row_num#Exhibit #Exhibit #Exhibit #Exhibit DescriptionNumber of PagesExhibit DateAction
11 1Application Form105/07/2019View
22 2DC Surveyor's Plat - SUPERSEDED - SEE EXHIBIT #44C105/07/2019View
33 3Statement of Existing and Intended Use105/07/2019View
44 4Zoning Self-Certification - SUPERSEDED - SEE EXHIBIT #44A205/07/2019View
55 5Color Photographs705/07/2019View
66 6Architectural Plans and Elevations - SUPERSEDED - SEE EXHIBIT #14805/07/2019View
77 7List of Names and Mailing Addresses of Property Owners within 200 Feet105/07/2019View
88 8Applicant's Statement505/07/2019View
99 9Letter of Authorization105/07/2019View
1010 10Certification of Proficiency105/07/2019View
1111 11Certificate of Service OP and ANC105/07/2019View
1212 12Proximity to Mass Transit505/07/2019View
1313 13Statement of Community Outreach105/07/2019View
1414 14Corrected Architectural Plans and Elevations - SUPERSEDED - SEE EXHIBIT #44C805/07/2019View
1515 15BZA Referral/PHN to ANC 5C205/31/2019View
1616 16BZA Referral/PHN to ANCSMD 5C07205/31/2019View
1717 17BZA Referral to OANC105/31/2019View
1818 18BZA Referral to OP105/31/2019View
1919 19BZA Referral to DDOT105/31/2019View
2020 20BZA Referral/PHN to Council of the District of Columbia, Ward 5205/31/2019View
2121 21BZA Referral to Councilmember, At-Large (Elissa Silverman)105/31/2019View
2222 22BZA Referral to Councilmember, At-Large (David Grosso)105/31/2019View
2323 23BZA Referral to Councilmember, At-Large (Anita Bonds)105/31/2019View
2424 24BZA Referral to Councilmember, At-Large (Robert White, Jr.)105/31/2019View
2525 25BZA Referral to Chairman of the Council (Phil Mendelson)105/31/2019View
2626 26BZA PHN to Property Owner within 200 feet305/31/2019View
2727 27BZA PHN to Applicant (Martin Sullivan)205/31/2019View
2828 28Returned PHN206/17/2019View
2929 29Comments in Opposition from Lauren Eastlack16/19/2019View
3030 30Comments in Opposition from Aaron Eastlack16/19/2019View
3131 31ANC 5C Report66/24/2019View
3232 32Request for Postponement16/24/2019View
3333 33BZA Memo granting Postponement to September 25, 2019107/09/2019View
3434 342nd Request for Postponement to November19/5/2019View
3535 35DDOT Report39/13/2019View
3636 36BZA Memo Granting Postponement to November 20, 2019109/16/2019View
3737 3727 Letters in Opposition279/18/2019View
3838 38Applicant's Request to Postpone110/30/2019View
3939 39BZA Memo Granting Postponement to January 29, 2020111/08/2019View
4040 40OP Report51/17/2020View
4141 41Affidavit of Posting41/24/2020View
4242 42Affidavit of Maintenance11/24/2020View
4343 43Motion to Waive 21-Day Requirement to Submit Prehearing Submission21/24/2020View
4444 44Cover Letter from Applicant Enclosing Prehearing Submission41/24/2020View
4544A44ARevised Self-Certification21/24/2020View
4644B44BTransportation Demand Management Plan21/24/2020View
4744C44CUpdated Architectural Plans and Elevations - SUPERSEDED - SEE EXHIBIT #50A31/24/2020View
4844D44DUpdated DC Surveyor's Plat - SUPERSEDED - SEE EXHIBIT #62C11/24/2020View
4945 45Receipt11/27/2020View
5046 46Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation211/28/2020View
5147 47ANC 5C's Request to Continue Hearing101/29/2020View
5248 48Witness Cards101/29/2020View
5349 49BZA Memo Postponing Hearing to February 26, 2020 & Documents Requested101/30/2020View
5450 50Cover Letter from Applicant Enclosing Prehearing Submission - SUPERSEDED - SEE EXHIBIT #5122/12/2020View
5550A50AApproved Architectural Plans 32/12/2020View
5651 51Corrected Prehearing Statement202/13/2020View
5751A51AUpdated Architectural Plans - UPLOADED IN ERROR, SEE EXHIBIT 50A FOR CORRECT PLANS302/13/2020View
5852 52Cover Letter from Applicant Enclosing Prehearing Submission42/14/2020View
5952A52ARevised Self-Certification22/14/2020View
6052B52BTransportation Demand Management Plan22/14/2020View
6153 53Notice of Adverse Decision from ANC-5C72/21/2020View
6254 54Notice of Adverse Decision from ANC 5C0762/21/2020View
6355 55OP Supplemental Report602/21/2020View
6456 56DDOT Supplemental Report402/21/2020View
6557 57Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation172/25/2020View
6658 58Illustratives from Jeremiah Montague, ANC 5C402/26/2020View
6759 59Witness Cards102/26/2020View
6860 60BZA Memo - Record reopened; Documents Requested; Public Meeting July 28, 2021206/25/2021View
6961 61OP Report207/08/2021View
7062 62Applicant's Response to BZA's Memo to File807/08/2021View
7162A62AEmail from Matt LeGrant Re: Special Exception Parking Relief307/08/2021View
7262B62BRevised Architectural Plans and Elevations - superseded by Approved Plans in Ex. 50A307/08/2021View
7362C62CRevised DC Surveyor's Plat107/08/2021View
7463 63BZA Memo - Rescheduling Public Meeting to August 4, 2021107/26/2021View
7564 64Motion to Waive Late Filing108/03/2021View
7665 65Cover Letter from Applicant Enclosing Statement in Support and Zoning Self-Certification208/03/2021View
7765A65AStatement in Support608/03/2021View
7865B65BZoning Self-Certification208/03/2021View
7966 66BZA Order No. 200651708/16/2021View
8067 67Attestation108/16/2021View