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11 1Application Form105/30/2017View
22 2ANC 6C Letter of Authorization105/30/2017View
33 3Appeal Statement of Advisory Neighborhood Commission 6C405/30/2017View
43A3AAppeal Statement: Tab A (Permit B1706219)105/30/2017View
53B3BAppeal Statement: Tab B (Zoning Data Summary Form)105/30/2017View
63C3CAppeal Statement: Tab C (Annotated Surveyor's Plat)105/30/2017View
73D3DAppeal Statement: Tab D (Plans and Drawings)605/30/2017View
83E3EAppeal Statement: Tab E (Roof Photos)205/30/2017View
94 4Certificate of Service105/30/2017View
105 5Letter of Authorization306/02/2017View
116 6BZA Referral & Notice of Public Hearing to ANC 6C207/24/2017View
127 7BZA Referral & Notice of Public Hearing to ANC 6C06207/24/2017View
138 8BZA Referral to OP107/24/2017View
149 9BZA Referral & Notice of Public Hearing to DCRA207/24/2017View
1510 10BZA Referral & Notice of Public Hearing to Council of the District of Columbia, Ward 6207/24/2017View
1611 11BZA Referral to Councilmember, At-Large - ( Elissa Silverman)107/24/2017View
1712 12BZA Referral to Councilmember, At-Large - ( David Grosso)107/24/2017View
1813 13BZA Referral to Councilmember, At-Large - ( Anita Bonds)107/24/2017View
1914 14BZA Referral to Councilmember, At-Large - ( Robert White, Jr.)107/24/2017View
2015 15BZA Referral to Chairman of the Council - ( Phil Mendelson)107/24/2017View
2116 16BZA Notice of Public Hearing to Appellant - ( Mark Eckenwiler, ANC 6C)207/24/2017View
2217 17BZA Notice of Public Hearing to Property Owner - (Atlas Squared, LLC)207/24/2017View
2318 18BZA Attestation107/31/2017View
2419 19Appellant's Consent Motion to Postpone Hearing208/11/2017View
2520 20ANC 6C's Pre-Hearing Statement -SUPERSEDED - SEE EXHIBIT 351109/07/2017View
2621 21Intervenor Request by Kevin Cummins309/20/2017View
2722 22Certificate of Service109/20/2017View
2823 23DCRA's Consent Motion to Postpone Hearing209/28/2017View
2924 24BZA Memo Granting Postponement to November 15, 2017109/28/2017View
3025 25BZA Memo Scheduling Consideration of Intervenor Request for October 18, 2017110/03/2017View
3126 26BZA Memo Re: Granting Intervenor Status to Kevin Cummins110/20/2017View
3227 27Witness Cards110/18/2017View
3328 28Statement of Amy Stouffer511/08/2017View
3429 29DCRA's Second Consent Motion to Postpone Hearing311/13/2017View
3529A29ASupporting Documentation for DCRA's Request for Postponement (Part 1)311/13/2017View
3629B29BSupporting Documentation for DCRA's Motion for Postponement (Part 2)411/13/2017View
3730 30BZA Memo Granting Second Postponement to January 24, 2018111/13/2017View
3831 31DCRA's Partial Consent Motion to Continue to May 9th201/19/2018View
3932 32Letter in Opposition from Kevin Cummins to DCRA's Partial Consent Motion201/22/2018View
4033 33Letter to Mr. Frederick L. Hill re BZA Appeal No. 19550301/23/2018View
4133A33AExhibits A - D to Letter to Mr. Frederick2501/23/2018View
4234 34Witness Cards101/24/2018View
4335 35Revised Pre-hearing Statement of ANC 6C1204/18/2018View
4435A35AANC 6C's Pre-hearing Statement: Tab A (Zoning Data Summary)104/18/2018View
4535B35BANC 6C's Pre-hearing Statement: Tab B (Building Permit)104/18/2018View
4635C35CANC 6C's Pre-hearing Statement: Tab C (Plans and Drawings)704/18/2018View
4735D35DANC 6C's Pre-hearing Statement: Tab D (Surveyor's Plat)104/18/2018View
4835E35EANC 6C's Pre-hearing Statement: Tab E (Office of Zoning Administrator Guidance)704/18/2018View
4936 36DCRA's Third Motion to Postpone Hearing and Motion to Incorporate Revised Permit1104/23/2018View
5037 37ANC 6C's Opposition to DCRA's Dual Motion804/26/2018View
5137A37AANC 6C's Opposition: Tab A (Transcript for Jan 24, 2018 Hearing)204/26/2018View
5237B37BANC 6C's Opposition: Tab B (Transcript from April 5, 2017 Hearing)804/26/2018View
5338 38BZA Memo Scheduling Decision on DCRA's Motions as Preliminary Matter on May 9, 2018104/26/2018View
5439 39Statement in Opposition to DCRA's Motions to Continue Hearing and Incorporate by Reference the Revised Permit from Kevin Cummins504/30/2018View
5540 40Pre-Hearing Statement from Kevin Cummins1305/02/2018View
5641 41DCRA's Partial Consent Motion to Stay Deadline to File Agency's Pre-hearing Statement605/02/2018View
5742 42Motion from the Property Owners to Dismiss Appeal405/02/2018View
5842A42AMotion to Dismiss: Tab A (Building Permit No. B1805207)205/02/2018View
5942B142B1Motion to Dismiss: Tab B (Revised Approved Permit Plans - Part 1)1205/02/2018View
6042B242B2Motion to Dismiss: Tab B (Revised Approved Permit Plans - Part 2)1005/02/2018View
6142B342B3Motion to Dismiss: Tab B (Revised Approved Permit Plans - Part 3)1205/02/2018View
6242B442B4Motion to Dismiss: Tab B (Revised Approved Permit Plans - Part 4)405/02/2018View
6343 43ANC 6C's Memorandum in Opposition to Motion of DCRA to Stay Pre-hearing Filing Deadline205/07/2018View
6444 44ANC 6C's Memorandum in Opposition to Property Owner's Motion to Dismiss Appeal905/07/2018View
6545 45Witness Cards105/09/2018View
6646 46ANC 6C's Second Pre-hearing Statement2306/25/2018View
6746A46AANC 6C's Pre-hearing Statement: Tab A (Revised Building Permit B1805207)106/25/2018View
6846B46BANC 6C's Pre-hearing Statement: Tab B (Plans Plat for Revised Permit)1006/25/2018View
6946C46CANC 6C's Pre-hearing Statement: Tab C (Original Permit)106/25/2018View
7046D46DANC 6C's Pre-hearing Statement: Tab D (Original Permit Plans and Drawings)1006/25/2018View
7146E46EANC 6C's Pre-hearing Statement: Tab E (Revised Permit Zoning Review Notes)406/25/2018View
7246F46FANC 6C's Pre-hearing Statement: Tab F (Property Owner Letter)306/25/2018View
7346G46GANC 6C's Prehearing Statement: Tab G (Shawn Gibbs Email)106/25/2018View
7446H46HANC 6C's Prehearing Statement: Tab H (Email from M. Tondro)106/25/2018View
7546I46IANC 6C's Prehearing Statement: Tab I (Original Permit Application)1006/25/2018View
7646J46JANC 6C's Prehearing Statement: Tab J (Revised Application)406/25/2018View
7746K46KANC 6C's Pre-hearing Statement: Tab K (Dayliter D4280 Descriptive Materials)206/25/2018View
7847 47Property Owner's Pre-Hearing Statement in Opposition1907/11/2018View
7947A47AProperty Owner's Prehearing Statement: Tab A (Original Permit)207/11/2018View
8047B47BProperty Owner's Prehearing Statement: Tab B (Revised Permit)207/11/2018View
8147C47CProperty Owner's Prehearing Statement: Tab C (Surveyor's Plat)207/11/2018View
8247D147D1Property Owner's Prehearing Statement: Tab D(Plans - Part 1)1207/11/2018View
8347D247D2Property Owner's Prehearing Statement: Tab D(Plans - Part 2)1507/11/2018View
8447D347D3Property Owner's Prehearing Statement: Tab D(Plans - Part 3)1107/11/2018View
8547E47EProperty Owner's Prehearing Statement: Tab E (DCRA's Permit Tracking)407/11/2018View
8647F47FProperty Owner's Prehearing Statement: Tab F (Extension of Original Permit)207/11/2018View
8747G47GProperty Owner's Prehearing Statement: Tab G (Travel Path Drawing)407/11/2018View
8847H47HProperty Owner's Prehearing Statement: Tab H (Color Photographs)407/11/2018View
8947I47IProperty Owner's Prehearing Statement: Tab I (Roof Hatch Elevation)207/11/2018View
9047J147J1Property Owner's Prehearing Statement: Tab J (Expert Resumes - Part 1)607/11/2018View
9147J247J2Property Owner's Prehearing Statement: Tab J (Expert Resumes - Part 2)407/11/2018View
9247J347J3Property Owner's Prehearing Statement: Tab J (Expert Resumes - Part 3)307/11/2018View
9348 48Revised Prehearing Statement from Kevin Cummins1907/11/2018View
9449 49DCRA's Partial Consent Motion for Extension of Time to File and Amended Prehearing Statement407/11/2018View
9550 50DCRA's Prehearing Statement1507/11/2018View
9651 51DCRA's Partial Consent Motion for 2nd Extension of Time to File Pre-hearing Statement 408/01/2018View
9752 52Permit Holder's Email Providing Consent208/01/2018View
9853 53BZA Memo Granting DCRA's Motion to Extend Deadline108/08/2018View
9954 54ANC 6C's Consent to DCRA's Motion208/08/2018View
10055 55Partial Consent Motion to Incorporate Building Permit into Appeal508/09/2018View
10156 56DCRA's Amended Pre-hearing Statement and Certificate of Service1108/14/2018View
10257 57DCRA's Exhibits A to H for Amended Pre-Hearing Statement1608/14/2018View
10358 58Property Owner's Response to Intervenor's Revised Prehearing Statement1708/15/2018View
10459 59ANC 6C's Response to Property Owner's Pre-hearing Submission and DCRA's Amended PHS1209/05/2018View
10559A59AANC 6C's Response: Tab A (2nd Revised Architectural Drawings)1109/05/2018View
10659B59BANC 6C's Response: Tab B (Cancellation Record)209/05/2018View
10759C59CANC 6C's Response: Tab C (Reviewer Notes - Original Permit)309/05/2018View
10859D59DANC 6C's Response: Tab D (Reviewer Notes)609/05/2018View
10960 60Property Owner's PowerPoint Presentation2009/19/2018View
11061 61Witness Cards209/19/2018View
11162 62DCRA's Supplemental Submission610/12/2018View
11262A62ADCRA's Supplemental Submission: Tab A (Exhibits 1-4)1110/12/2018View
11362B62BDCRA's Supplemental Submission: Tab B (Exhibits 5-9)1010/12/2018View
11462C62CDCRA's Supplemental Submission: Tab C (Exhibits 10-13)1910/12/2018View
11563 63Property Owner's Post-Hearing Statement in Opposition2410/12/2018View
11663A163A1Property Owner's Post-Hearing: Tab A1 (Comparison of Permit Revisions)1510/12/2018View
11763A263A2Property Owner Post-Hearing: Tab A2 (Unit Circulation Diagram)610/12/2018View
11864 64BZA Memo: Property Owner's Video Exhibit Filed and Instructions for Viewing110/12/2018View
11965 65Intervenor's Post-Hearing Statement in Support1310/24/2018View
12065A65AIntervenor's Post-Hearing Statement in Support: Tab A (Page C1.0 of Architectural Plans)110/24/2018View
12165B65BIntervenor's Post-Hearing Statement in Support: Tab B (Letter to Tarique Jawed)910/24/2018View
12266 66ANC 6C's Supplemental Statement2110/24/2018View
12367 67Witness Cards110/31/2018View
12468 68PowerPoint Presentation from Atlas Squared, LLC4510/31/2018View
12569 69BZA Memo: Closed Record 110/31/2018View
12670 70ANC 6C's Proposed Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law1612/05/2018View
12771 71Property Owner's Proposed Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law1712/05/2018View
12872 72DCRA's Proposed Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law1312/05/2018View