row_num#Exhibit #Exhibit #Exhibit #Exhibit DescriptionNumber of PagesExhibit DateAction
11 1Cvr. Ltr. from Petitioner307/24/2017View
22 2Petitioner's Statement in Support1707/24/2017View
32A2ASIS: Tab A (Surveyor's Plat)107/24/2017View
42B2BSIS: Tab B (Zoning Map)107/24/2017View
52C2CSIS: Tab C (Future Land Use Map)107/24/2017View
62D2DSIS: Tab D (Generalized Policy Map)107/24/2017View
72E2ESIS: Tab E (200 ft Property Owner List)207/24/2017View
82F2FSIS: Tab F (Authorization Letters)207/24/2017View
93 3Form 101 Petition to Amend Zoning Map107/27/2017View
104 4Ltr. of Acceptance to Petitioner107/31/2017View
115 5OP Referral107/31/2017View
126 6Referral to Councilmember Charles Allen107/31/2017View
137 7Referral to ANCs 5B and 5C107/31/2017View
148 8NOF to DC Register107/31/2017View
159 9Attestation: NOF207/31/2017View
1610 10OP Setdown Report1310/19/2017View
1711 11Cvr. Ltr. from Petitioner - Pre-Hearing Statement311/10/2017View
1811A11APHS: Tab A (Hearing Fee Calculator Form)211/10/2017View
1911B11BPHS: Tab B (List of Witnesses)111/10/2017View
2011C11CPHS: Tab C (Outlines of Testimony and Resume)611/10/2017View
2111D11DPHS: Tab D (List of Maps)111/10/2017View
2211E11EPHS: Tab E (Certification of Compliance)111/10/2017View
2312 12Copy of Hearing Fee111/13/2017View
2413 13Proof of Publication of PHN in Register111/30/2017View
2514 14Notice of Public Hearing311/30/2017View
2615 15Attestation: PHN212/01/2017View
2716 16Affidavit of Posting412/20/2017View
2817 171 Returned PHN201/03/2018View
2918 18Cvr. Ltr. from Petitioner - Supplemental Pre-Hearing Statement301/10/2018View
3018A18ASPHS: Tab A (Transportation Assessment)2301/10/2018View
3118B18BSPHS: Tab B (Transportation Consultant Resume)401/10/2018View
3219 19OP Hearing Report101/19/2018View
3320 20DDOT Report401/22/2018View
3421 21Affidavit of Maintenance101/26/2018View
3522 22Petitioner's Power Point Presentation401/31/2018View
3623 23Witness Cards102/01/2018View
3724 24Referral to NCPC102/06/2018View
3825 25Proof of Publication of Proposed Rulemaking in D.C. Register102/15/2018View
3926 26Proposed Rulemaking102/15/2018View
4027 27Ltr. in Opposition from DC for Reasonable Growth (Chris Otten)303/25/2018View
4128 28Comments with concerns from Ward 5 Alliance for Equity (Abigail DeRoberts)103/26/2018View
4229 29Proof of Publication of Z.C. Order in D.C. Register105/01/2018View
4330 30Attestation: Order No. 17-15105/03/2018View
4431 31Z.C. Order No. 17-15305/11/2018View