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11 1Cvr. Ltr. to Application for Consolidated PUD & Related Map Amendment 310/30/2018View
22 2Statement in Support3110/30/2018View
32A2ASIS: Tab A (Authorization Letters)410/30/2018View
42B2BSIS: Tab B (Application Form 101 - Map Amendment)110/30/2018View
52C2CSIS: Tab C (Application Form 103 - PUD)110/30/2018View
62D2DSIS: Tab D (Zoning Map)110/30/2018View
72E2ESIS: Tab E (Surveyor's Plat)110/30/2018View
82F2FSIS: Tab F (Generalized Policy Map)110/30/2018View
92G2GSIS: Tab G (Future Land Use Map)110/30/2018View
102H2HSIS: Tab H (Comp Plan Analysis)2310/30/2018View
112I2ISIS: Tab I (List of Property Owners within 200 feet)310/30/2018View
122J2JSIS: Tab J (Certificate of Notice)510/30/2018View
132K2KSIS: Tab K (Draft Construction Management Plan)410/30/2018View
142L2LSIS: Tab L (Estimated quantities of water)110/30/2018View
152M2MReceipt for Filing Fee110/31/2018View
163A13A1Architectural Plans - part 11010/30/2018View
173A23A2Architectural Plans - part 21010/30/2018View
183A33A3Architectural Plans - part 3610/30/2018View
193A43A4Architectural Plans - part 4410/30/2018View
203A53A5Architectural Plans - part 5410/30/2018View
213A63A6Architectural Plans - part 61010/30/2018View
223A73A7Architectural Plans - part 71010/30/2018View
233A83A8Architectural Plans - part 8610/30/2018View
243A93A9Architectural Plans - part 9410/30/2018View
253A103A10Architectural Plans - part 101310/30/2018View
264 4Ltr. of Acceptance to Applicant111/05/2018View
275 5OP Referral111/05/2018View
285 5`Attestation: Corrected Order No. 18-21(1)112/04/2019View
296 6Referral to Councilmember McDuffie111/05/2018View
307 7Referral to ANC 5B and 5E711/05/2018View
318 8NOF to DC Register111/05/2018View
329 9Attestation: NOF211/05/2018View
3310 10ANC 5E Resolution511/26/2018View
3411 11OP Setdown Report2012/07/2018View
3512 12Setdown Ltr. to Applicant112/21/2018View
3613 13Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Prehearing Statement202/25/2019View
3714 14Hearing Fee Calculator202/25/2019View
3815 15Prehearing Statement2102/25/2019View
3915A115A1PHS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Part 1)2602/26/2019View
4015A215A2PHS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Part 2)1702/26/2019View
4115A315A3PHS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Part 3)2102/26/2019View
4215A415A4PHS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Part 4)802/26/2019View
4315A515A5PHS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Part 5)202/26/2019View
4415A615A6PHS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Part 6)902/26/2019View
4515A715A7PHS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Part 7)802/26/2019View
4615B15BPHS: Tab B (IZ Unit Location Plan)102/25/2019View
4715C15CPHS: Tab C (Dance Place Contribution Ltr.)202/25/2019View
4815D15DPHS: Tab D (Beacon House Contribution Ltr.)202/25/2019View
4915E15EPHS: Tab E (ECA Contribution and Support Ltr.)102/25/2019View
5015F15FPHS: Tab F (HCPCS Contribution Ltr.)202/25/2019View
5115G15GPHS: Tab G (List of Witnesses)102/25/2019View
5215H15HPHS: Tab H (Outline and Resumes of Witnesses)1702/25/2019View
5315I15IPHS: Tab I (List of Maps, and Other Documents)102/25/2019View
5415J15JPHS: Tab J (Updated List of Property Owners within 200 Feet)202/25/2019View
5516 16Receipt for Hearing Fee102/26/2019View
5617 17Proof of Publication of PHN in D.C. Register102/27/2019View
5718 18Notice of Public Hearing302/27/2019View
5819 19Attestation: PHN303/01/2019View
5920 20Affidavit of Posting703/07/2019View
6021 211 Returned PHN203/08/2019View
6122 22Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - CTR103/26/2019View
6323 232 Returned PHNs303/28/2019View
6424 24Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Supplemental Prehearing Statement304/04/2019View
6525 25Supplemental Prehearing Statement1504/04/2019View
6625A125A1SPHS: Tab A (Updated Architectural Plans - Part 1)1704/04/2019View
6725A225A2SPHS: Tab A (Updated Architectural Plans - Part 2)1604/04/2019View
6825A325A3SPHS: Tab A (Updated Architectural Plans - Part 3)2304/04/2019View
6925A425A4SPHS: Tab A (Updated Architectural Plans - Part 4)704/04/2019View
7025A525A5SPHS: Tab A (Updated Architectural Plans - Part 5)1104/04/2019View
7125A625A6SPHS: Tab A (Updated Architectural Plans - Part 6)1604/04/2019View
7225B25BSPHS: Tab B (MTTC Contribution Letter)204/04/2019View
7325C25CSPHS: Tab C (1Way2Rise Contribution Letter)204/04/2019View
7425D25DSPHS: Tab D (Resume of Benjamin Kasdan)104/04/2019View
7525E25ESPHS: Tab E (Resume of Stephen Luna)204/04/2019View
7625F25FSPHS: Tab F (Revised Certificate of Service)104/04/2019View
7726 26Ltr. in Support - from Gordon Chaffin submitted on behalf of multiple neighbors704/04/2019View
7827 271 Returned PHN204/10/2019View
7928 28DDOT Report2204/12/2019View
8029 29OP Hearing Report3304/15/2019View
8130 30Testimony of Derek Schultz404/18/2019View
8231 31Affidavit of Maintenance504/19/2019View
8332 32Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Response to DDOT Report 304/24/2019View
8432A32AApplicant's Response to DDOT Report -Gorove/Slade Memo204/24/2019View
8533 33Applicant's Response to OP Report404/25/2019View
8633A33ATab A: Revised IZ Unit Locations104/25/2019View
8733B33BTab B: Revised Signage Plan204/25/2019View
8834 34Applicant's Materials Board204/25/2019View
8935A135A1Applicant's PowerPoint - part 11304/25/2019View
9035A235A2Applicant's PowerPoint - part 21104/25/2019View
9135A335A3Applicant's PowerPoint - part 32404/25/2019View
9236 36Ltr. from ANC 5E Authorizing Commissioner Nick Cheolas (SMD 5E01) to Provide the ANC Report104/25/2019View
9337 37Testimony from Shane L. Dettman804/25/2019View
9438 38Witness Cards204/25/2019View
9539 39Referral to NCPC104/30/2019View
9640 40Cvr Ltr from Applicant - Proffers and Conditions205/02/2019View
9740A40AProffers and Conditions1205/02/2019View
9841 41Applicant's Post-Hearing Submission505/09/2019View
9942 42Revised Proffers and Conditions Chart1805/16/2019View
10043 43OP Supplemental Report205/16/2019View
10144 44Cvr Ltr from Applicant - Proposed Finding of Facts and Conclusion of Law205/23/2019View
10244A44AProposed Findings of Fact and Conclusion of Law4605/23/2019View
10345 45NCPC Report105/28/2019View
10446 46Proof of Publication of Order to D.C. Register111/13/2019View
10547 47Z.C. Order No. 18-214711/13/2019View
10648 48Attestation: Z.C. Order No. 18-21111/19/2019View
10749 49Proof of Publication of Corrected Order 111/27/2019View
10850 50Z.C. Order No. 18-21(1)4711/27/2019View
10951 51Attestation: Corrected Order No. 18-21(1)112/04/2019View
11052 52PUD Covenant5803/04/2020View