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11 1Cover Letter from Applicant205/13/2016View
22 2Form 101, Map Amendment Application Forms205/13/2016View
33 3Form 104, PUD Application Forms205/13/2016View
44 4DMPED Authorization Letter205/13/2016View
55 5Request to Waive Portion of Hearing Fee from DHCD205/13/2016View
66 6Applicant's Statement in Support3905/13/2016View
76A16A1SIS: Tab A (Architectural Drawings - part 1)2205/13/2016View
86A26A2SIS: Tab A (Architectural Drawings - part 2)805/13/2016View
96A36A3SIS: Tab A (Architectural Drawings - part 3)305/13/2016View
106A46A4SIS: Tab A (Architectural Drawings - part 4)405/13/2016View
116A56A5SIS: Tab A (Architectural Drawings - part 5)1505/13/2016View
126A66A6SIS: Tab A (Architectural Drawings - part 6)1005/13/2016View
136A76A7SIS: Tab A (Architectural Drawings - part 7)1705/13/2016View
146B6BSIS: Tab B (Phasing Plan)505/13/2016View
156C6CSIS: Tab C (Portion of the Zoning Map)105/13/2016View
166D6DSIS: Tab D (Multiple Buildings Flexibility Analysis)605/13/2016View
176E16E1SIS: Tab E (NCI Engagement Master Plan Update - part 1)1905/13/2016View
186E26E2SIS: Tab E (NCI Engagement Master Plan Update - part 2)805/13/2016View
196E36E3SIS: Tab E (NCI Engagement Master Plan Update - part 3)1405/13/2016View
206E46E4SIS: Tab E (NCI Engagement Master Plan Update - part 4)205/13/2016View
216F6FSIS: Tab F (List of Community Meetings)205/13/2016View
226G6GSIS: Tab G (Portion of the Future Land Use Map)105/13/2016View
236H6HSIS: Tab H (Portion of the Generalized Policy Map)105/13/2016View
246I6ISIS: Tab I (Surveyor's Plat)105/13/2016View
256J6JSIS: Tab J (Cert Notice, NOI, POL)805/13/2016View
267 7Copy of Filing Fee105/16/2016View
278 8Acceptance Ltr. to Applicant205/18/2016View
289 9Referral to OP105/18/2016View
2910 10Referral to Councilmember Nadeau105/18/2016View
3011 11Referral to ANCs 1A & 1B and SMD 1A10505/18/2016View
3112 12Proof of Publication of NOF in D.C. Register105/18/2016View
3213 13Attestation: NOF205/18/2016View
3314 14 OP Setdown Report1807/15/2016View
3415 15Hearing Fee Calculator208/05/2016View
3516 16Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Prehearing Statement108/05/2016View
3617 17Prehearing Statement1008/05/2016View
3717A117A1PHS: Tab A (Architectural Drawing-Part 1)608/05/2016View
3817A217A2PHS: Tab A (Architectural Drawing-Part 2)308/05/2016View
3917B17BPHS: Tab B (List of Witnesses)108/05/2016View
4017C17CPHS: Tab C (Testimony of Park View Community Partners)108/05/2016View
4117D17DPHS: Tab D (Testimony of DMPED)108/05/2016View
4217E17EPHS: Tab E (Testimony and Resume-Architect)208/05/2016View
4317F17FPHS: Tab F (Testimony and Resume-Transportation Consultant)208/05/2016View
4417G17GPHS: Tab G (List of Maps)108/05/2016View
4517H17HPHS: Tab H (List of 200 ft Property Owners)608/05/2016View
4618 18Copy of Hearing Fee108/08/2016View
4719 19Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - List of property owners within 200 feet1108/16/2016View
4820 20Ltr. in Opposition from Vera and Leonard Campbell109/05/2016View
4921 21Ltr. in Opposition from Tyirussiaen Goddard and Ike Egudu109/05/2016View
5022 22Proof of Publication of PHN in D.C. Register109/21/2016View
5123 23Notice of Public Hearing 309/21/2016View
5224 243 Returned PHNs409/30/2016View
5325 255 Returned PHN610/04/2016View
5426 261 Returned PHN210/07/2016View
5527 27Attestation: PHN809/22/2016View
5628 28ANC 1B Resolution in Support610/10/2016View
5729 292 Returned PHNs310/17/2016View
5830 30Returned PHN210/18/2016View
5931 31Affidavit of Posting410/20/2016View
6032 32ANC 1A Resolution510/27/2016View
6132A32AANC1A Report w/ Resolution Attached611/01/2016View
6233 33Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Transportation Impact Study12611/04/2016View
6334 34Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Supplemental Prehearing Statement211/15/2016View
6435A135A1SS: Tab A (Architectural Drawings - Part 1)2811/15/2016View
6535A235A2SS: Tab A (Architectural Drawings - Part 2)911/15/2016View
6635A335A3SS: Tab A (Architectural Drawings - Part 3)411/15/2016View
6735A435A4SS: Tab A (Architectural Drawings - Part 4)1011/15/2016View
6835A535A5SS: Tab A (Architectural Drawings - Part 5)911/15/2016View
6935A635A6SS: Tab A (Architectural Drawings - Part 6)1011/15/2016View
7035A735A7SS: Tab A (Architectural Drawings - Part 7)1011/15/2016View
7135A835A8SS: Tab A (Architectural Drawings - Part 8)711/15/2016View
7235B35BSS: Tab B (Comprehensive Plan Analysis)1211/15/2016View
7336 36Request for Party Status from Bruce Monroe Park in Opposition (APPROVED)711/18/2016View
7437 37Request for Party Status from Park Morton Resident Council in Support111/21/2016View
7538 38Request for Party Status - Park Morton Resident Council in Support211/21/2016View
7639 39Request for Party Status - Georgia Avenue Corridor Neighbors in Opposition1411/21/2016View
7740 40Testimony in Opposition of Lydia Curtis211/28/2016View
7841 41Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Expert Resume of Shane Dettman111/28/2016View
7942 42Resume of Shane Dettman 311/28/2016View
8043 43OP Report1211/28/2016View
8144 44DDOT Report1311/22/2016View
8245 45Ltr. in Support from Max Zuckerman (3220 Georgia Ave NW)111/29/2016View
8345A45ALtr. in Support from Max Zuckerman (3118 Georgia Ave NW)111/29/2016View
8446 46Ltr. in Support from Michael Armeto (514 Park Rd NW)111/29/2016View
8547 47Ltr. in Support from Michael Arnold (508 Park Rd NW)111/29/2016View
8648 48Ltr. in Support from Mike Ressom (2917 Georgia Ave NW)111/29/2016View
8749 49Ltr. in Support from Mose Montgomery (753 Quebec Place NW)111/29/2016View
8850 50Ltr. in Support from Nichplas Webb (710 Kenyon Street NW)111/29/2016View
8951 51Ltr. in Support from Oscar (3312 Warder St NW)111/29/2016View
9052 52Ltr. in Support from Piti Itharat (642 Morton Street NW)111/29/2016View
9153 53Ltr. in Support from Ramon Cruz (3410 Warder St NW)111/29/2016View
9254 54Ltr. in Support from Raymond A. Toslon (3308 Warder St NW)111/29/2016View
9355 55Ltr. in Support from Richard Foster-Shelton (513 Lamont St NW)111/29/2016View
9456 56Ltr. in Support from Rodney Goodall (529 Lamont St NW)111/29/2016View
9557 57Ltr. in Support from Rupa Dey Bag (646 Park Rd NW)111/29/2016View
9658 58Ltr. in Support from Sarah Ducklon (738 Kenyon Street NW)111/29/2016View
9760 60Ltr. in Support from Sarah Itashmall (553 Park Rd NW)111/29/2016View
9861 61Ltr. in Support from Sequnely Gray (650 Morton Street NW)111/29/2016View
9962 62Ltr. in Support from Shannon Collier (742 Columbia Rd NW)111/29/2016View
10063 63Ltr. in Support from Shaquella Phea (3310 Warder St NW)111/29/2016View
10164 64Ltr. in Support from Simi Goetsom (3213 Georgia Ave NW)111/29/2016View
10265 65Ltr. in Support from Stephen Abate (457 Luray Place NW)111/29/2016View
10366 66Ltr. in Support from Suzanna Talbot (750 Columbia Rd NW)111/29/2016View
10467 67Ltr. in Support from Ti Goitom (654 Keefer Place NW)111/29/2016View
10568 68Ltr. in Support from Zubaidah Sudah (596 Park Road NW)111/29/2016View
10669 69Ltr. in Support from Angela Gay (643 Park Rd NW)111/29/2016View
10770 70Ltr. in Support from Anne Stom (3404 Warder Street NW)111/29/2016View
10871 71Ltr. in Support from Baktash Ahadi (617 Park Rd NW)111/29/2016View
10972 72Ltr. in Support from Bernadette L. Green (615 Park Rd NW)111/29/2016View
11073 73Ltr. in Support from Blanca Flores (519 Lamont St NW)111/29/2016View
11174 74Ltr. in Support from Carolyn Stoesen (3404 Warder St NW)111/29/2016View
11275 75Ltr. in Support from Carolyn T. Matthews (732 Quebec Place NW)111/29/2016View
11376 76Ltr. in Support from Catherine Fontenot (647 Park Rd NW)111/29/2016View
11477 77Ltr. in Support from Celestine A. Birch (3412 Warder St NW)111/29/2016View
11578 78Ltr. in Support from Christina Smith Flood (504 Park Rd NW)111/29/2016View
11679 79Ltr. in Support from Christopher J. Waldmann (438 Manor Place NW)111/29/2016View
11780 80Ltr. in Support from Clarence Moore (506 Park Rd NW)111/29/2016View
11881 81Ltr. in Support from Cynthia McCleary (461 Luray Place NW)111/29/2016View
11982 82Ltr. in Support from Daniel Murphy (617 Park Rd NW)111/29/2016View
12083 83Ltr. in Support from Daniel Nasaw (434 Manor Place NW)111/29/2016View
12184 84Ltr. in Support from David Fortune (525 Lamont St NW)111/29/2016View
12285 85Ltr. in Support from Diego M. Sardoual (643 Morton Street NW)111/29/2016View
12386 86Ltr. in Support from Donald Thompson (722 Kenyon Street NW)111/29/2016View
12487 87Ltr. in Support from Donnell Royster (3316 Warder St NW)111/29/2016View
12588 88Ltr. in Support from Erza Njulis (649 Park Rd NW)111/29/2016View
12689 89Ltr. in Support from Gilberto Garcia (637 Lamont St NW)111/29/2016View
12790 90Ltr. in Support from Hilda Keyes (3302 Warder St NW)111/29/2016View
12891 91Ltr. in Support from James McCoy (3301 Georgia Ave NW)111/29/2016View
12992 92Ltr. in Support from James P. Hankins (510 Park Road NW)111/29/2016View
13093 93Ltr. in Support from Jason Haliel (605 Lamont St NW)111/29/2016View
13194 94Ltr. in Support from Jessie Hunter (613 Park Rd NW)111/29/2016View
13295 95Ltr. in Support from John Dixon (518 Park Rd NW)111/29/2016View
13396 96Ltr. in Support from John Murphy (3005 Sherman Ave NW)111/29/2016View
13497 97Ltr. in Support from Judith M. Mason (611 Otis Place NW)111/29/2016View
13598 98Ltr. in Support from Julian Itharat (642 Morton Street)111/29/2016View
13699 99Ltr. in Support from Kevin Jack (520 Park Rd NW)111/29/2016View
137100 100Ltr. in Support from Khalid Lum (Address Not Available)111/29/2016View
138101 101Ltr. in Support from Larry Bettur (642 Lamont St NW)111/29/2016View
139102 102Ltr. in Support from Layla Mougheri (434 Manor Place NW)111/29/2016View
140103 103Ltr. in Support from Luis E. Novoa (414 Luray Place NW)111/29/2016View
141104 104Ltr. in Support from Luis E. Rumbaut (Address Not Available)111/29/2016View
142105 105Ltr. in Support from Mariko Fukumura (545 Park Road NW)111/29/2016View
143106 106Ltr. in Support from Marisa L. Hess (648 Park Rd NW)111/29/2016View
144107 107Ltr. in Support from Mary Martin Stewart (592 Park Rd NW)111/29/2016View
145108 108Ltr. in Support from Matthew B. Caffrey, III, (714 Kenyon Street NW)111/29/2016View
146109 109Letter in Support from Max Zuercerman112/01/2016View
147110 110Affidavit of Maintenance412/02/2016View
148111 111Letter in Support from Erika Ruiz (463 Luray Place NW)112/02/2016View
149112 112Letter in Support from Robin Henderson (600 Morton St Apt 11)112/02/2016View
150113 113Letter in Support from Sharhonda Gregory (600 Morton St NW Apt 12)112/02/2016View
151114 114Letter in Support from Theresa Jacobs (600 Morton St NW Apt 23)112/02/2016View
152115 115Letter in Support from Josh Murray (601 Morton St NW Apt 13)112/02/2016View
153116 116Letter in Support from Lakeda Banks (601 Morton St NW Apt 23)112/02/2016View
154117 117Letter in Support from Teresa Thames (601 Morton St NW)112/02/2016View
155118 118Letter in Support from C. Braxton (602 Morton St NW Apt 23)112/02/2016View
156119 119Letter in Support from Traneece Jeffers (603 Morton St NW)112/02/2016View
157120 120Letter in Support from Eric Weems (610 Morton St NW Apt 11)112/02/2016View
158121 121Letter in Support from Tiphanie Williams (610 Park Road NW Apt 21)112/02/2016View
159122 122Letter in Support from Earlene Friesty (610 Park Road NW Apt 22)112/02/2016View
160123 123Letter in Support from Herbert Brown (610 Park Road NW Apt 32 (2)112/02/2016View
161124 124Letter in Support from Cassandra Jackson-Brown (610 Park Road NW Apt 32)112/02/2016View
162125 125Letter in Support from E. Davis (615 Morton St Apt 22)112/02/2016View
163126 126Letter in Support from Jarmaine Austin (615 Morton St Apt 32)112/02/2016View
164127 127Letter in Support from Laura Williams (615 Morton Street NW Apt 23)112/02/2016View
165128 128Letter in Support from Sheri Sprull (617 Morton St NW)112/02/2016View
166129 129Letter in Support from Belinda E. Brannan (617 Morton Street NW Apt 23)112/02/2016View
167130 130Letter in Support from Ruby Lewis (620 Morton St NW Apt 11)112/02/2016View
168131 131Letter in Support from Valerie M. Pratt (620 Morton St NW Apt 12 (2)112/02/2016View
169132 132Letter in Support from Brian Ornan Pratt (620 Morton St NW Apt 12)112/02/2016View
170133 133Letter in Support from Alice M. McPhatter (620 Park Road NW Apt 21)112/02/2016View
171134 134Letter in Support from Deborah C. Washington (620 Park Road NW Apt 24)112/02/2016View
172135 135Letter in Support from Jennifer Kuiper (644 Keefer Place NW)112/02/2016View
173136 136Letter in Support from Bettie Jean Hampton (651 Morton St NW Apt 24)112/02/2016View
174137 137Letter in Support from Ulysses H. Auger (717 Quebec Place NW)112/02/2016View
175138 138Letter in Support from Josephus Hill (722 Kenyon Street NW (2)112/02/2016View
176139 139Letter in Support from Roxana Castro (757 Hobart Place NW)112/02/2016View
177140 140Letter in Support from Rakaun Jeter (767 Hobart Place NW)112/02/2016View
178141 141Letter in Support from Francoise Stovall (777 Hobart Place NW)112/02/2016View
179142 142Letter in Support from Romeo Morgan (3200 Georgia Ave NW)112/02/2016View
180143 143Letter in Support from Joshua Dunston (3232 Georgia Ave NW Apt 306)112/02/2016View
181144 144Letter in Support from Development Corporation of Columbia Heights112/02/2016View
182145 145Letter in Support from Neighborhood Development Company112/02/2016View
183146 146Letter in Support from Wall of Books112/02/2016View
184147 147Letter in Support from Yoga Heights112/02/2016View
185148 148Petition in Opposition612/02/2016View
186149 149Comments from Tonya Williams212/04/2016View
187150 150Letter in Support from Anthony Freeman212/02/2016View
188151 151Letter in Opposition from Tonya Williams212/05/2016View
189152 152Letter in Opposition from Virginia Johnson112/05/2016View
190153 153Letter in Opposition from Becca Sharp and Javier Griffiths212/05/2016View
191154 154Letter in Opposition from Rebecca AbuRakia-Einhorn212/05/2016View
192155 155Letter in Opposition from Kelly Gilmour212/05/2016View
193156 156Letter in Opposition from Jarice Risper212/05/2016View
194157 157Letter in Opposition from Jessica Orndorff112/05/2016View
195158 158Letter in Opposition from Jonathan Schleifer112/05/2016View
196159 159Letter in Opposition from A. Carl LeVan, PhD112/05/2016View
197160 160Letter in Opposition from Abhijit Khanna212/05/2016View
198161 161Letter in Opposition from Gerald J. Butler112/05/2016View
199162 162Letter in Opposition from Danielle Paula212/05/2016View
200163 163Letter in Opposition from Yumika Beasley112/05/2016View
201164 164Testimony in Support from Jennifer Kuiper112/05/2016View
202165 165Testimony of Darren Jones, Pleasant Plains Civic Association312/05/2016View
203166 166Letter in Opposition from Brookes Clemmons112/05/2016View
204167 167Letter in Opposition from Katie Gaab212/05/2016View
205168 168PowerPoint Presentation4412/05/2016View
206168A168ALetter in Opposition from Star Silva112/05/2016View
207169 169Photos of Material Boards312/05/2016View
208170 170Letter in Opposition from Janet Redman112/05/2016View
209171 171 Testimony of Sylvia Robinson212/05/2016View
210172 172Testimony of Alice McPhatter112/05/2016View
211173 173Testimony of Earlene Grastly112/05/2016View
212174 174Testimony of Kendra Bryant112/05/2016View
213175 175Testimony of Laura Williams112/05/2016View
214176 176Testimony of Shonta High212/05/2016View
215177 177Park Morton Poem - Submitted by Shonta High112/05/2016View
216178 178Testimony of Sheri Spruill112/05/2016View
217179 179Testimony of Shavon Graham112/05/2016View
218180 180Testimony of Cassandra Jackson112/05/2016View
219181 181Testimony of The Georgia Avenue Corridor Neighbors2212/05/2016View
220182 182Policy-Advisors-Recommendations-on-the-NCI-Program3712/05/2016View
221183 183Multiple Ltrs. re: Land Use and Disposing of Bruce Monroe Park 14612/05/2016View
222184 184Green DC Map submitted by GAN312/05/2016View
223185 185About Washington Parks submitted by GAN2112/05/2016View
224186 186Benefits of Parks submitted by GAN3312/05/2016View
225187 187Ltr. in Opposition from Craig Rychel 112/05/2016View
226188 188Ltr. in Opposition from Rebeca Logan112/05/2016View
227189 189DC Council testimony of DMPED representative submitted by GAN1412/05/2016View
228190 190Ltr. from GAN authorizing Jason Klein, Esq. as their representative112/05/2016View
229191 19185 Letters in Opposition8512/05/2016View
230192 192Signage Posted in Neighborhood212/05/2016View
231193 193Testimony of Angie Rodgers, DMPED2012/05/2016View
232194 194Testimony of Buwa Binitie, Dante Partners912/05/2016View
233195 195Testimony of Rob Fossi, The Community Builders412/05/2016View
234196 196Applicant's Response to Party Status Submitted by Georgia Avenue Corridor Neighbors4012/05/2016View
235197 197Applicant's Response to Exhibits 20,21,36,148,149,151-163,166,167, and 1704212/05/2016View
236198 198ANC 1A Report512/05/2016View
237199 199Testimony of Derek Brockbank112/05/2016View
238200 200Testimony of Elizabeth Heyman212/05/2016View
239201 201Testimony of Sarah Novick212/05/2016View
240202 202Testimony of Audra K. Grant212/05/2016View
241203 203Testimony of Julia Conte112/05/2016View
242204 204Testimony of Allison Fisher212/05/2016View
243205 205Testimony of Derek Brockbank112/05/2016View
244206 206Testimony of Cynthia Purekal Keenan112/05/2016View
245207 207Testimony of Cheryl Cort, Coalition for Smarter Growth212/05/2016View
246208 208Testimony of Erika Ruiz112/05/2016View
247209 209Testimony of Anna Applebaum212/05/2016View
248210 210Testimony of Mark Andersen112/05/2016View
249211 211Testimony of Brigid McDermott112/05/2016View
250212 212Testimony of Lori Leibowitz212/05/2016View
251213 213Testimony of Michele Leah212/05/2016View
252214 214Testimony of Sam Bell212/05/2016View
253215 215Testimony of Sophia Waldstein112/05/2016View
254216 216Testimony of Damella Dotan112/05/2016View
255217 217Testimony of Erin Shields512/05/2016View
256218 218Testimony of Bridget Collins112/05/2016View
257219 219Testimony of Baktash Ahadi112/05/2016View
258220 220Testimony of Tonya Williams, Park Neighbors812/05/2016View
259221 221Testimony of Steve Seuser312/05/2016View
260222 222Testimony of Darren Jones, Pleasant Plains Civic Association312/05/2016View
261223 223Testimony of Sylvia Robinson312/05/2016View
262224 224Testimony of Patrick Nelson212/05/2016View
263225 225Testimony of Samuel Levy212/05/2016View
264226 226Comments in Opposition from Anne Laffoon212/05/2016View
265227 227Letter in Opposition from Kyle Lucas212/05/2016View
266228 228Letter in Opposition from Sally Laing112/05/2016View
267229 2296 Letters in Opposition612/05/2016View
268230 230Copy of Petition Sent to Council and Mayor6012/05/2016View
269231 231Witness List312/05/2016View
270232 232Applicant's Rebuttal Documents Re: The Park512/08/2016View
271233 233Testimony of Shane Dettman on Rebuttal1112/08/2016View
272234 234Applicant's Rebuttal PowerPoint Presentation2012/08/2016View
273235 235Witness Cards112/08/2016View
274236 236Report on Status of Discussions with Applicant from Park Neighbors901/10/2017View
275237 237Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Post-Hearing Statement1101/10/2017View
276237A1237A1APHS: Tab A (Architectural Drawings - Part 1)3101/10/2017View
277237A2237A2APHS: Tab A (Architectural Drawings - Part 2)201/10/2017View
278237A3237A3APHS: Tab A (Architectural Drawings - Part 3)301/10/2017View
279237A4237A4APHS: Tab A (Architectural Drawings - Part 4)1401/10/2017View
280237A5237A5APHS: Tab A (Architectural Drawings - Part 5)1201/10/2017View
281237A6237A6APHS: Tab A (Architectural Drawings - Part 6)1101/10/2017View
282237A7237A7APHS: Tab A (Architectural Drawings - Part 7)1001/10/2017View
283237A8237A8APHS: Tab A (Architectural Drawings - Part 8)501/10/2017View
284237A9237A9APHS: Tab A (Architectural Drawings - Part 9)201/10/2017View
285237B237BAPHS: Tab B (Letter on Solar Panels)101/10/2017View
286237C237CAPHS: Tab C (Letter on Solar Panels 2)301/10/2017View
287237D237DAPHS: Tab D (Letter from DMPED)401/10/2017View
288237E237EAPHS: Tab E (Resolution 16-06)401/10/2017View
289237F237FAPHS: Tab F (Construction Management Plan)501/10/2017View
290237G237GAPHS: Tab G (Community Engagement Materials)7301/10/2017View
291237H237HAPHS: Tab H (First Source Employment Agreement)1501/10/2017View
292237I237IAPHS: Tab I (CBE Agreement)701/10/2017View
293237J237JAPHS: Tab J (DHCD Support Letter)201/10/2017View
294237K237KAPHS: Tab K (DOEE Support Email)101/10/2017View
295237L237LAPHS: Tab L (FEMS Support Email)101/10/2017View
296237M237MAPHS: Tab M (DC Water Support Email)101/10/2017View
297238 238ANC 1A's Post-Hearing Response201/16/2017View
298239 239Proposed Findings of Facts and Conclusions of Law of Bruce Monroe Park Neighbors1101/17/2017View
299240 240Cvr. Ltr.from Applicant - FFCL and Resposnse to Party801/18/2017View
300240A240ACvr. Ltr.: Tab A (Draft Findings of Fact Conclusions of Law)7101/18/2017View
301240B240BCvr. Ltr.: Tab B (DDOT Email Regarding Alley)101/18/2017View
302241 241Response from Park Morton Resident Council to submissions101/18/2017View
303242 242Referral of Proposed Action to NCPC102/01/2017View
304243 243Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Proposed Proffers and Conditions102/06/2017View
305244 244Applicant's Proposed Proffers and Conditions902/06/2017View
306245 245Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Updated Drawings102/16/2017View
307246 246Updated Drawings902/16/2017View
308247 247Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Revised Proffers and Conditions102/28/2017View
309248 248Revised Proffers and Conditions1002/28/2017View
310249 249NCPC Report303/02/2017View
311250 250Proof of Publication of Order in D.C. Register104/27/2017View
312251 251Z.C. Order No. 16-117605/05/2017View
313252 252Attestation: ZC Order No. 16-11104/28/2017View
314253 253District of Columbia Court of Appeals Remand4806/25/2020View
315254 254ZC Procedural Order 16-11(1)206/29/2020View
316255 255Attestation: Procedural Order 16-11(1)106/30/2020View
317255A255AAttestation: Procedural Order (Resend to Park Morton)107/03/2020View
318256 256ANC 1A Response to Remand107/12/2020View
319257 257ANC 1B Report77/28/2020View
320258 258Motion for time extension to file and request for public hearing - Park Morton Residents Council (APPROVED TIME EXTENSION TO 8-6-20) 207/28/2020View
321259 259Bruce Monroe Park Neighbors' Request for Time Extension and Public Hearing(DENIED)607/29/2020View
322259A259AEmail from Sharon Schellin, Secretary to the Zoning Commission - Advising of Ruling on Motion for More Time & Hearing107/29/2020View
323260 260ANC 1B Resolution (corrected) 607/30/2020View
324261 261ANC 1B Report - Response to DCCA Issues107/30/2020View
325262 262Ltr. from Applicant - Response to DCCA Issues148/6/2020View
326263 263Bruce Monroe Party - Response to DCCA Issues238/6/2020View
327264 264Council at Park Morton - Response to DCCA Issues2508/06/2020View