row_num#Exhibit #Exhibit #Exhibit #Exhibit DescriptionNumber of PagesExhibit DateAction
11 1Copy of Filing Fee Check112/28/2017View
22 2Letter of Authorization112/28/2017View
33 3List of Names and Mailing Addresses of Property Owners within 200 Feet412/28/2017View
44 4Statement of Existing and Intended Uses112/28/2017View
55 5Statement of Public Outreach112/28/2017View
66 6Zoning Self-Certification - SUPERSEDED - SEE EXHIBIT #30812/28/2017View
77 7Statement of the Applicant2512/28/2017View
87A7AStatement of the Applicant: Tab A (Zone Map)212/28/2017View
97B7BStatement of the Applicant: Tab B (Surveyor's Plat)212/28/2017View
107C17C1Statement of the Applicant: Tab C (Plans - Part 1)1112/28/2017View
117C27C2Statement of the Applicant: Tab C (Plans - Part 2)1312/28/2017View
127D7DStatement of the Applicant: Tab D (Photographs)612/28/2017View
137E7EStatement of the Applicant: Tab E (Proposed Plat)212/28/2017View
147F7FStatement of Applicant: Tab F (Timing of Demolition)212/28/2017View
157G7GStatement of the Applicant: Tab G (Outlines of Testimony)212/28/2017View
167H7HStatement of the Applicant: Tab H (Expert Witness Resumes)312/28/2017View
178 8Application Form112/28/2017View
189 9Fee Calculator Form112/28/2017View
1910 10Cover Letter from Applicant312/28/2017View
2011 11BZA Referral & Notice of Public Hearing to ANC 7F201/18/2018View
2112 12BZA Referral & Notice of Public Hearing to ANCSMD 7F06201/18/2018View
2213 13BZA Referral to OANC101/18/2018View
2314 14BZA Referral to OP101/18/2018View
2415 15BZA Referral to DDOT101/18/2018View
2516 16BZA Referral & Notice of Public Hearing to Council of the District of Columbia, Ward 7201/18/2018View
2617 17BZA Referral to Councilmember, At- Large - ( Elissa Silverman) 101/18/2018View
2718 18BZA Referral to Councilmember, At- Large - ( David Grosso)101/18/2018View
2819 19BZA Referral to Councilmember, At- Large - ( Anita Bonds)101/18/2018View
2920 20BZA Referral to Councilmember, At- Large - (Robert White, Jr.)101/18/2018View
3021 21BZA Referral to Chairman of the Council - ( Phil Mendelson)101/18/2018View
3122 22BZA Notice of Public Hearing to Property Owner within 200 feet.301/18/2018View
3223 23BZA Notice of Public Hearing to Applicant - ( John Patrick Brown, Jr.)201/18/2018View
3324 24Returned PHN202/01/2018View
3425 25Transportation Assessment2102/05/2018View
3526 26Attestation of Notices102/06/2018View
3627 27Returned PHNs302/05/2018View
3728 28Letter in Support from Meadow Green Courts Resident Association202/13/2018View
3829 29PreHearing Submission Cover Letter to BZA.pdf202/14/2018View
3930 30Revised Self-Certification802/14/2018View
4031 31Applicant's Pre-Hearing Statement3002/14/2018View
4131A31APre-Hearing Statement: Tab A (Surveyor's Plat)202/14/2018View
4231B31BPre-Hearing Statement: Tab B (Annotated Zone Map)202/14/2018View
4331C131C1Pre-Hearing Statemetn: Tab C (Plans - Part 1)602/14/2018View
4431C231C2Pre-Hearing Statement: Tab C (Plans - Part 2)302/14/2018View
4531C331C3Pre-Hearing Statement: Tab C (Plans - Part 3)1802/14/2018View
4631D31DPre-Hearing Statement: Tab D (Color Photos)602/14/2018View
4731E31EPre-Hearing Statement: Tab E (Revised Proposed Plat)202/14/2018View
4831F31FPre-Hearing Statement: Tab F (Timing of Demolition)202/14/2018View
4931G31GPre-Hearing Statement: Tab G (Email Correspondence with MPD)302/14/2018View
5032 32DDOT Report402/22/2018View
5133 33OP Report1002/23/2018View
5234 34BZA Referral to DPR102/26/2018View
5335 35BZA Referral to DME102/26/2018View
5436 36Returned PHN202/27/2018View
5537 37Affidavit of Posting2003/02/2018View
5638 38Letter in Support from Councilmember Vincent Gray103/05/2018View
5739 39ANC 7F's Request to Allow Record to Remain Open 14 Days103/05/2018View
5840 40Affidavit of Maintenance2303/06/2018View
5941A141A1Architectural Plans and PowerPoint Presentation (Part 1)2203/06/2018View
6041A241A2Architectural Plans and PowerPoint Presentation (Part 2)2203/06/2018View
6142 42Witness Cards203/07/2018View
6243 43Summary Order503/09/2018View
6344 44Attestation103/09/2018View
6445 45Corrected Summary Order503/13/2018View
6546 46Attestation103/13/2018View