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11 1Application (Form 103) for Consolidated and 1st-Stage PUDs and Related Map Amendment13/13/2020View
21A1AForm 100 - Application Signature Page13/13/2020View
31A1A1Corrected Application Form203/18/2020View
41B1BReceipt for Filing Fee105/13/2020View
52 2Applicant's Cvr. Ltr. for Application33/13/2020View
63 3Applicant's Statement in Support493/13/2020View
73A3A1SIS: Tab A (Architectural Drawings: Stage 1 - Part 1)203/13/2020View
83A3A2SIS: Tab A (Architectural Drawings: Stage 1 - Part 2)53/13/2020View
93AA3AA1SIS: Tab AA (Civil Plans: Stage 1 - Part 1)53/13/2020View
103AA3AA2SIS: Tab AA (Civil Plans: Stage 1 - Part 2)33/13/2020View
113AAA3AAA1SIS: Tab AAA (Landscape: Stage 1)193/13/2020View
123B3B1SIS: Tab B (Architectural Drawings: Consolidated - Part 1)193/13/2020View
133B3B2SIS: Tab B (Architectural Drawings: Consolidated - Part 2)93/13/2020View
143BB3BB1SIS Tab BB (Civil Plans: Consolidated - Part 1)53/13/2020View
153BB3BB2SIS: Tab BB (Civil Plans: Consolidated - Part 2)33/13/2020View
163BBB3BBB1SIS: Tab BBB (Landscape: Consolidated)253/13/2020View
173C3CSIS: Tab C (Zoning Map)13/13/2020View
183D3DSIS: Tab D (FLUM)13/13/2020View
193E3ESIS: Tab E (GPM)13/13/2020View
203F3FSIS: Tab (Surveyor's Plat)13/13/2020View
213G3GSIS: Tab G (Authorization Ltrs.) 23/13/2020View
223H3HSIS: Tab H (Certificate of Notice, NOI, and List of Property Owners w/in 200 feet)53/13/2020View
233I3ISIS: Tab I (Z.C. Order 13-12)353/13/2020View
243J3JSIS: Tab J (Z.C. Order 13-12A)13/13/2020View
254 4Ltr. of Acceptance 103/19/2020View
265 5Referral to OP103/19/2020View
276 6Referral to Councilmember Charles Allen103/19/2020View
287 7Referral to ANC 6B703/19/2020View
298 8NOF to DC Register103/19/2020View
309 9Attestation: NOF203/19/2020View
3110 10Applicant's Supplemental Statement153/27/2020View
3210A10ASS: Tab A (Revised Sheets for First Stage PUD)113/27/2020View
3310B10BSS: Tab B Revised Sheets for Consolidated PUD)173/27/2020View
3411 11Form 129 ANC 6B Report204/23/2020View
3511A11AANC 6B Report204/23/2020View
3611B11BForm 130 - ANC 6B Setdown Report 205/07/2020View
3711C11CANC 6B Setdown Report205/07/2020View
3812 12Applicant's Supplemental Submission54/29/2020View
3912A12ASS: Tab A (Updated Exhibits and Supplemental Information)44/30/2020View
4013 13Certificate of Service14/29/2020View
4114 14OP Preliminary Report215/1/2020View
4215 15Setdown Ltr. to Applicant105/12/2020View
4316 16Applicant's Cvr. Ltr. - Pre-hearing Statement26/8/2020View
4417 17Applicant's Pre-hearing Statement (Stage 1)186/8/2020View
4517A17A1PHS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Stage 1) Part 1 136/8/2020View
4617A17A2PHS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Stage 1) Part 276/8/2020View
4717A17A3PHS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Stage 1) Part 366/8/2020View
4817A17A4PHS: Tab A (Civil Plans - Stage 1) Part 456/8/2020View
4917A17A5PHS: Tab A (Civil Plans - Stage 1) Part 546/8/2020View
5017A17A6PHS: Tab A (Landscape Plans - Stage 1) Part 6216/8/2020View
5117AA17AA1PHS: Tab AA (Architectural Plans -Consolidated) Part 1116/8/2020View
5217AA17AA2PHS: Tab AA (Architectural Plans -Consolidated) Part 236/8/2020View
5317AA17AA3PHS: Tab AA (Architectural Plans -Consolidated) Part 346/8/2020View
5417AA17AA4PHS: Tab AA (Architectural Plans -Consolidated) Part 446/8/2020View
5517AA17AA5PHS: Tab AA (Architectural Plans -Consolidated) Part 526/8/2020View
5617AA17AA6PHS: Tab AA (Architectural Plans -Consolidated) Part 636/8/2020View
5717AA17AA7PHS: Tab AA (Architectural Plans -Consolidated) Part 746/8/2020View
5817AA17AA8PHS: Tab AA (Architectural Plans -Consolidated) Part 826/8/2020View
5917AA17AA9PHS: Tab AA (Architectural Plans -Consolidated) Part 916/8/2020View
6017AA17AA10PHS: Tab AA (Architectural Plans -Consolidated) Part 1016/8/2020View
6117AA17AA11PHS: Tab AA (Architectural Plans -Consolidated) Part 1136/8/2020View
6217AA17AA12PHS: Tab AA (Architectural Plans -Consolidated) Part 1226/8/2020View
6317AA17AA13PHS: Tab AA (Architectural Plans -Consolidated) Part 1336/8/2020View
6417AA17AA14PHS: Tab AA (Architectural Plans -Consolidated) Part 1446/8/2020View
6517AA17AA15PHS: Tab AA (Civil Plans - Consolidated) Part 1556/8/2020View
6617AA17AA16PHS: Tab AA (Civil Plans - Consolidated) Part 1646/8/2020View
6717AA17AA17PHS: Tab AA (Landscape - Consolidated) Part 17276/8/2020View
6817B17BPHS: Tab B (Estimated Cost of Public Space)36/8/2020View
6917C17CPHS: Tab C (Outline and Resume of Expert Witnesses)166/8/2020View
7017D17DPHS: Tab D (List of Maps, Plans and Other Documents)26/8/2020View
7117E17EPHS: Tab E (Property Owners w/in 200 Feet)46/8/2020View
7218 18Hearing Fee Calculator26/8/2020View
7319 19Receipt for Hearing Fee106/11/2020View
7420 20Proof of Publication of PHN in D.C. Register106/17/2020View
7521 21Notice of Public Hearing406/17/2020View
7622 22Attestation: PHN306/18/2020View
7723 23Letter in Support - 11 St. Bridge Park37/1/2020View
7824 24Ltr. in Support - Michael Stevens, Capitol Riverfront Business Improvement District107/17/2020View
7925 25Letter in Support - Stephen E. Budorick, Corporate Office Properties Trust37/20/2020View
8026 26Affidavit of Posting48/3/2020View
8127 27ANC 6B Report208/07/2020View
8228 28Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Transportation Study & Resume28/10/2020View
8328A28ATransportation Study648/10/2020View
8428B28BResume of Jami Milanovich48/10/2020View
8529 29Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Supplemental Prehearing Submission28/21/2020View
8630 30Applicant's Supplemental Prehearing Statement198/21/2020View
8730A30A1ASPHS: TAB A (Consolidated PUD Phase 1 - Updated Architecture Sheets - Part 1)58/21/2020View
8830A30A2ASPHS: TAB A (Consolidated PUD Phase 1 - Updated Architecture Sheets - Part 2)128/21/2020View
8930B30BASPHS: TAB B (First Stage PUD - Updated Architecture Sheets)58/21/2020View
9031 31OP Final Report298/31/2020View
9132 32Comments in Opposition from Elvira Sisolak209/01/2020View
9233 33Written Statement from Capitol Hill Village - Requesting Inclusion of a Adult Daycare Center259/3/2020View
9334 34DDOT Report219/3/2020View
9434A34ARequest for waiver of the 10-day rule to file a report late (3 days).19/3/2020View
9535 35Affidavit of Maintenance39/4/2020View
9636 36Ltr. Requesting more benefits - Adult Daycare Center - Michael Hash209/08/2020View
9737 37Updated Testimony (with Issues) of Liza Zamd29/8/2020View
9838 38Ltr. in Support of an Adult Daycare Center - Deborah Edge, MD209/08/2020View
9939 39Ltr. in Support of Adult Daycare Center - Elizabeth Cabot Nash109/08/2020View
10040 40Support Conditioned on Adult Daycare Center - Bruce Brennan109/08/2020View
10141 41Support Conditioned on Adult Daycare Center - Frances Hoffmann109/08/2020View
10242 42Support Conditioned on Adult Daycare Center - Nancy Glenn Hansen, Ed.D109/08/2020View
10343 43Ltr. in Support of Adult Daycare Center - Shirley and Eugene Rosenfeld109/08/2020View
10444 44Support Conditioned on Adult Daycare Center- Debra DeOsey Liebling109/08/2020View
10545 45Ltr. in Support of Adult Daycare Center - Sig Cohen109/08/2020View
10646 46Support Conditioned on Adult Daycare Center - Peggy E. Rainwater109/08/2020View
10747 47Ltr. in Support of Adult Daycare Center - Albert and Margaret Crenshaw209/08/2020View
10848 48Support Conditioned on Adult Daycare Center - Anne Kraemer109/08/2020View
10949 49Support Conditioned on Adult Daycare Center - Geoffrey Lewis109/08/2020View
11050 50Support Conditioned on Adult Daycare Center - Lou Ivey109/08/2020View
11151 51Support Conditioned on Adult Daycare Center - Leanna Fenske109/08/2020View
11252 52Support Conditioned on Adult Daycare Center - Susan & Joel Sarfati109/08/2020View
11353 53Testimony of Kelly Waud2909/09/2020View
11454 54ANC 6B Report609/09/2020View
11555 55Support Conditioned on Adult Daycare Center - Esther Bushman and Carl Mintz, Jr.109/09/2020View
11656 56Statement in Opposition to PUD - Peter & Karen Byrne109/09/2020View
11757 57Comments in Support of Adult Daycare Center - Cecilia Albert109/09/2020View
11858A58A1Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation (Part 1)389/9/2020View
11958A58A2Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation (Part 2)139/9/2020View
12058A58A3Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation (Part 3)159/9/2020View
12158A58A4Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation (Part 4)269/9/2020View
12259 59Cvr. Ltr - Applicant Responses to OP Final Report 39/9/2020View
12359A59APHS: Tab A (Applicant Responses to Final OP Report)39/9/2020View
12459B59BPHS: Tab B (Applicant Responses to Final OP Report)29/9/2020View
12559C59CPHS: Tab C (Applicant Responses to Final OP Report)39/9/2020View
12660 60Ltr. in Opposition - Neil Flanagan159/10/2020View
12761 61Support Conditioned on Adult Daycare Center - Katie Garber209/10/2020View
12862 62Support Conditioned on Adult Daycare Center - Susan and John Sedgewick109/10/2020View
12963 63Support for Adult Daycare Center - Hazel Kreinheder109/10/2020View
13064 64Testimony from Lawrence Johnston29/10/2020View
13165 65Testimony from Mary Procter29/10/2020View
13266 66Testimony of Judy Berman309/10/2020View
13367 67Testimony of Sally White29/10/2020View
13468 68Final Draft of MOU Between Applicant and ANC99/10/2020View
13569 69Witness List109/10/2020View