
5959 59Letter of Opposition from DECAA211/27/2019View
6060 60Letter in Opposition from Rachel Dubin111/27/2019View
6161 61Letter in Opposition from Susan Cole211/27/2019View
6262 62Letter in Opposition from Kenton and Susie Campbell111/27/2019View
6363 63Letter in Opposition from Diane Quinn111/27/2019View
6464 64Letter in Opposition from Wendy Schumacher111/29/2019View
6565 65Returned PHNs312/02/2019View
6666 66Letter in Opposition from Scott Allen112/3/2019View
6767 67Letter in Opposition from Robert & Simonida Uth112/3/2019View
6868 68Letter in Opposition from Kerry Bedard112/4/2019View
6969 69Letter in Opposition from Nick Parash112/4/2019View
7070 70Cover Letter from Applicant - Prehearing Submission112/4/2019View
7170A70AApplicant's Statement912/4/2019View
7270B70BRevised Architectural Plans and Elevations1412/4/2019View
7370C70CRevised Zoning Self-Certification212/4/2019View
7471 71Letter in Opposition from Joe & Bonnie Garrity212/4/2019View
7572 72Letter in Opposition from Ernie Haffner112/5/2019View
7673 73Letter in Opposition from Ellen Mercer112/8/2019View
7774 74Letter in Opposition from John and Norma Ryan212/9/2019View
7875 75Letter in Opposition from John Torti212/9/2019View
7976 76Letter in Opposition from Louise Levathes112/12/2019View
8077 77Letter in Opposition from Danielle Delcambre112/20/2019View
8178 78Letter in Opposition from Mike Casella112/20/2019View
8279 79Email Exchanges submitted by Neighbors in Opposition Proving 1832 was Uncooperative and Not Willing to Compromise1112/23/2019View
8380 80Comments from Britt Bepler112/23/2019View
8481A81AShadow Study 1 from Applicant512/26/2019View
8581B81BShadow Study 2 from Applicant412/26/2019View
8682 82Applicant Prehearing Submission212/26/2019View
8783A83ARevised Architectural Plans Part 11312/26/2019View
8883B83BRevised Architectural Plans Part 2412/26/2019View
8984 84DDOT Report21/2/2020View
9085 85Letter from Neighbors in Opposition41/2/2020View
9185A85ALetter in Opposition: Tab A (Color Photographs)91/2/2020View
9286 86OP Report61/3/2020View
9387 87Letter in Opposition from Nick DelleDonne, Dupont East Civic Association201/03/2020View
9488 88Neighbors in Opposition Sun Study Highlights61/5/2020View
9589 89Neighbors in Opposition Sun Study21/5/2020View
9690 90Neighbors in Opposition Sun Study Confirmation Emails21/5/2020View
9791 91Affidavit of Posting41/10/2020View
9892 92Affidavit of Maintenance11/10/2020View
9993 93Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation571/14/2020View
10094 94Comments in Opposition from Nina Miller101/15/2020View
10195 95Comments from Britt & Peter Bepler401/15/2020View
10296 96Opposition's Testimony & PowerPoint Presentation9001/15/2020View
10397 97Witness Cards401/15/2020View
10498 98BZA Memo to File - Limited Scope Continued Hearing on Feb 12, 2020 & Documents Requested101/16/2020View
10599 99Cover Letter from Applicant Enclosing Prehearing Submission21/31/2020View
10699A99ARevised Plans121/31/2020View
10799B99BWindow Proposal Comparisons41/31/2020View
108100 100OP Supplemental Report202/07/2020View
109101 101Opposition Neighbors’ Response to Applicant’s Post-Hearing Filing52/7/2020View
110101A101AOpposition Response: Tab A (Neighbor's Sun Study)142/7/2020View
111102 102Opposition Neighbors' PowerPoint Presentation152/11/2020View
112103 103Continued Hearing Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation252/11/2020View
113104 104Witness Cards102/12/2020View
114105 105Decision and Order1901/27/2021View
115106 106Attestation201/27/2021View
116107 107Property Owner's Motion to Extinguish with Consent306/15/2021View
117107A107AMotion Form306/15/2021View
118107B107BWritten Order2006/15/2021View
120108 108BZA Memo - Board to Consider Motion at Public Meeting on July 28, 2021107/08/2021View
121109 109Order on Request to Extinguish BZA Order No. 20144408/05/2021View
122110 110Attestation108/05/2021View