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11 1Surveyor's Plat108/07/2017View
22 2Zoning Self-Certification108/07/2017View
33 3Architectural Plans and Elevations108/07/2017View
44 4List of Names and Mailing Addresses of Property Owners within 200 Feet708/07/2017View
55 5Letter of Authorization (Domino Pizza)108/07/2017View
66 6Statement of the Applicant1008/07/2017View
77 7Application Form108/07/2017View
88 8Fee Calculator Form - SUPERSEDED - SEE EXHIBIT #12108/07/2017View
99 9Letter of Authorization (Isen Brothers LLC)108/07/2017View
1010 10Statement of Existing and Intended Uses108/07/2017View
1111A111A1Color Photograph #1108/07/2017View
1211A211A2Color Photograph #2108/07/2017View
1311A311A3Color Photograph #3108/07/2017View
1411A411A4Color Photograph #4108/07/2017View
1511A511A5Color Photograph #5108/07/2017View
1611A611A6Color Photograph #6108/07/2017View
1711A711A7Color Photograph #7108/07/2017View
1811A811A8Color Photograph #8108/07/2017View
1911A911A9Color Photograph #9108/07/2017View
2012 12Revised BZA Fee Calculator Form108/10/2017View
2113 13Copy of Filing Fee Check108/15/2017View
2214 14BZA Referral & Notice of Public Hearing to ANC 3B209/20/2017View
2315 15BZA Referral & Notice of Public Hearing to ANCSMD 3B02 209/20/2017View
2416 16BZA Referral to OP109/20/2017View
2517 17BZA Referral to NCPC109/20/2017View
2618 18BZA Referral to DCHD109/20/2017View
2719 19BZA Referral to DDOT109/20/2017View
2820 20BZA Referral & Notice of Public Hearing to Council of the District of Columbia, Ward 3209/20/2017View
2921 21BZA Referral to Councilmember, At-Large - ( Elissa Silverman)109/20/2017View
3022 22 BZA Referral to Councilmember, At-Large - ( David Grosso)109/20/2017View
3123 23 BZA Referral to Councilmember, At-Large - ( Anita Bonds)109/20/2017View
3224 24BZA Referral to Councilmember, At-Large - ( Robert White, Jr.)109/20/2017View
3325 25BZA Referral to Chairman of the Council - ( Phil Mendelson) 109/20/2017View
3426 26BZA Notice of Public Hearing to Property Owners within 200 feet.309/20/2017View
3527 27BZA Notice of Public Hearing to Applicant - ( Bean, Kinney & Korman PC)209/20/2017View
3628 28BZA Attestation109/25/2017View
3729 29Returned PHN209/29/2017View
3830 30Comments in Opposition from Bruce MacClellan110/01/2017View
3931 31Returned PHNs410/02/2017View
4032 32Applicant's Supplemental Statement to OP910/04/2017View
4133 33Additional Color Photographs310/06/2017View
4234 34Comments from Maria Medrano-Alonzo110/08/2017View
4335 35Returned PHNs310/06/2017View
4436 36BZA Memo Rescheduling Hearing to November 8, 2017110/12/2017View
4537 37Returned PHNs310/11/2017View
4638 38DDOT Report210/12/2017View
4739 39Returned PHNs310/12/2017View
4840 40Notice of Corrected Hearing Date110/17/2017View
4941 41Applicant's Request to Further Postpone Hearing210/19/2017View
5042 42Returned Corrected PHN Date510/23/2017View
5143 43BZA Memo Granting Postponement of Hearing to December 20, 2017110/26/2017View
5244 44Returned Corrected Notice of Public Hearing Date210/30/2017View
5345 45Petition in Opposition210/31/2017View
5446 46Color Photographs610/31/2017View
5547 47Returned Corrected Notice of Public Hearing Date211/06/2017View
5648 48Corrected Notice of Public Hearing Date311/13/2017View
5749 49ANC 3B Report311/14/2017View
5850 50NCPC Report311/15/2017View
5951 51Returned Corrected Notice of Public Hearing Date211/20/2017View
6052 52Returned Corrected Notice of Public Hearing Date211/27/2017View
6153 53Property Owner's Statement on Attempts to Lease Property to OP211/28/2017View
6254 54Returned PHN211/30/2017View
6355 55Affidavit of Posting512/05/2017View
6456 56OP Report612/07/2017View
6557 57Affidavit of Maintenance112/18/2017View
6658 58Letter in Opposition from Adriana Radulescu212/18/2017View
6759 59Letter in Opposition from Matt Wexler112/20/2017View
6860 60Witness Cards212/20/2017View
6961 61Supplemental Statement of Justification701/05/2018View
7062 62OP Report301/12/2018View
7163 63Summary Order501/22/2018View
7264 64Attestation101/22/2018View