row_num#Exhibit #Exhibit #Exhibit #Exhibit DescriptionNumber of PagesExhibit DateAction
11 1Cvr. Ltr. to Application for Modification of Significance308/28/2017View
22 2Applicant's Statement in Support2008/28/2017View
32A2ASIS: Tab A (Zoning Map)108/28/2017View
42B2BSIS: Tab B (Order No. 16-06)1808/28/2017View
52C2CSIS: Tab C (Plans)1908/28/2017View
62D2DSIS: Tab D (Surveyor's Plat)108/28/2017View
72E2ESIS: Tab E (Application Form No. 107)208/28/2017View
82F2FSIS: Tab F (Authorization Letter)108/28/2017View
92G2GSIS: Tab G (Certificate of Notice, NOI, list of Property Owners within 200 feet)408/28/2017View
103 3Copy of Filing Fee108/29/2017View
114 4Proof of Publication of PHN in D.C. Register109/13/2017View
125 5Notice of Public Hearing309/13/2017View
136 6Attestation: PHN509/13/2017View
147 7ANC 6D Report in Support109/29/2017View
158 8Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Architectural Drawings610/13/2017View
168A18A1Architectural Drawings (Part 1)2110/13/2017View
178A28A2Architectural Drawings (Part 2)2310/13/2017View
189 9Affidavit of Posting410/31/2017View
1910 10NCPC Report311/03/2017View
2011 11Applicant's Supplemental Prehearing Statement611/28/2017View
2111A11APHS: Tab A (Revised Zoning Tabulations)111/28/2017View
2211B11BPHS: Tab B (Expert Witness Resumes)511/28/2017View
2312 12OP Hearing Report1312/08/2017View
2413 13Affidavit of Maintenance412/13/2017View
2514 14ANC 6D Report212/13/2017View
2615 15Hearing Powerpoint Presentation1212/18/2017View
2716 16Photo of Materials112/18/2017View
2817 17Testimony from ANC 6D112/18/2017View
2918 18Witness Cards112/18/2017View
3019 19Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Post-Hearing Submission412/26/2017View
3119A19AAPHS: Tab A (Buzzard Point Plan Excerpt)212/26/2017View
3219B19BAPHS: Tab B (Draft Order)2112/26/2017View
3320 20ANC 6D Report101/08/2018View
3421 21Proof of Publication of Z.C. Order in D.C. Register105/01/2018View
3522 22Attestation: Order No. 16-06A105/03/2018View
3623 23Z.C. Order No. 16-06A2205/11/2018View