row_num#Exhibit #Exhibit #Exhibit #Exhibit DescriptionNumber of PagesExhibit DateAction
11 1Application Forms 101 (Map Amendment) and 103 (Consolidated PUD)15/22/2020View
21A1AReceipt for Filing Fee - part 1106/03/2020View
31B1BReceipt for Filing Fee - part 2106/03/2020View
42 2Cvr. Ltr. to Application for Consolidated PUD and Related Map Amendment35/22/2020View
53 3Statement in Support355/22/2020View
63A3ASIS: Tab A (Plat)15/22/2020View
73B3BSIS: Tab B (Zoning Map)15/22/2020View
83C3CSIS: Tab C (Future Land Use Map)15/22/2020View
93D3DSIS: Tab D (Generalized Policy Map)15/22/2020View
103E3ESIS: Tab E (Comprehensive Plan and Small Area Plan Analysis)225/22/2020View
113F3F1SIS: Tab F (Architectural Drawings - Part 1)235/22/2020View
123F3F2SIS: Tab F (Architectural Drawings - Part 2)235/22/2020View
133F3F3SIS: Tab F (Architectural Drawings - Part 3)185/22/2020View
143F3F4SIS: Tab F (Architectural Drawings - Part 4)85/22/2020View
153F3F5SIS: Tab F (Architectural Drawings - Part 5)65/22/2020View
163F3F6SIS Tab F (Architectural Drawings - Part 6)55/22/2020View
173F3F7SIS: Tab F (Architectural Drawings - Part 7)145/22/2020View
183G3GSIS: Tab G (Ltr. from Westminster Church)25/22/2020View
193H3HSIS: Tab H (Form 100 - Application Signature Page)15/22/2020View
203I3ISIS: Tab I (Authorization Ltrs.)35/22/2020View
213J3JSIS: Tab J (Certificate of Notice, NOI, List of property owners w/in 200 ft.)35/22/2020View
223K3KSIS: Tab K (DHCD Fee Waiver Ltr.)25/22/2020View
234 4Acceptance Ltr. to Applicant105/28/2020View
245 5Referral to OP105/28/2020View
256 6Referral to Councilmember Charles Allen105/28/2020View
267 7Referral to ANC 6D605/28/2020View
278 8NOF to DC Register105/28/2020View
289 9Attestation: NOF205/28/2020View
2910 10ANC 6D Setdown Report26/16/2020View
3011 11OP Setdown Report267/17/2020View
3112 12Setdown Ltr. of Applicant107/30/2020View