row_num#Exhibit #Exhibit #Exhibit #Exhibit DescriptionNumber of PagesExhibit DateAction
11 1Cvr. Ltr. to Design Review Application for Parcel G 312/11/2018View
22 2Applicant's Statement in Support2912/11/2018View
32A2ASIS: Tab A (Application Form 107)112/11/2018View
42B2BSIS: Tab B (Hearing Fee Calculation Form)312/11/2018View
52B12B1Receipt for Filing Fee112/12/2018View
62C2CSIS: Tab C (Ltr. of Authorization)112/11/2018View
72D2DSIS: Tab D (Certificate of Notice)212/11/2018View
82E2ESIS: Tab E (Certificate of Compliance)312/11/2018View
92F2FSIS: Tab F (List of Property Owners within 200 feet of the property)212/11/2018View
102G2GSIS: Tab G (Surveyor's Plat)112/11/2018View
112H2HSIS: Tab H (Zoning Map)212/11/2018View
122I2ISIS: Tab I (Summary of Development of The Yards)112/11/2018View
132J2JSIS: Tab J (Comp. Plan Analysis)2512/11/2018View
142K12K1SIS: Tab K (Plans and Drawings - Part 1)2112/11/2018View
152K22K2SIS: Tab K (Plans and Drawings - Part 2)512/11/2018View
162K32K3SIS: Tab K (Plans and Drawings - Part 3)1712/11/2018View
172K42K4SIS: Tab K (Plans and Drawings - Part 4)2512/11/2018View
183 3Referral to NCPC112/21/2018View
194 4Proof of Publication of PHN in D.C. Register101/03/2019View
205 5Notice of Public Hearing301/03/2019View
216 6Attestation: PHN201/08/2019View
227 71 Returned PHN201/23/2019View
238 81 Returned PHN201/29/2019View
249 9Cvr Ltr. from Applicant - Request to Postpone (APPROVED)302/12/2019View
2510 101 Returned PHN202/12/2019View
2611 11Proof of Publication of RESCHEDULED PHN in D.C. Register102/21/2019View
2712 12Notice of RESCHEDULED Public Hearing302/21/2019View
2813 13Attestation: Notice of Rescheduled Public Hearing302/21/2019View
2914 14Cvr. Ltr. for CTR303/27/2019View
3014A114A1CTR - Part 14503/27/2019View
3114A214A2CTR - Part 23303/27/2019View
3215 15Affidavit of Posting303/27/2019View
3316 161 Returned PHN204/05/2019View
3417 17Attestation: Rescheduled PHN204/09/2019View
3518 18DDOT Report1405/02/2019View
3619 19Applicant's Supplemental Statement1005/03/2019View
3719A19ASS: Tab A (Report from NCPC)305/03/2019View
3819B19BSS: Tab B (Letter from CFA)105/03/2019View
3919C19CSS: Tab C (Resume and Witness Testimony)1005/03/2019View
4019D119D1SS: Tab D (Architectural Plans - Part 1)1005/03/2019View
4119D219D2SS: Tab D (Architectural Plans - Part 2)1805/03/2019View
4219D319D3SS: Tab D (Architectural Plans - Part 3)1005/03/2019View
4319D419D4SS: Tab D (Architectural Plans - Part 4)3305/03/2019View
4419D519D5SS: Tab D (Architectural Plans - Part 5)2105/03/2019View
4520 20OP Report1505/13/2019View
4621 21Motion to File Updated Plans After 20 Days Prior to Hearing (APPROVED)205/16/2019View
4722 22Cvr. Ltr. to Supplemental Statements: Updated Plans and Response to Agency Reports305/16/2019View
4822A22ASS: Tab A (Draft Conditions)505/16/2019View
4922B22BSS: Tab B (Memo to DDOT)305/16/2019View
5022C122C1SS: Tab C (Plans - Part 1)4305/16/2019View
5122C222C2SS: Tab C (Plans - Part 2)3605/16/2019View
5222C322C3SS: Tab C (Plans - Part 3)2105/16/2019View
5323 23ANC 6D Report105/16/2019View
5424 24 Affidavit of Maintenance805/20/2019View
5525A125A1PowerPoint Presentation (Part 1)1005/23/2019View
5625A225A2PowerPoint Presentation (Part 2)1205/23/2019View
5725A325A3PowerPoint Presentation (Part 3)1005/23/2019View
5825A425A4PowerPoint Presentation (Part 4)1705/23/2019View
5926 26Cvr. Ltr. - GSA's Response to OP and DDOT Reports105/23/2019View
6026A26AResponse: Tab A (GSA Letter)205/23/2019View
6126B26BResponse: Tab B Public Space)205/23/2019View
6226C26CResponse: Tab C (Retail Perspective)105/23/2019View
6327 27Witness Cards105/23/2019View
6428 28Applicant's Post-Hearing Statement405/30/2019View
6528A128A1APHS: Tab A (SEFC Parcel G - Part 1)805/30/2019View
6628A228A2APHS: Tab A (SEFC Parcel G - Part 2)805/30/2019View
6729 29Draft Order2405/30/2019View
6830 30Proof of Publication of Order in D.C. Register110/17/2019View
6931 31Z.C. Order No. 18-222610/17/2019View
7032 32Attestation: Order No. 18-22110/17/2019View