row_num#Exhibit #Exhibit #Exhibit #Exhibit DescriptionNumber of PagesExhibit DateAction
11 1Application Form106/29/2018View
22 2Fee Calculator Form106/29/2018View
33 3Cover Letter from the Applicant306/29/2018View
44 4Letter of Authorization106/29/2018View
55 5Zoning -Self Certification 206/29/2018View
66 6DC Surveyor's Plat106/29/2018View
77 7Statement of Existing and Intended Uses106/29/2018View
88 8Outline of Testimony106/29/2018View
99 9Color Photographs306/29/2018View
1010 10List of Names and Mailing Addresses of Property Owners within 200 Feet306/29/2018View
1111 11Preliminary Statement of Compliance with Burden or Proof506/29/2018View
1211A11ABurden of Proof: Tab A (Copy of Home Occupation Permit)106/29/2018View
1311B11BBurden of Proof: Tab B (Copy of Previous Order)406/29/2018View
1411C11CBurden of Proof: Tab C (Architectural Plans)106/29/2018View
1512 12Receipt106/29/2018View
1613 13BZA Referral/PHN to ANC 5E208/21/2018View
1714 14BZA Referral/PHN to ANCSMD 5E09208/21/2018View
1815 15BZA Referral/PHN to ANC 5A (within 200ft.)208/21/2018View
1916 16BZA Referral to OANC108/21/2018View
2017 17BZA Referral to OP108/21/2018View
2118 18BZA Referral to DDOT108/21/2018View
2219 19BZA Referral to OSSE108/21/2018View
2320 20BZA Referral/PHN to Council of the District of Columbia, Ward 5208/21/2018View
2421 21BZA Referral to Councilmember, At-Large - (Elissa Silverman)108/21/2018View
2522 22BZA Referral to Councilmember, At-Large - (David Grosso)108/21/2018View
2623 23BZA Referral to Councilmember, At-Large - (Anita Bonds)108/21/2018View
2724 24BZA Referral to Councilmember, At-Large -(Robert White, Jr.)108/21/2018View
2825 25BZA Referral to Chairman of the Council - ( Phil Mendelson)108/21/2018View
2926 26BZA Notice of Public Hearing to Property Owner within 200 feet.308/21/2018View
3027 27BZA Notice of Public Hearing Applicant - (Dennis Hughes)208/21/2018View
3128 28Comments from Ileana Schinder209/10/2018View
3229 29Returned PHN209/12/2018View
3330 30Form 129 ANC 5E Report 109/18/2018View
3431 31Letter in Support from Ileana Schinder 209/18/2018View
3532 32Letter in Support from Monique Leopold109/18/2018View
3633 33Letter in Support from Matt Dickens and Sara Goldband 109/18/2018View
3734 34Letter in Support from Laura Jackson , Stronghold Civic Association 109/18/2018View
3835 35Affidavit of Posting 209/24/2018View
3936 36Applicant Prehearing Statement 409/25/2018View
4036A36APrehearing Statement: Tab A ( Letter in Support) 209/25/2018View
4136B36BPrehearing Statement: Tab B (Copy of BZA Order No. 18354)409/25/2018View
4236C36CPrehearing Statement: Tab C (Copy of BZA Order No. 19266)309/25/2018View
4336D36DPrehearing Statement : Tab D (Picture of Property ) 109/25/2018View
4437 37DDOT Report 210/05/2018View
4538 38OP Report710/05/2018View
4639 39Affidavit of Maintenance110/12/2018View
4740 40Witness Cards110/17/2018View
4841 41Summary Order410/23/2018View
4942 42Attestation210/23/2018View