row_num#Exhibit #Exhibit #Exhibit #Exhibit DescriptionNumber of PagesExhibit DateAction
11 1Application for Appeal Form106/11/2015View
22 2Appellant Report ANC 4C206/12/2015View
33 3Building Permit106/12/2015View
44 4Cover Letter from ANC 4C Enclosing Continuing Resolution and Authority 106/12/2015View
55 5Continuing Resolution and Authority from ANC 4C306/12/2015View
66 6Track Status of Building Permit Application306/12/2015View
77 7Certificate of Service106/16/2015View
88 8BZA Referral to ANC 4C106/23/2015View
99 9BZA Referral to ANC/SMD 4C03106/23/2015View
1010 10BZA Referral to OP106/23/2015View
1111 11BZA Referral to DCRA - (Matthew LeGrant)106/23/2015View
1212 12BZA Referral to City Councilmember Ward Four - (Brandon Todd)106/23/2015View
1313 13BZA Notice of Public Hearing to Appellant - (ANC 4C)107/10/2015View
1414 14BZA Notice of Public Hearing to ANC 4C207/10/2015View
1515 15BZA Notice of Public Hearing to Property Owner- ( 1117 Allicson, LLC)207/10/2015View
1616 16BZA Notice of Public Hearing to ZA -(Matthew LeGrant) DCRA207/10/2015View
1717 17Letter from Lyn Abrams, ANC 4C Requesting a New Hearing Date108/24/2015View
1818 18Request for Party Status2009/15/2015View
1919 19Pre-Hearing Statement from ANC 4C1109/15/2015View
2020 20Letter in Support of Appeal from Diane McDougall209/22/2015View
2121 21Letter of Support Katelijn van den Berg109/22/2015View
2222 22Allison Street Original Lot Details209/23/2015View
2323 23Form 150 Motion to File Amended Statement in Support and Exhibits After 14-day Deadline109/23/2015View
2424 24Amended Statement in Support of Appeal1309/23/2015View
2525 25DCRA's Motion for Continuance209/23/2015View
2626 26Letter in Support from Alfredo X. Darquea and Kyoko Terada109/23/2015View
2727 27Letter in Support from James Wilson109/23/2015View
2828 28Letter in Support from Yvonne Harvey109/23/2015View
2929 29Revised Sheet A4109/23/2015View
3030 30Revised Sheet A5109/23/2015View
3131 31Revised Sheet C1109/23/2015View
3232 32Revised Sheet E1109/23/2015View
3333 33DC Surveyor's Plat109/23/2015View
3434 34Architectural Drawings1509/23/2015View
3535 35Revised Sheet A3109/23/2015View
3636 36Letter from Jane Bush109/24/2015View
3737 37Letter in Support of Appeal from Alan Gambrell109/24/2015View
3838 38Appellant's Opposition to Motion for Continuance Final509/25/2015View
3939 39Letter in Support of Revoking Permit from Threvia West109/25/2015View
4040 40Letter in Support of Appeal from Peter Swaan109/27/2015View
4141 41Letter in Support of Appeal from John Stokes109/28/2015View
4242 42Letter in Support of Appeal from Cecelia Waldeck209/28/2015View
4343 43Form 141 Intervenor Request310/13/2015View
4444 44Revised Building Plans1610/22/2015View
4545 45Applicant's Supplemental Statement in Support4210/22/2015View
4646 46Form 150 Motion to Accept Late Filing of Supplemental Statement210/23/2015View
4747 47Resume of Patrick Xavier Williams310/23/2015View
4848 48Form 150 Motion to Accept Late Filing of Intervenor Statement210/23/2015View
4949 49Intervenor Statement110/23/2015View
5050 50Letter in Support from Bennie Watson110/23/2015View
5151 51DCRA's Pre-Hearing Statement1010/23/2015View
5251A51ADCRA's Pre-Hearing Statement: Tab A (Approved Plans for Building Permit Part 1) 910/23/2015View
5351B51BDCRA's Pre-Hearing Statement: Tab B (Approved Plans for Building Permit Part 2)1010/23/2015View
5451C51CDCRA's Pre-Hearing Statement: Tab C (Approved Plat)110/23/2015View
5551D51DDCRA's Pre-Hearing Statement: Tab D (Office of the Surveyor Plat for Square)110/23/2015View
5652 52Color Photographs810/25/2015View
5753 53Letter of Authorization from Andrew Wible110/26/2015View
5854 54Letter in Support from Andrea Rosen210/26/2015View
5955 55Letter of Authorization110/26/2015View
6056 56Property Owner's Response to Appellant's October 22 Submission 310/26/2015View
6157 57Appellant Motion to Exclude310/26/2015View
6258 58DCRA's Motion in Opposition to Appellant's Motion to Exclude310/26/2015View
6359 59Intervenor Supplemental Statement110/26/2015View
6460 60Witness Cards110/27/2015View
6561 61Letter in Support from Brandon T. Todd, Councilmember Ward 4111/28/2015View
6662 62Status of Building Permits412/01/2015View
6763 63Testimony of Taalib-Din A. Uqdah, Secretary ANC 4C712/01/2015View
6864 64Color Photographs of Measurements of Porch "on-site"312/01/2015View
6965 65DCRA Submission of Approved Plans512/03/2015View
7065A65ADCRA Submission of Approved Plans: Tab A (Plans)812/03/2015View
7165B65BDCRA Submission of Approved Plans: Tab B (Plans)712/03/2015View
7266 66Witness Cards112/01/2015View
7367 67Expert Report1501/11/2016View
7468 68Cover Letter Enclosing Proposed Finding of Facts and Conclusions of Law501/12/2016View
7569 69DCRA Proposed Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law801/12/2016View
7670 70Proposed Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law1901/12/2016View
7771 71Revised Building Permit501/12/2016View
7872 72Form 150 Motion Reopen the Record201/15/2016View
7973 73Revised Appellant's Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law1901/15/2016View
8074 74Form 153 Request to Reopen Record for Submission of Letter from Councilmember Orange201/19/2016View
8175 75Letter from Councilmember Orange101/19/2016View
8276 76DCRA's Response to and Request to Strike Exhibit 71401/27/2016View
8377 77Submission in Response to Appellant's Filing of the December Permit401/28/2016View
8478 78Letter from DC Council Chairman Phil Mendelson101/28/2016View
8579 79Letter Confirming Cancellation of Permit #B1603100101/29/2016View
8680 80Appellant's and Intervenor's Reponse to DCRA's Motion to Strike902/01/2016View
8781 81Letter Opposing Admission of the Appellant's and Intervenor's Latest Filing 202/01/2016View
8882 82DCRA Reply to Appellant Response of January 29, 2016602/01/2016View
8983 83Appellant's & Intervenor's Clarification to the Record302/03/2016View
9084 84Letter in Response to Appellant's February 2 Submission202/03/2016View
9185 85Order Denying Appeal908/28/2018View
9286 86Attestation208/28/2018View