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11 1Applicant's Cover Letter210/01/2014View
22 2Applicant's Statement in Support5010/01/2014View
32A2AApplicant's Statement in Support: Tab A (Applications and Letter of Authorization)1010/01/2014View
42B2BApplicant's Statement in Support: Tab B (Certificate of Notice)110/01/2014View
52C2CApplicant's Statement in Support: Tab C (Notice of Intent)610/01/2014View
62D2DApplicant's Statement in Support: Tab D (List/Labels of Owners within 200 feet)2010/01/2014View
72E2EApplicant's Statement in Support: Tab E (Compliance with Regulations)110/01/2014View
82F2FApplicant's Statement in Support: Tab F (List of Publicly Available Maps, etc.)110/01/2014View
92G2GApplicant's Statement in Support: Tab G (Surveyor's Plat)410/01/2014View
103A13A1Plans(September 30, 2014): Tab A - Part one1010/01/2014View
113A23A2Plans (September 30, 2014): Tab A - Part two1010/01/2014View
123A33A3Plans (September 30, 2014): Tab A - Part three1210/01/2014View
133A43A4Plans (September 30, 2014): Tab A - Part four410/01/2014View
143A53A5Plans (September 30, 2014): Tab A - Part five610/01/2014View
153A63A6Plans (September 30, 2014): Tab A - Part six610/01/2014View
163A73A7Plans (September 30, 2014): Tab A - Part seven510/01/2014View
173A83A8Plans (September 30, 2014): Tab A - Part eight1510/01/2014View
183A93A9Plans (September 30, 2014): Tab A - Part nine1710/01/2014View
193A103A10Plans (September 30, 2014): Tab A - Part 10410/01/2014View
204 4Copy of Filing Fee 110/01/2014View
214 4Letter of Acceptance to Applicant110/06/2014View
225 5Referral to OP110/06/2014View
236 6Referral to Councilmember McDuffie110/06/2014View
247 7Notice of Filing to ANC 5C, ANC 5B, ANC SMD 5C05, and ANC SMD 5C06510/06/2014View
258 8Notice of Filing to DC Register210/07/2014View
269 9Attestation of Notice of Filing210/06/2014View
2710 10OP Setdown Report1911/13/2014View
2811 11Testimony in Support from Jared Piaggione111/14/2014View
2912 12Setdown Letter to Applicant111/25/2014View
3013 13Letter from Brookland Manor/Brentwood Village Residents Association Re: Concerns about Affordable Housing Units1212/10/2014View
3114 14Cover Letter from Applicant enclosing Prehearing Statement 101/08/2015View
3215 15 PreHearing Statement701/08/2015View
3315A15APrehearing Statement: Tab A (Tenant Relocation And construction Phasing Plan, and Affordable housing Program.) 601/08/2015View
3415B15BPrehearing Statement:Tab B (Shadow studies, additional views of the project maps showing nearby schools and recreation centers, street closing/street dedication plat, and additional Zoning information) 1701/08/2015View
3515C15CPrehearing Statement:Tab C (Certification of Compliance with Section 3013 of the Zoning Regulations)601/08/2015View
3615D15DPrehearing Statement:Tab D (List of property owners and lease within 200 feet) 3401/08/2015View
3716 16Hearing Fee Calculator form 201/08/2015View
3817 17Copy of Hearing Fee101/08/2015View
3918 18Attestation: PHN4901/26/2015View
4018A18APHN to Register401/22/2015View
4119 19Affidavit of Posting3602/05/2015View
4220 20Letter in Support from Gerald Kittner202/06/2015View
4321 21Letter from the National Multifamily Housing Council (Douglas M. Bibby)re: bedroom size of units102/18/2015View
4422 22Returned Public Hearing Notice402/18/2015View
4523 23Applicant's Supplemental Pre-Hearing Statement602/24/2015View
4623A23AApplicant's Supplemental Pre-Hearing Statement: Tab A (Outline of Meetings/Presentations)302/24/2015View
4723B23BApplicant's Supplemental Pre-Hearing Statement: Tab B (Two Letters and Article)702/24/2015View
4823C23CApplicant's Supplemental Pre-Hearing Statement: Tab C (Transportation Impact Study)7102/24/2015View
4923D23DApplicant's Supplemental Pre-Hearing Statement: Tab D (Updated Plan for Proposed and Private Streets and Alleys)302/24/2015View
5023E23EApplicant's Supplemental Pre-Hearing Statement: Tab E (Plans for Proposed Construction Phases)1002/24/2015View
5123F23FApplicant's Supplemental Pre-Hearing Statement: Tab F (Resume of Expert Witness)802/24/2015View
5224 24Returned PHNs1302/24/2015View
5325 25Letter in Support from Louvenia Williams, LICSW202/27/2015View
5426 26Returned PHN402/27/2015View
5527 27Letter in Support from Greg Fernebok103/02/2015View
5628 28Request for Party Status in Opposition from the Brookland Manor/Brentwood Village Residents Association403/01/2015View
5729 29Letter of Authorization103/01/2015View
5830 30DDOE Report1003/02/2015View
5931 31Returned PHNs503/03/2015View
6032 32Letter in Support from Fred Jackson203/03/2015View
6133 33Letter in Support from Kathleen Altemus203/04/2015View
6234 34DDOT Report 1903/06/2015View
6335 35Written Testimony of Angela Bowen103/09/2015View
6436 36Returned PHN403/04/2015View
6537 37Concerns Raised by Gigi Williams203/09/2015View
6638 38Letter in Opposition from Dr. John Iskander and Dr. Sandra Campbell303/10/2015View
6739 39Returned PHN403/09/2015View
6840 40Affidavit of Maintenance2303/11/2015View
6941 41Testimony in Support from Leslie Steen203/11/2015View
7042 42Letter in Support from the Henry family103/11/2015View
7143 43Three Letter from Brookland Manor Residents303/11/2015View
7244 44Letter in Support from Dianne Camp503/11/2015View
7345 45Testimony from Earlene Jenkins203/12/2015View
7446 46Letter in Support from Lloyd Cundy 103/12/2015View
7547 47Letter in Support from Helen Poole103/12/2015View
7648 48Letter in Support from Lorenia Barrett103/12/2015View
7749 49Returned PHNs503/12/2015View
7850 50Letter in Support from Rev. Dr. Calvin L. Matthews103/12/2015View
7951 51Letter in Support from Rev. Dr. Morris L. Shearin, Sr. Pastor103/13/2015View
8052 52Letter in Support from Frederick Douglass Housing Corporation203/13/2015View
8153 53OP Report2003/13/2015View
8254 54Letter in Support from Holly R. Bray, Love Funding Corporation103/13/2015View
8355 55Letter in Support from Crawford Edgewood Managers, Inc.203/13/2015View
8456 56Letter in Support from The Richards Group Foundation103/13/2015View
8557 57Letter in Support from Toni Dach103/13/2015View
8658 58ANC 5C Report203/13/2015View
8759 59Letter in Support from Priya Valdya103/16/2015View
8860 60Letter in Support from Kaleena Francis Lee303/16/2015View
8961 61Letter in Opposition from Rubell Bing203/16/2015View
9062 62Letter in Support from Mercile V. Banks103/16/2015View
9163A63APowerPoint Presentation (Part 1 of 4)1203/16/2015View
9263B63BPowerPoint Presentation (Part 2 of 4)903/16/2015View
9363C63CPowerPoint Presentation (Part 3 of 4)1503/16/2015View
9463D63DPowerPoint Presentation (Part 4 of 4)303/16/2015View
9564 64Comments from Emily Oaksford, Planning Associate at Casey Trees103/16/2015View
9665 65Returned PHN403/16/2015View
9766 66Revised Letter from Rubell Bing Re: Concerns with Project203/16/2015View
9867 67Letter from Alexander M. Padro, ANC/SMD 6E01, in Support203/16/2015View
9968 68Revised ANC 5C Community Agreement203/16/2015View
10069 69List of Witnesses303/16/2015View
10170 70Witness Cards303/16/2015View
10271 71Returned PHN403/17/2015View
10372 72Letter in Support from Rev. Dr. Calvin L. Matthews103/24/2015View
10473 73Returned PHNs503/27/2015View
10574 74Returned PHN404/07/2015View
10675 75Second Supplemental Pre-Hearing Statement1104/10/2015View
10775A75ASecond Supplemental Pre-Hearing Statement: Tab A (Snapshot of Exhibit Brookland Manor Community)904/10/2015View
10876A76AArchitectural Plans and Elevations (Part 1)1104/10/2015View
10976B76BArchitectural Plans and Elevations (Part 2)1104/10/2015View
11076C76CArchitectural Plans and Elevations (Part 3)904/10/2015View
11176D76DArchitectural Plans and Elevations (Part 4)804/10/2015View
11276E76EArchitectural Plans and Elevations (Part 5)304/10/2015View
11376F76FArchitectural Plans and Elevations (Part 6)304/10/2015View
11476G76GArchitectural Plans and Elevations (Part 7)204/10/2015View
11576H76HArchitectural Plans and Elevations (Part 8)104/10/2015View
11676I76IArchitectural Plans and Elevations (Part 9)204/10/2015View
11776J76JArchitectural Plans and Elevations (Part 10)304/10/2015View
11876K76KArchitectural Plans and Elevations (Part 11)1404/10/2015View
11976L76LArchitectural Plans and Elevations (Part 12)2804/10/2015View
12076M76MArchitectural Plans and Elevations (Part 13)204/10/2015View
12177 77Returned PHN404/14/2015View
12278 78ANC 5B Report704/24/2015View
12379 79OP Supplemental Report1004/27/2015View
12480 80Letter in Support from Councilmember McDuffie105/05/2015View
12581A181A1Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation (Part 1 of 5)1105/07/2015View
12681A281A2Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation (Part 2 of 5)805/07/2015View
12781A381A3Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation (Part 3 of 5)1205/07/2015View
12881A481A4Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation (Part 4 of 5)205/07/2015View
12981A581A5Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation (Part 5 of 5)405/07/2015View
13082 82Comment from Paul Burman in Favor of Rezoning the Brookland Manor Apartments105/07/2015View
13183 83Comments from Elisa Burrows in Favor of Rezoning the Brookland Manor Apartments105/07/2015View
13284 84Letter in Support from Erich Gabris105/07/2015View
13385 85Letter in Support from Aaron Bolton105/07/2015View
13486 86Testimony of Kyle Todd, Rhode Island Ave. NE Main Street105/07/2015View
13587 87Testimony of Michael Morrison, ANC/SMD 5B03205/07/2015View
13688 88Testimony of Dorothy Davis305/07/2015View
13789 89Testimony of Amaya Henry405/07/2015View
13890 90Testimony of Keisha Howard205/07/2015View
13991 91Testimony of Kendrick Bartlette, Jr.905/07/2015View
14092 92Testimony of Goddess Joann L. Adams12005/07/2015View
14193 93List of Witnesses305/07/2015View
14294 94Witness Cards205/07/2015View
14395 95Letter in Support from David G. Rhodes105/08/2015View
14496 96Testimony of Brookland Manor/Brentwood Village Residents Association2605/11/2015View
14597 97Testimony of Minnie Elliott, Party in Opposition205/11/2015View
14698 98Testimony of Kelvin Brooks, Party in Opposition205/11/2015View
14799 99Testimony of Marjorie Thomas-Barnes, Party in Opposition105/11/2015View
148100 100Testimony of Edward J. Ameen, PH.D., L.P.C,, Party in Opposition805/11/2015View
149101 101Applicant's Submittal on Rebuttal1305/11/2015View
150102 102Witness Cards205/11/2015View
151103 103Returned PHNs605/12/2015View
152104 104 Applicant's Post-Hearing Statement 906/08/2015View
153104A104AApplicant's Post-Hearing Statement: Tab A (Enhanced Architectural)2106/08/2015View
154104B104BApplicant's Post-Hearing Statement: Tab B(Final Construction Phasing and Tenant Relocation Plan)906/08/2015View
155104C104CApplicant's Post-Hearing Statement: Tab C(Brookland Manor Demographics Report)5806/08/2015View
156105 105 Brookland Manor OP Second Supplemental Report306/08/2015View
157106 106Returned PHN406/05/2015View
158107 107Cover letter from Applicant enclosing Proposed Findings of Facts and Conclusions of Law206/15/2015View
159108 108Applicant's Proposed Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law5206/15/2015View
160109 109Opponent's Proposed Finding of Facts and Conclusions of Law1106/15/2015View
161110 110Referral to NCPC106/30/2015View
162111 111Applicant's List of Proffers and Proposed Conditions1007/06/2015View
163112 112Summary of Affordable Housing207/06/2015View
164113 113NCPC Report307/13/2015View
165114 114Cover Letter from Applicant re: Response to Commission's Question Posed at Proposed Action307/13/2015View
166115 115Applicant's Final List of Proffers and Proposed Conditions1307/20/2015View
167115A115AApplicant's Summary of Affordable Housing207/20/2015View
168116 116Response from Party Opponent to Applicant's July 13th submission1207/20/2015View
169117 117Proof of Publication of Order in D.C. Register110/29/2015View
170118 118Z.C. Order No. 14-186611/06/2015View
171119 119Attestation: Z.C. Order No. 14-18110/29/2015View