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11 1CVr. Ltr. - Consolidated PUD Application39/26/2019View
22 2Statement in Support219/26/2019View
32A2A1SIS: Tab A1 (Application Form 100)19/26/2019View
42A2A2SIS: Tab A2 (Application Form 100)19/26/2019View
52A2A3SIS: Tab A3 (Ltr. of Authorization)29/26/2019View
62b2BSIS: Tab B (Tabulation - Development Data)39/26/2019View
72C2CSIS: Tab C (Certificate of Notice)29/26/2019View
82D2DSIS: Tab D (List of Property Owners within 200 ft.)39/26/2019View
92E2ESIS: Tab E (Compliance with Regulations)29/26/2019View
102F2FSIS: Tab F (Environmental Analysis)29/26/2019View
112G2GSIS: Tab G (List of Publicly Available Information)19/26/2019View
122H2HSIS: Tab H (Surveyor's Plat)19/26/2019View
132I2I1SIS: Tab I (Plans - pt. 1)59/26/2019View
142I2I2SIS: Tab I (Plans - pt. 2)79/26/2019View
152I2I3SIS: Tab I (Plans - pt. 3)69/26/2019View
162I2I4SIS: Tab I (Plans - pt. 4)129/26/2019View
172I2I5SIS Tab I (Plans - pt. 5)69/26/2019View
182I2I6SIS: Tab I (Plans - pt. 6)99/26/2019View
193 3Revised Certificate of Service19/27/2019View
204 4Receipt for Filing Fee109/27/2019View
215 5Ltr. of Acceptance to Applicant110/03/2019View
226 6Referral to OP110/03/2019View
237 7Referral to Councilmember Trayon White, Sr. 110/03/2019View
248 8Referral to ANC 8E and 8B710/03/2019View
259 9NOF to DC Register110/03/2019View
2610 10Attestation: NOF210/03/2019View
2711 11Applicant's Supplemental Statement712/17/2019View
2811A11A1SS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Pt. 1)612/17/2019View
2911A11A2SS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Pt. 2)812/17/2019View
3011A11A3SS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Pt. 3)912/17/2019View
3111A11A4SS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Pt. 4)1212/17/2019View
3211A11A5SS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Pt. 5)612/17/2019View
3311A11A6SS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Pt. 6)812/17/2019View
3412 12OP Setdown Report141/31/2020View
3513 13Setdown Ltr. to Applicant102/12/2020View
3614 14Applicant's Pre-Hearing Statement63/10/2020View
3714A14A1PHS: Tab A (Updated Plans - Part 1)53/10/2020View
3814A14A2PHS: Tab A (Updated Plans - Pt 2)33/10/2020View
3914A14A3PHS: Tab A (Updated Plans - Pt 3)33/10/2020View
4014A14A4PHS: Tab A (Updated Plans - Pt 4)93/10/2020View
4114A14A5PHS: Tab A (Updated Plans - Pt 5)33/10/2020View
4214A14A6PHS: Tab A (Updated Plans - Pt 6)53/10/2020View
4314B14BPHS: Tab B (Summary of Project Employment Opportunities)23/10/2020View
4414C14CPHS: Tab C (Inclusionary Zoning Information)13/10/2020View
4514D14DPHS: Tab D (Analysis of Comprehensive Plan Consistency and Potential Impacts)63/10/2020View
4614E14EPHS: Tab E (Expert Witness Resume and Outlines of Witness Testimony)33/10/2020View
4714F14FPHS: Tab F (Certificate of Compliance)23/10/2020View
4814G14GFee for Receipt 103/11/2020View
4915 15Proof of Publication of PHN in D.C. Register105/18/2020View
5016 16Notice of Virtual Public Hearing405/18/2020View
5117 17Attestation: PHN305/21/2020View
5218 18Applicant's Request for Waiver of Posting Affidavit Notarization15/29/2020View
5319 19Affirmation of Posting25/29/2020View
5420 20Applicant's Supplemental Statement46/19/2020View
5520A20A1SS: Tab A (Updated Architectural Plans - Pt 1)116/19/2020View
5620A20A2SS: Tab A (Updated Architectural Plans - Pt 2)126/19/2020View
5720A20A3SS: Tab A (Updated Architectural Plans - Pt 3)86/19/2020View
5820B20BSS: Tab B (TDM and Loading Management Plans)36/19/2020View
5920C20CSS: Tab C (ANC Support Letter for BZA Case No. 19733)26/19/2020View
6021 21Ltr. in Support - Terrace Manor Organized for Change Tenant Association, Inc.26/19/2020View
6122 22OP Public Hearing Report106/26/2020View
6223 23DDOT Report96/30/2020View
6324 241 Returned PHN206/30/2020View
6425 25Affirmation of Maintenance27/2/2020View
6526 26Applicant's Presentation217/8/2020View
6627 27Applicant's Updated TDM and Loading Management Plans37/8/2020View
6728 28Applicant's Analysis of Project Under Subtitle U Section 42127/8/2020View
6829 29Ltr. in Support - Stephen Slaughter, ANC 8E Chair 27/8/2020View
6930 30Applicant's Draft Proffers and Conditions87/16/2020View
7031 31Applicant's Post-Hearing Submission47/23/2020View
7131A31A1APHS: Tab A (Updated Plans - Pt. 1)47/23/2020View
7231A31A2APHS: Tab A (Updated Plans - Pt. 2)27/23/2020View
7331A31A3APHS: Tab A (Updated Plans - Pt. 3)57/23/2020View
7431A31A4APHS: Tab A (Updated Plans - Pt. 4)57/23/2020View
7532 32Cvr Ltr from Applicant - Draft Proposed Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law317/30/2020View
7633 33Applicant's Final Proffers and Conditions97/30/2020View
7734 34Supplemental OP Report27/30/2020View