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11 1Application Form108/23/2018View
22 2Fee Calculator Form108/23/2018View
33 3Cover Letter308/23/2018View
44 4Zoning Self-Certification208/23/2018View
55 5Zoning Map108/23/2018View
66 6Letter of Authorization108/23/2018View
77 7Certificate of Proficiency108/23/2018View
88 8Applicant's Statement1208/23/2018View
99 9List of Names and Mailing Addresses of Property Owners within 200 Feet708/23/2018View
1010 10Architectural Plans and Elevations1808/23/2018View
1111 11DC Surveyor's Plat108/23/2018View
1212 12Expert Witness Resumes708/23/2018View
1313 13Statement of Community Outreach108/23/2018View
1414 14SEE APPLICANT STATEMENT108/23/2018View
1515 15SEE PLANS108/23/2018View
1616 16Receipt108/30/2018View
1717 17BZA Referral/PHN to ANC 6B209/24/2018View
1818 18BZA Referral/PHN to ANCSMD 6B04209/24/2018View
1919 19BZA Referral to OANC109/24/2018View
2020 20BZA Referral to OP109/24/2018View
2121 21BZA Referral to DDOT109/24/2018View
2222 22BZA Referral/PHN to Council of the District of Columbia, Ward 6209/24/2018View
2323 23BZA Referral to Councilmember, At-Large - (Elissa Silverman)109/24/2018View
2424 24BZA Referral to Councilmember, At-Large -(David Grosso)109/24/2018View
2525 25BZA Referral to Councilmember, At-Large -(Anita Bonds)109/24/2018View
2626 26BZA Referral to Councilmember, At-Large - (Robert White, Jr.)109/24/2018View
2727 27BZA Referral to Chairman of the Council - (Phil Mendelson)109/24/2018View
2828 28BZA Referral/PHN to Property Owner within 200 feet309/24/2018View
2929 29BZA PHN to Applicant - (Lawrence Ferris)209/24/2018View
3030 30Returned PHNs310/02/2018View
3131 31Cover Letter Enclosing Transportation Statement4910/12/2018View
3232 32Letter in Support from Capitol Hill Restoration Society110/16/2018View
3333 33Returned PHN210/16/2018View
3434 34Letter in Support from Brent Lightner210/15/2018View
3535 35Letter in Support from Michael Warner110/16/2018View
3636 36Letter in Support from Daniel Hernandez110/19/2018View
3737 37Applicant's Prehearing Submission510/24/2018View
3837A37AApplicant's Prehearing Submission: Tab A (Summary of Witness Testimony)110/24/2018View
3938 38Letter in Support from Chris Jennings210/25/2018View
4039 39Affidavit of Posting210/26/2018View
4140 40Letter in Support from Lisa E. Delplace110/31/2018View
4241 41DDOT Report511/01/2018View
4342 42Letter in Support from Martin A. Smith111/01/2018View
4443 43OP Report611/02/2018View
4544 44Letter in Support from Ivan Iricawin111/06/2018View
4645 45ANC 6B Report311/08/2018View
4746 46Letter in Support from Nick Salis111/08/2018View
4847 47Letter in Support from John Boyle111/08/2018View
4948 48Letter in Support from Justin Maglione111/08/2018View
5049 49Letter in Support from Laney Oxman111/08/2018View
5150 50Letter in Support from Michael Warner111/08/2018View
5251 51Letter in Support from Will and Tina Ashworth111/08/2018View
5352 52Comments from Ramon Buruca, Ramon LLC111/08/2018View
5453 53Affidavit of Maintenance111/09/2018View
5554 54Applicant's Presentation3011/13/2018View
5655 55Returned PHN211/13/2018View
5756 56Witness Cards111/14/2018View
5857 57Summary Order511/19/2018View
5958 58Attestation211/19/2018View