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11 1Application Form101/15/2019View
22 2DC Surveyor's Plat201/15/2019View
33 3Statement of Existing and Intended Use101/15/2019View
44 4Color Photographs601/15/2019View
55 5Architectural Plans and Elevations - SUPERSEDED - SEE EXHIBITS 82A1 & 82A21901/15/2019View
66 6List of Names and Mailing Addresses of Property Owners within 200 ft201/15/2019View
77 7Burden of Proof1301/15/2019View
88 8Letter of Authorization101/15/2019View
99 9Certificate of Proficiency101/15/2019View
1010 10Zoning Map201/15/2019View
1111 11School Enrollment Data701/15/2019View
1212 12Notification and Names and Address of Current Tenant101/15/2019View
1313 13Statement of Community Outreach101/15/2019View
1414 14Summary of Witnesses101/15/2019View
1515 15Cover Letter from Applicant and Certificate of Service301/15/2019View
1616 16Zoning Self-Certification301/15/2019View
1717 17Letter in Support from George Williams, Jr.101/25/2019View
1818 18BZA PHN/Referral to ANC 5C202/13/2019View
1919 19BZA Referral/PHN to ANCSMD 5C06202/13/2019View
2020 20BZA Referral/PHN to ANC 5B (Adjacent)202/13/2019View
2121 21BZA Referral to OANC102/13/2019View
2222 22BZA Referral to OP102/13/2019View
2323 23BZA Referral to DDOT102/13/2019View
2424 24BZA Referral to DME102/13/2019View
2525 25BZA Referral to DCPR102/13/2019View
2626 26BZA Referral/PHN to Council ofthe District of Columbia, Ward 5202/13/2019View
2727 27BZA Referral to Councilmember, At-Large - (Elissa Silverman)102/13/2019View
2828 28BZA Referral to Councilmember, At-Large - (David Grosso)102/13/2019View
2929 29BZA Referral to Councilmember, At-Large - (Anita Bonds)102/13/2019View
3030 30BZA Referral to Councilmember, At-Large - Robert White, Jr.)102/13/2019View
3131 31BZA Referral to Chairman of the Council - (Phil Mendelson)102/13/2019View
3232 32BZA PHN to Property Owner within 200 feet302/13/2019View
3333 33BZA PHN to Applicant - ( Meridith Moldenhauer)202/13/2019View
3434 34Cover Letter from Applicant Enclosing Traffic Report and Resume of Traffic Expert4103/04/2019View
3535 35Request to Postpone Hearing103/06/2019View
3636 36Returned PHN203/06/2019View
3737 37Applicant's Response to ANC's Request for Postponement303/12/2019View
3838 38Additional Response from ANC 5C regarding postponement103/12/2019View
3938A38ADuplicate Exhibit of 38 - Additional Response from ANC 5C regarding postponement103/12/2019View
4039 39Applicant's Prehearing Statement503/13/2019View
4139A39AApplicant's Prehearing Statement: Tab A (Revised Plans)1903/13/2019View
4239B39BApplicant's Prehearing Statement: Tab B (Resume of Steve Varga)303/13/2019View
4339C39CApplicant's Prehearing Statement: Tab C (MWA Expert Resume)403/13/2019View
4440 40Applicant's Response to ANC's March 12 Filing903/15/2019View
4541 41Affidavit of Posting603/19/2019View
4642 42Request for Party Status from Ground Community Coalition503/20/2019View
4743 43OP Report703/21/2019View
4844 44Applicant's Opposition to Party Status Request703/21/2019View
4945 45Letter from Aristotle Theresa Re: Notice of Unavailability103/22/2019View
5046 46DDOT Report603/22/2019View
5147 47BZA Procedural Action Memo re: Postponement and Party Status103/22/2019View
5248 48Affidavit of Maintenance103/29/2019View
5349 49Letter in Support from Saby Waters104/01/2019View
5450 50Letter in Support from 1411 Saratoga104/01/2019View
5551 51Letter in Support from Barbara Jenkins104/01/2019View
5652 52Letter in Support from Cecilia Rhones104/01/2019View
5753 53Letter in Support from Thaddeus James104/01/2019View
5854 54Letter in Support from Eric D. Sims II104/01/2019View
5955 55Letter in Support from 1417 Saratoga104/01/2019View
6056 56Letter in Support from Brenda Merdine104/01/2019View
6157 57Letter in Support from Diane Barber104/01/2019View
6258 58Letter in Support from 6535 14th St104/01/2019View
6359 59Cover Letter from Applicant Enclosing Updated Grading Plans304/02/2019View
6460A160A1Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation (Part 1)1404/02/2019View
6560A260A2Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation (Part 2)1404/02/2019View
6660A360A3Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation (Part 3)1304/02/2019View
6761 61Location of Residence Map from Applicant104/03/2019View
6862 62Emails Showing Contacts w/ANC 5C from Applicant904/03/2019View
6963 63Witness Cards104/03/2019View
7064 64Photograph of Residence on Saratoga Ave from Applicant104/03/2019View
7165 65Applicant's Supplemental Filing304/10/2019View
7265A65ASupplemental Filing: Tab A (Land Use Report by Stephen Varga)1604/10/2019View
7365B65BSupplemental Filing: Tab B (Updated Landscape Plans)204/10/2019View
7465C65CSupplemental Filing: Tab C (Landscape Architext Resume and Outline of Testimony)404/10/2019View
7566 66Letter from Thaddeus James 104/09/2019View
7667 67Applicant's Update on Community Outreach to ANC 5C2604/18/2019View
7768 68Testimony of Matthew Foust304/29/2019View
7869 69Letter in Support from Charlene Brown104/30/2019View
7970 70Letter in Support from Deborah M. Floyd104/30/2019View
8071 71Letter in Support from George Walker104/30/2019View
8172 72Letter in Support from K. Edwards104/30/2019View
8273 73Letter in Support from Akram Abdul-Khalek104/30/2019View
8374 74Letter in Support from Christopher Gegenheimer104/30/2019View
8475 75Letter in Support from G. Prudencio104/30/2019View
8576 76Letter in Support from J. Collins104/30/2019View
8677 77Letter in Support from M. Khadr104/30/2019View
8778 78Letter in Support from R. Ridenour104/30/2019View
8879 79Letter in Support from A. Kelly104/30/2019View
8980 80Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation4304/30/2019View
9081 81Cover Letter from Applicant Enclosing Updated Plans204/30/2019View
9182A182A1Updated Architectural Plans (Part 1) - SUPERSEDED - SEE EXHIBIT 89A11004/30/2019View
9282A282A2Updated Architectural Plans (Part 2) - SUPERSEDED - SEE EXHIBIT 89A21104/30/2019View
9383 83Witness Cards105/01/2019View
9484 84Referral to DC Fire Marshall, Fire and EMS Department105/03/2019View
9585 85Referral to DC Water and Sewer Authority105/03/2019View
9686 86Referral to DC Police Department105/03/2019View
9787 87FEMS Office of the Fire Marshall's Response105/03/2019View
9888 88Memo to File - Closed Record Except for Requested Documents205/03/2019View
9989 89Applicant's Cover Letter and Certificate of Service for Post-Hearing Statement605/10/2019View
10089A189A1Post-Hearing Statement: Tab A (Updated Plans - Part 1)1105/10/2019View
10189A289A2Post-Hearing Statement: Tab A (Updated Plans - Part 2)1805/10/2019View
10289B89BPost-Hearing Statement: Tab B (Construction Management Plan)405/10/2019View
10389C89CPost-Hearing Statement: Tab C (Traffic Management Plan for Construction)205/10/2019View
10489D89DPost-Hearing Statement: Tab D (Traffic Report Summary)605/10/2019View
10589E89EPost-Hearing Statement: Tab E (Pervious Surface Information and Mitigation)205/10/2019View
10689F89FPost-Hearing Statement: Tab F (Updated Communty Outreach)605/10/2019View
10790 90OZ Referral Response from MPD305/14/2019View
10891 91DDOT's Comments in Response to MPD Comments205/16/2019View
10992 92ANC 5C Report305/16/2019View
11093 93Applicant's Response to ANC 5C Report605/20/2019View
11194 94Draft Order377/1/2019View
11295 95Decision and Order1802/21/2020View
11396 96Attestation102/21/2020View