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11 1Application Form 104/24/2018View
22 2OP Setdown Report704/24/2018View
33 3Proof of Publication of PHN in D.C. Register105/15/2018View
44 4Notice of Public Hearing605/15/2018View
55 5Attestation: PHN105/16/2018View
66 6OP Report607/13/2018View
77 7Testimony of Committee of 100 on the Federal City707/13/2018View
88 8OP Correction Report207/17/2018View
99 9Comments from Neighbors for Livable Community207/19/2018View
1010 10Comments from SVWHCA307/19/2018View
1111 11Comments from Shelly Repp, Citizens for Responsible Development207/19/2018View
1212 12ANC 3D Report407/19/2018View
1313 13Comments in Opposition from Ronald EIchner107/20/2018View
1414 14Comments from Jon Stewart (ANC/SMD 1D01)107/20/2018View
1515 15Comments in Support from Jonathan Epps107/20/2018View
1616 16Comments in Opposition from Michael Whelan107/21/2018View
1717 17Comments in Support from Belinda Anderson107/22/2018View
1818 18Comments in Opposition from Kesi Lumumba107/22/2018View
1919 19Comments in Opposition from Beau Finley (ANC/SMD 3C04)107/22/2018View
2020 20Comments from Stephen A. Broyles107/22/2018View
2121 21Comments from Caitlin Eshelman107/23/2018View
2222 22Comments in Opposition from Bob Ward107/20/2018View
2323 23Comments from Kalorama Citizens Association107/20/2018View
2424 24Comments in Opposition from Tim Hampton107/20/2018View
2525 25Comments in Opposition from Shannon Hayes107/20/2018View
2626 26Comments in Opposition from Andrew Lewis107/23/2018View
2727 27Comments in Opposition from Zachary Ferguson107/23/2018View
2828 28Comments in Opposition from Arne Baker107/23/2018View
2929 29Comments in Opposition from Richard Day107/23/2018View
3030 30Written Testimony in Opposition from Patrick McAnaney207/23/2018View
3131 31Comments in Support - Montez Legrand-Punter107/23/2018View
3232 32Written Testimony in Support from Jalan Washington Burton, MD, MPH and Orisanmi Burton, PhD107/23/2018View
3333 33Comments in Opposition - Amber Reed107/23/2018View
3434 34Comments in Opposition from Yavar Moghimi107/23/2018View
3535 35Comments in Opposition from Megan Draheim207/23/2018View
3636 36Comments in Support from Drew Lesofksi107/23/2018View
3737 37Comments in Opposition from Stephen Crim107/23/2018View
3838 38Comments in Opposition from Dan Winston107/23/2018View
3939 39Comments from Jordan and Tiffany Haverly107/23/2018View
4040 40Comments from Spring Valley Neighborhood Association 107/23/2018View
4141 41Testimony in Opposition of Troy Kravitz, ANC3D 907/23/2018View
4242 42Letter of Support from Jennifer Wilson and Titus Yao107/23/2018View
4343 43Comments from Tom Quinn107/23/2018View
4444 44Comments by O Street Neighbors207/23/2018View
4545 45List of Witnesses107/23/2018View
4646 46Testimony from Coalition for Smarter Growth307/23/2018View
4747 47Testimony from The Committee of 100 in Support207/23/2018View
4848 48Witness Cards107/23/2018View
4949 49Referral to NCPC107/24/2018View
5050 50Notice of Proposed Rulemaking508/08/2018View
5151 51NOPR to DC Register108/08/2018View
5252 52NCPC Report309/06/2018View
5353 53Proof of Publication of Order in D.C. Register110/03/2018View
5454 54Z.C. Order No. 18-06810/03/2018View
5555 55Attestation: ZC Order No. 18-06410/11/2018View