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11 1Cover Letter from the Applicant Enclosing Application209/04/2015View
22 2Form 101 Application to Amend Zoning Map109/04/2015View
33 3Form 104 PUD Application109/04/2015View
44 4Letter of Authorization from John A. Booker, Jr.109/04/2015View
55 5Letter of Authorization from Ditto Residential LLC109/04/2015View
66 6Statement in Support4209/04/2015View
76A16A1SIS: Tab A (Architectural Drawings) Part 11109/04/2015View
86A26A2SIS: Tab A (Architectural Drawings) Part 21609/04/2015View
96A36A3SIS: Tab A (Architectural Drawings) Part 3709/04/2015View
106A46A4SIS: Tab A (Architectural Drawings) Part 4409/04/2015View
116A56A5SIS: Tab A (Architectural Drawings) Part 5709/04/2015View
126B6BSIS: Tab B (Zoning Map)109/04/2015View
136C6CSIS: Tab C (DC Surveyor's Plat)109/04/2015View
146D6DSIS: Tab D (Future Land Use Map)109/04/2015View
156E6ESIS: Tab E (Gen Policy Map)109/04/2015View
166F6FSIS: Tab F (Cert Notice, NOI, POL)309/04/2015View
176G6GSIS: Tab G (CTR)1809/04/2015View
187 7Copy of Filing Fee109/08/2015View
198 8Letter of Acceptance to Applicant109/09/2015View
209 9Referral to OP109/09/2015View
2110 10Referral to Councilmember Allen109/09/2015View
2211 11Referral to Councilmember McDuffie109/09/2015View
2312 12Notice of Filing to DC Register209/10/2015View
2413 13Attestation of Notice of Filing209/09/2015View
2514 14Referral to ANC 6C, ANC 5D, and ANC/SMD 6C06509/09/2015View
2615 15OP Setdown Report1411/13/2015View
2716 16Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant-Prehearing Statement112/02/2015View
2817 17Prehearing Statement1412/02/2015View
2917A17APHS: Tab A (Location and Size of Affordable Units)112/02/2015View
3017B17BPHS: Tab B (List of Witnesses)212/02/2015View
3117C17CPHS: Tab C (Testimony-Ditto)112/02/2015View
3217D17DPHS: Tab D (Testimony and Resume-Cao)212/02/2015View
3317E17EPHS: Tab E (Testimony and Resumes-Rodriguez and Bolen)512/02/2015View
3417F17FPHS: Tab F (Testimony and Resume-Landsman)312/02/2015View
3517G17GPHS: Tab G (Testimony and Resume-Andres and Watson)512/02/2015View
3617H17HPHS: Tab H (List of Documents)112/02/2015View
3717I17IPHS: Tab I (List of 200ft Owners)212/02/2015View
3818 18Hearing Fee Calculator212/02/2015View
3919 19Copy of Hearing Fee112/02/2015View
4020 20Proof of Publication of PHN in D.C. Register112/16/2015View
4121 21Notice of Public Hearing212/16/2015View
4222 22Attestation: PHN312/18/2015View
4323 23Affidavit of Posting501/05/2016View
4424 24Returned PHN301/11/2016View
4525 25ANC 6C Report 201/26/2016View
4626 26Applicant's Supplemental Statement202/02/2016View
4726A126A1SS: Tab A (Plans-part 1)1102/02/2016View
4826A226A2SS: Tab A (Plans-part 2)1602/02/2016View
4926A326A3SS: Tab A (Plans-part 3)402/02/2016View
5026A426A4SS: Tab A (Plans-part 4)502/02/2016View
5126A526A5SS: Tab A (Plans-part 5)602/02/2016View
5226A626A6SS: Tab A (Plans-part 6)702/02/2016View
5326B26BSS: Tab B (Comprehensive Transportation Review)2002/02/2016View
5426C26CSS: Tab C (Escrow Agreement)502/02/2016View
5527 27DDOT Report1102/12/2016View
5628 28OP Final Report1702/12/2016View
5729 29Affidavit of Maintenance102/18/2016View
5830 30Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Supplemental Materials202/22/2016View
5930A30ASupplemental Materials: Tab A (Responses to OP and DDOT)1602/22/2016View
6030B30BSupplemental Materials: Tab B (Powerpoint Presentation)3302/22/2016View
6130C30CSupplemental Materials: Tab C (Photo of Materials Board and Model)202/22/2016View
6231 31ANC 6C06 Report202/22/2016View
6332 32List of Witnesses102/22/2016View
6433 33Witness Cards202/22/2016View
6534 34Supplemental DDOT Report203/01/2016View
6635 35Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Post-Hearing Submission503/07/2016View
6735A35AAPHS: Tab A (Supplemental Drawings)703/07/2016View
6835B35BAPHS: Tab B (Foulger-Pratt Letter)103/07/2016View
6935C35CAPHS: Tab C (Building Code Waiver)1103/07/2016View
7035D35DAPHS: Tab D (LEED Memo)103/07/2016View
7136 36Second Supplemental DDOT Report203/11/2016View
7237 37Applicant's Draft Findings of Facts & Conclusions of Law2503/14/2016View
7338 38ANC 6C Report103/15/2016View
7439 39Referral to NCPC103/31/2016View
7540 40Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Supplemental Post-hearing Statement504/11/2016View
7640A40AAPHS: Tab A (Budget)104/11/2016View
7740B40BAPHS: Tab B (Foulger-Pratt Letter)104/11/2016View
7840C40CAPHS: Tab C (Florida Ave Fa├žade)204/11/2016View
7940D40DAPHS: Tab D (Bay Window Projections)104/11/2016View
8040E40EAPHS: Tab E (Building Code Modification Approval Letter)104/11/2016View
8140F40FAPHS: Tab F (Proffers Conditions Chart)504/11/2016View
8241 41Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Submitting Revised Proffers and Conditions104/27/2016View
8341A41ARevised Proffers and Conditions Chart604/27/2016View
8442 42Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Post-Hearing Submission205/10/2016View
8542A42AAPHS: Tab A (Street Improvement Plan)105/10/2016View
8643 43NCPC Report305/12/2016View
8744 44Proof of Publication of Order in D.C. Register106/07/2016View
8845 45Z.C. Order No. 15-222706/17/2016View
8946 46Attestation: ZC Order No. 15-22106/10/2016View
9047 47Union Market Neighbor's Motion for Waiver to File Reconsideration of Order106/20/2016View
9148 48Applicant's Opposition to Motion for Leave to File Reconsideration306/22/2016View
9248A48AApplicant's Opposition to Motion for Leave to File Reconsideration: Tab A (Radius Map)106/22/2016View
9349 49Copy of Ltr. to ZA Re: Compliance with Order4906/07/2017View