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11 1Application Form105/16/2019View
22 2Statement of the Applicant905/16/2019View
33 3Letter of Authorization105/16/2019View
44 4Certificate of Proficiency105/16/2019View
55 5Cover Letter from Applicant305/16/2019View
66 6Zoning Map105/16/2019View
77 7Location of Potential Off-Site Parking105/16/2019View
88 8Statement of Community Outreach105/16/2019View
99 9DC Surveyor's Plat105/16/2019View
1010 10See Applicant Statement105/16/2019View
1111 11Zoning Self-Certification205/16/2019View
1212 12Color Photographs305/16/2019View
1313 13Architectural Plans and Elevations205/16/2019View
1414 14List of Names and Mailing Addresses of Property Owners within 200 Feet605/16/2019View
1521 21Receipt #1105/21/2019View
1622 22Receipt #2105/21/2019View
1723 23Cover Letter Enclosing Applicant's Comprehensive Transportation Report236/10/2019View
1824 24BZA Referral/PHN to ANC 2E206/10/2019View
1925 25BZA Referral/PHN to ANCSMD 2E05206/10/2019View
2026 26BZA Referral to OANC106/10/2019View
2127 27BZA Referral to OP106/10/2019View
2228 28BZA Referral to DDOT106/10/2019View
2329 29BZA Referral/PHN to Council of the District of Columbia, Ward 2206/10/2019View
2430 30BZA Referral to Councilmember, At-Large (Elissa Silverman)106/10/2019View
2531 31BZA Referral to Councilmember, At-Large (David Grosso)106/10/2019View
2632 32BZA Referral to Councilmember, At-Large (Anita Bonds)106/10/2019View
2733 33BZA Referral to Councilmember, At-Large (Robert White, Jr.)106/10/2019View
2834 34BZA Referral to Chairman of the Council (Phil Mendelson)106/10/2019View
2935 35BZA PHN to Property Owner within 200 feet306/10/2019View
3036 36BZA PHN to Applicant (Allison Prince)206/10/2019View
3137 37Returned PHN207/03/2019View
3238 38Applicant's Prehearing Statement37/3/2019View
3338A38APrehearing Statement: Tab A (Off-Site Parking Agreement)47/3/2019View
3438B38BPrehearing Statement: Tab B (Permitting Background)47/3/2019View
3538C38CPrehearing Statement: Tab C (Summary of Witness Testimony)17/3/2019View
3638D38DPrehearing Statement: Tab D (Expert Resumes)37/3/2019View
3739 39Affidavit of Posting27/8/2019View
3840 40DDOT Report67/11/2019View
3941 41OP Report57/12/2019View
4042 42Affidavit of Maintenance17/19/2019View
4143 43ANC 2E Report207/23/2019View
4244 44Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation87/23/2019View
4345 45Applicant's Proposed Conditions107/24/2019View
4446 46Witness Cards207/24/2019View
4547 47Summary Order508/01/2019View
4648 48Attestation108/01/2019View