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11 1Application Form - Text Amendment11/3/2020View
22 2OP Set Down Report 111/3/2020View
33 3Proof of Publication of PHN in D.C. Register102/26/2020View
44 4Notice of Public Hearing402/26/2020View
55 5Comments from Committee of 100 on the Federal City14/10/2020View
66 6OP Set Down and Prehearing Report289/4/2020View
77 7Comments from Caroline Petti209/14/2020View
88 8OP Set Down PowerPoint Presentation89/15/2020View
99 9Proof of Publication of PHN in D.C. Register109/22/2020View
1010 10Notice of Public Hearing1409/22/2020View
1111 11Attestation: PHN109/23/2020View
1212 12OP Public Hearing Report2111/6/2020View
1313 13Ltr. in Conditional Support - Greater Mt. Calvary Holy Church311/10/2020View
1414 14Testimony from Patrick McAnaney211/12/2020View
1515 15Testimony from Michael Wray, Commissioner ANC 1A09111/12/2020View
1616 16Testimony from Melissa Bondi, Enterprise Community Partners411/13/2020View
1717 17ANC 3E Resolution311/13/2020View
1818 18OP Supplemental Report1211/13/2020View
1919 19Comments from the Committee of 100 on the Federal City311/13/2020View
2020 20Letter in Support from Coalition for Smarter Growth211/14/2020View
2121 21Testimony of EADC311/15/2020View
2222 22Testimony of Leila Batties, Esq.211/15/2020View
2322A22ARevised Testimony from Leila Batties, Esq.311/15/2020View
2423 23Comments from Holland & Knight on behalf of Howard University511/15/2020View
2524 24DCBIA PowerPoint Presentation911/16/2020View
2625 25OP PowerPoint Presentation1411/16/2020View
2726 26Referral to NCPC111/17/2020View
2827 27Witness List111/16/2020View
2928 28Proof of Proposed Rulemaking to DC Register111/18/2020View
3029 29Proposed Rulemaking to DC Register1711/18/2020View
3130 30Testimony from Coy McKinney, SW Action311/30/2020View
3231 31Referral to NCPC111/17/2020View
3331A31ANCPC Report312/03/2020View
3432 32FY2019 IZ Annual Report Final1312/15/2020View
3533 33DCBIA Comments on Rulemaking312/28/2020View
3634 34OP Supplemental Report #2201/21/2021View
3734A34AExpanded OP Supplemental Report #2 (Page Correction)191/21/2021View
3834B34BExpanded OP Supplemental Report #322/16/2021View
3935 35Proof of Publication of Notice of Second Proposed Rulemaking in D.C. Register102/17/2021View
4036 36Notice of Second Proposed Rulemaking1802/17/2021View
4137 37Testimony from Committee of 100 on the Federal City53/5/2021View
4238 38Application Form - Further Text Amendment204/19/2021View
4339 39OP Setdown Report-Supplemental IZ Plus304/19/2021View
4440 40Corrected OP Supplemental Report304/22/2021View
4541 41Proof of Publication of 3rd Notice of Proposed Rulemaking105/12/2021View
4642 42Notice of Proposed Rulemaking2105/13/2021View
4743 43C100 Comments on IZ Plus Third Notice of Proposed Rulemaking125/28/2021View
4844 44Proof of Publication of Order in D.C. Register107/12/2021View
4945 45Z.C. Order No. 20-022107/12/2021View
5046 46Attestation: Order No. 20-02107/14/2021View