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11 1Application Form111/26/2019View
22 2Cvr. Ltr. to Application for Consolidated PUD, related Map Amendment, and Airspace Development311/26/2019View
33 3Applicant's Statement in Support 4211/26/2019View
43A3A1SIS: Tab A1 (Form 100 - Application Signature Page)111/26/2019View
53A3A2SIS: Tab A2 (SIS: Tab A2 - Ltr. of Authorization from EDENS)111/26/2019View
63A3A3SIS: Tab A3 (Ltr. of Authorization from PNC)111/26/2019View
73B3BSIS: Tab B (Certificate of Notice)211/26/2019View
83C3CSIS: Tab C (Certificate of Compliance)311/26/2019View
93D3DSIS: Tab D (List of Property Owners w/in 200 ft.)411/26/2019View
103E3ESIS: Tab E (List of Publicly Available Information)111/26/2019View
113F3FSIS: Tab F (Comp Plan Maps and Small Area Plan Analysis)611/26/2019View
123G3G1SIS: Tab G (Plans and Drawings - Part 1)1211/26/2019View
133G3G2SIS: Tab G (Plans and Drawings - Part 2)211/26/2019View
143G3G3SIS: Tab G (Plans and Drawings - Part 3)111/26/2019View
153G3G4SIS: Tab G (Plans and Drawings - Part 4)411/26/2019View
163G3G5SIS: Tab G (Plans and Drawings - Part 5)2011/26/2019View
173G3G6SIs: Tab G (Plans and Drawings - Part 6)1311/26/2019View
183G3G7SIS: Tab G (Plans and Drawings - Part 7)1111/26/2019View
194 4Receipt for Filing Fees111/26/2019View
205 5Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Supplemental Certificate of Service212/4/2019View
216 6Ltr. of Acceptance to Applicant112/10/2019View
227 7Referral to OP112/10/2019View
238 8Referral to ANC 5D and 5C712/10/2019View
249 9Referral to Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie112/10/2019View
2510 10NOF to DC Register112/10/2019View
2611 11Attestation: NOF212/10/2019View
2712 12Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant412/23/2020View
2812A12AUpdated Statement in Support4112/23/2020View
2912A12A1SIS: Tab A-1 (One Page Summary)112/23/2020View
3012B12BSIS: Tab B (Letter of Authorization)112/23/2020View
3112C12CSIS: Tab C (Updated Certificate of Compliance)312/23/2020View
3212D12DSIS: Tab D (POL)312/23/2020View
3312E12ESIS: Tab E (Comp Plan Analysis)712/23/2020View
3412F12F1SIS: Tab F (Architectural Plans - Part 1)6312/23/2020View
3512F12F2SIS: Tab F (Architectural Plans - Part 2)1412/23/2020View
3613 13ANC 5D Report212/30/2020View
3714 14OP Set Down Report286/1/2021View
3815 15Ltr. from Applicant - Updated PUD Proffers/Response to OP Set Down Report76/4/2021View
3916 16Cvr Ltr from Applicant - Updated Proffers49/28/2021View
4017 17Updated Images of Western Facade, EDENS, 1346-1348 4th Street NE39/28/2021View
4118 18OP Setdown Report510/4/2021View
4219 19Applicant's Pre-hearing Statement310/22/2021View
4319A19APHS: Tab A (Summary of the Project)110/22/2021View
4419B19B1PHS: Tab B (Summary of Responses - Part 1)110/22/2021View
4519B19B2PHS: Tab B (Summary of Response - Part 2)810/22/2021View
4619C19CPHS: Tab C (Summary of Rooftop Uses)110/22/2021View
4719D19DPHS: Tab D (Updated Certificate of Compliance)610/22/2021View
4819E19EPHS: Tab E (Hearing Fee Calculator)510/22/2021View
4919F19FPHS: Tab F (Revised Plans and Drawings)710/22/2021View
5020 20Receipt for Hearing Fee110/25/2021View
5121 21Proof of Publication of PHN in D.C. Register111/01/2021View
5221A21AProof of Publication of PHN in D.C. Register111/30/2021View
5322 22Notice of Public Hearing411/01/2021View
5422A22ANotice of Revised Public Hearing411/30/2021View
5523 23Attestation: PHN211/03/2021View
5623A23AAttestation: Revised PHN212/02/2021View
5724 241 Returned PHN211/12/2021View
5825 251 Returned PHN211/16/2021View
5926 264 Returned PHNs511/19/2021View
6027 272 Returned PHNs311/23/2021View
6128 28Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - CTR211/29/2021View
6329 295 Returned PHNs611/30/2021View
6430 30Affidavit of Posting212/1/2021View
6531 313 Returned PHNs412/01/2021View
6632 321 Returned PHN212/13/2021View
6733 332 Returned PHNs312/17/2021View
6834 34Applicant's Supplemental Statement1212/21/2021View
6934A34ASS: Tab A (One Page Summary)112/21/2021View
7034B34BSS: Tab B (Design Flexibility)212/21/2021View
7134C34CSS: Tab C(Analysis of Comp Plan Consistency)1712/21/2021View
7234D34DSS: Tab D (RCLCO Report re Analysis of Potential Impact of Proposed Development in Union Market)3012/21/2021View
7334E34ESS: Tab E (Expert Witnesses)1112/21/2021View
7434F34F1SS: Tab F (Plans and Drawings - Part 1)3912/21/2021View
7534F34F2SS: Tab F (Plans and Drawings - Part 2)1712/21/2021View
7634F34F3SS: Tab F (Plans and Drawings - Part 3)1112/21/2021View
7734F34F4SS: Tab F (Plans and Drawings - Part 4)812/21/2021View
7834F34F5SS: Tab F (Plans and Drawings - Part 5)1712/21/2021View
7934F34F6SS: Tab F (Plans and Drawings - Part 6)412/21/2021View
8034G34GSS: Tab G (Streetscape Guidelines Addendum)1112/21/2021View
8135 35DDOT Report1612/30/2021View
8236 36DOEE Comments312/31/2021View
8337 37DPR Comments112/31/2021View
8438 38OP Public Hearing Report3212/31/2021View
8539 39Affidavit of Maintenance11/6/2022View
8640 40DHCD Report11/7/2022View
8741A41A1Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation (Part 1)21/9/2022View
8841A41A2Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation (Part 2)61/9/2022View
8941A41A3Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation (Part 3)121/9/2022View
9041A41A4Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation (Part 4)71/9/2022View
9141A41A5Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation (Part 5)161/9/2022View
9241A41A6Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation (Part 6)71/9/2022View
9341A41A7Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation (Part 7)141/9/2022View
9441A41A8Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation (Part 8)81/9/2022View
9542 42Witness List, 01/10/2022 Public Hearing101/10/2022View
9643 43ANC 5D Report11/14/2022View
9744 44Post-Hearing Statement51/18/2022View
9844A44AAPHS: Tab A (Street Level Views)21/18/2022View
9944B44BAPHS: Tab B (Modified Roof Level Shading)31/18/2022View
10045 45Referral to NCPC101/31/2022View
10146 46Applicant's Draft Order382/3/2022View
10247 47Applicant's Draft Proffers and Conditions142/3/2022View
10348 48Applicant's Draft Proffers and Conditions (Edited Version)152/17/2022View
10449 49NCPC Report102/24/2022View
10550 501 Returned PHN203/10/2022View
10651 51Proof of Publication of Order in the D.C. Register105/25/2022View
10752 52Z.C. Order No. 19-294005/25/2022View
10853 53Attestation: Order No. 19-29105/26/2022View