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11 1Application Form112/29/2017View
22 2Fee Calculator Form112/29/2017View
33A13A1Architectural Plans and Elevations (Part 1)2212/29/2017View
43A23A2Architectural Plans and Elevations (Part 2)2312/29/2017View
53A33A3Architectural Plans and Elevations (Part 3)812/29/2017View
63A43A4Architectural Plans and Elevations (Part 4)912/29/2017View
74 4DC Surveyor's Plat512/29/2017View
85 5Statement of Intended Use112/29/2017View
96 6Zoning Self-Certification212/29/2017View
107 7List of Names and Mailing Addresses of Property Owners within 200 Feet1812/29/2017View
118 8Burden of Proof2212/29/2017View
129 9Certification of Proficiency112/29/2017View
1310 10Letters of Authorization512/29/2017View
1411 11Summary of Witness Testimony112/29/2017View
1512 12Color Photographs112/29/2017View
1613 13Copy of Filing Fee Check101/02/2018View
1714 14BZA Referral & Notice of Public Hearing to ANC 1B201/19/2018View
1815 15BZA Referral & Notice of Public Hearing to ANCSMD 1B04201/19/2018View
1916 16BZA Referral to OANC101/19/2018View
2017 17BZA Referral to OP101/19/2018View
2118 18BZA Referral to DDOT101/19/2018View
2219 19BZA Referral & Notice of Public Hearing to Council of the District of Columbia, Ward 1201/19/2018View
2320 20BZA Referral to Councilmember, At-Large - ( Elissa Silverman)101/19/2018View
2421 21BZA Referral to Councilmember, At-Large - ( David Grosso)101/19/2018View
2522 22BZA Referral to Councilmember, At-Large - ( Anita Bonds)101/19/2018View
2623 23BZA Referral to Councilmember, At-Large - ( Robert White, Jr.)101/19/2018View
2724 24BZA Referral to Chairman of the Council - ( Phil Mendelson)101/19/2018View
2825 25BZA Notice of Public Hearing to Property Owner within 200 feet.301/19/2018View
2926 26BZA Notice of Public Hearing to Applicant - ( Meridith Moldenhauer)201/19/2018View
3027 27Returned PHNs302/01/2018View
3128 28Attestation of Notices102/06/2018View
3229 29Returned PHNs302/06/2018View
3330 30Returned PHNs602/08/2018View
3431 31Returned PHNs1702/09/2018View
3532 32Returned PHNs702/12/2018View
3633 33Letter in Support from Amber Neville102/12/2018View
3734 34Applicant's Prehearing Statement1002/14/2018View
3834A134A1Applicant's Prehearing Statement: Tab A (Plans - Part 1)3402/14/2018View
3934A234A2Applicant's Prehearing Statement: Tab A (Plans - Part 2)3402/14/2018View
4034B34BApplicant's Prehearing Statement: Tab B (Diagram)502/14/2018View
4134C34CApplicant's Prehearing Statement: Tab C (Letters in Support)2602/14/2018View
4235 35Returned PHNs502/15/2018View
4336 36Returned PHN202/20/2018View
4437 37Petition in Opposition502/20/2018View
4538 38Letter in Opposition from Brad Hicks & Ryan Dietrich302/21/2018View
4639 39Request for Party Status in Opposition from LDP Acquisitions LLC702/21/2018View
4740 40Motion to Dismiss Application7502/21/2018View
4841 41Returned PHNs802/22/2018View
4942 42DDOT Report302/22/2018View
5043 43OP Report702/23/2018View
5144 44Letter in Opposition from Pamela Talkin502/26/2018View
5245 45Applicant's Opposition to Party Status Request from LDP Acquisitions LLC1202/26/2018View
5346 46Letter in Opposition from Lissette Valdes202/26/2018View
5447 47Affidavit of Posting602/26/2018View
5548 48BZA Memo: Party Status Request to be Considered at March 7, 2018 Hearing102/27/2018View
5649 49Returned PHN202/27/2018View
5750 50Letter in Opposition from Aglae Elizabeth Parra202/28/2018View
5851 51Letter in Opposition from Warren Adams & Nicole King102/28/2018View
5952 52Applicant's Opposition to Motion to Dismiss1403/01/2018View
6053 53Marthas Table Development on 14th St.pdf203/01/2018View
6154 54Applicant's Powerpoint Presentation and Expert Witness Resumes.pdf9403/01/2018View
6255 55Returned PHNs303/01/2018View
6356 56Affidavit of Maintenance103/02/2018View
6457 57Letter in Support from Cheryl Cort, Coalition for Smarter Growth203/02/2018View
6558 58Reply to Opposition to Motion to Dismiss Application603/05/2018View
6659 59Reply to Opposition to Request for Party Status of LDP Acquisitions LLC603/05/2018View
6760 60Form 150 Request to Reopen the Record from ANC 1B103/05/2018View
6861 61Form 129 ANC 1B Report - SUPERSEDED - SEE EXHIBIT #87103/05/2018View
6962 62ANC 1B Chairperson Delegation of Authority103/02/2018View
7063 63Letter in Opposition from Mike Schwartz403/06/2018View
7164 64Letter in Opposition from Laura Stanton and Katherine Rhodes103/06/2018View
7265 65Letter in Opposition from Sarah Amick403/06/2018View
7366 66Letter in Opposition from Kenneth Shapiro503/06/2018View
7467 67Letter in Opposition from Nicole King and Warren Adams403/06/2018View
7568 68Letter of Support from Christopher Smith103/06/2018View
7669 69Letter of Support from Daniel Immacolato103/06/2018View
7770 70Letter of Support from Jesse Smith103/06/2018View
7871 71Letter of Support from Kaitlin Forster103/06/2018View
7972 72Letter of Support from Michael Forster103/06/2018View
8073 73Letter of Support from Patrick Slagle103/06/2018View
8174 74Letter of Support from Philip Marzelli103/06/2018View
8275 75Letter of Support from Royce Zachery103/06/2018View
8376 76Returned PHN203/06/2018View
8477 77Email in Opposition from Joseph Nicynski w/Attachments203/06/2018View
8577A77AFormal Letter in Opposition203/06/2018View
8677B77BLetter in Opposition to DDOT203/06/2018View
8778 78Letter in Opposition with Various Signatures403/06/2018View
8879 79Letter of Support from Jewel Quinn Jr103/06/2018View
8980 80Letter of Support from Luke Stacks103/06/2018View
9081 81Testimony of Stephen Varga303/07/2018View
9182 82Witness Cards203/07/2018View
9283 83Applicant's Supplemental Statement303/23/2018View
9383A183A1Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Plans - Part 1)603/23/2018View
9483A283A2Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Plans - Part 2)303/23/2018View
9583A383A3Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Plans - Part 3)1403/23/2018View
9683A483A4Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Plans - Part 4)203/23/2018View
9783A583A5Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Plans - Part 5)303/23/2018View
9883A683A6Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Plans - Part 6)403/23/2018View
9983A783A7Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Plans - Part 7)303/23/2018View
10083A883A8Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Plans - Part 8)603/23/2018View
10183A983A9Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Plans - Part 9)703/23/2018View
10283A1083A10Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Plans - Part 10)403/23/2018View
10383A1183A11Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Plans - Part 11)603/23/2018View
10483A1283A12Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Plans - Part 12)803/23/2018View
10583A1383A13Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Plans - Part 13)1203/23/2018View
10683A1483A14Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Plans - Part 14)703/23/2018View
10784 84Returned PHN203/26/2018View
10885 85OP Supplemental Report403/30/2018View
10986 86Returned PHN203/30/2018View
11087 87Revised ANC 1B Report204/09/2018View
11188 88Witness Cards104/11/2018View
11289 89Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation2404/11/2018View
11390 90Letter in Opposition from Jessica Fisher503/06/2018View
11491 91Summary Order504/24/2018View
11592 92Attestation104/24/2018View
11693 93Returned PHN205/04/2018View
11794 94Corrected Summary Order504/02/2019View
11895 95Attestation104/02/2019View