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11 1Cover Letter from Applicant enclosing Applications for Consolidated & 1st-Stage PUDs & Related Map Amendment307/10/2014View
22 2Statement in Support6207/10/2014View
32A12A1Statement in Support: Tab A (Architectural Plans - part 1)407/10/2014View
42A22A2Statement in Support: Tab A (Architectural Plans - part 2)307/10/2014View
52A32A3Statement in Support: Tab A (Architectural Plans - part 3)607/10/2014View
62A42A4Statement in Support: Tab A (Architectural Plans - part 4)607/10/2014View
72A52A5Statement in Support: Tab A (Architectural Plans - part 5)607/10/2014View
82A62A6Statement in Support: Tab A (Architectural Plans - part 6)1007/10/2014View
92B2BStatement in Support: Tab B (Application Forms & Agent Authorization Letter)507/10/2014View
102C2CStatement in Support: Tab C (Sanborn & Baist Plats & Zoning Map with Property Highlighted in Red)507/10/2014View
112D2DStatement in Support: Tab D (Excerpts of Comp plan Future Land Use Map & Generalized Policy Map)307/10/2014View
122E2EStatement in Support: Tab E (Certificate of Compliance with Chapter 24)207/10/2014View
132F2FStatement in Support: Tab F (Certificate of Notice & Notice of Intent)407/10/2014View
142G2GStatement in Support: Tab G (Property Owners List)407/10/2014View
152H2HStatement in Support: Tab H (Surveyor's Plat)207/10/2014View
162I2IStatement in Support: Tab I (Select pages from Small Area Plan for Florida Avenue Market)1307/10/2014View
173 3Copy of Filing Fee107/10/2014View
184 4Letter of Acceptance to Applicant107/15/2014View
195 5Referral to Office of Planning107/15/2014View
206 6Referral to Councilmember McDuffie107/15/2014View
217 7Referral to ANC 5D and 5D01 507/15/2014View
228 8Notice of Filing to DC Register207/15/2014View
239 9Attestation of Notice of FIling207/15/2014View
2410 10OP Setdown Report1507/18/2014View
2511 11ANC/SMD 5D01 Letter of Support207/22/2014View
2612 12Pre-hearing Statement708/07/2014View
2712A12APre-hearing Statement: Tab A (Outlines of Testimony of Witness Testimony)608/07/2014View
2812B12BPre-hearing Statement: Tab B (Expert Witness Resumes)808/07/2014View
2912C12CPre-hearing Statement: Tab C (Hearing Fee Calculator)308/07/2014View
3013 13Pre-hearing Statement1108/29/2014View
3113A13APre-hearing Statement: Tab A (Alternative for Roof Structure)108/29/2014View
3213B13BPre-hearing Statement: Tab B (Alternative for Roof Structure)108/29/2014View
3313C13CPre-hearing Statement: Tab C (Additional Information Relating to Bicycle Parking)108/29/2014View
3413D13DPre-hearing Statement: Tab D (Layout Plans for Potential Configurations and Uses of Event Space)508/29/2014View
3513E113E1Pre-hearing Statement: Tab E1 (Updated Page A2)108/29/2014View
3613E213E2Pre-hearing Statement: Tab E2 (Updated Page A3)108/29/2014View
3713E313E3Pre-hearing Statement: Tab E3 (Updated Page A10)108/29/2014View
3813F113F1Pre-hearing Statement: Tab F1 (Requested Building Section Depicting Possible Projections of Buildings)108/29/2014View
3913F213F2Pre-hearing Statement: Tab F2 (Requested Building Section Depicting Possible Projections of Buildings)108/29/2014View
4013G113G1Pre-hearing Statement: Tab G1 (Updated Page A9 )108/29/2014View
4113G213G2Pre-hearing Statement: Tab G2 (Updated Page 11 )108/29/2014View
4213H13HPre-hearing Statement: Tab H (Intended Interim Loading Facilities for South Building)108/29/2014View
4314 14Copy of Hearing Fee108/29/2014View
4415 15PHN to Register409/17/2014View
4516 16Attestation: PHN409/18/2014View
4617 17Affidavit of Posting 511/25/2014View
4718 18Cover Letter from the Applicant Enclosing Supplemental Statement312/11/2014View
4818A118A1Supplemental Statement: Tab A(Traffic Impact Study)Part 1 of 22312/11/2014View
4918A218A2Supplemental Statement: Tab A(Traffic Impact Study)Part 2 of 23212/11/2014View
5019 19Applicant's Supplemental Statement1312/16/2014View
5119A119A1Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Plans) Part 1 of 8512/16/2014View
5219A219A2Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Plans) Part 2 of 8512/16/2014View
5319A319A3Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Plans) Part 3 of 8512/16/2014View
5419A419A4Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Plans) Part 4 of 8512/16/2014View
5519A519A5Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Plans) Part 5 of 8512/16/2014View
5619A619A6Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Plans) Part 6 of 8512/16/2014View
5719A719A7Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Plans) Part 7 of 8512/16/2014View
5819A819A8Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Plans) Part 8 of 8512/16/2014View
5919B19BApplicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab B (Low Impact Development Plan)112/16/2014View
6019C19CApplicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab C (Green Area Ratio Scorecard and Summary)212/16/2014View
6119D19DApplicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab D (Loading Management Memo)112/16/2014View
6219E19EApplicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab E(Curbside Management Memo)212/16/2014View
6319F19FApplicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab F (Parking Analysis Memo)712/16/2014View
6419G19GApplicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab G (Summary of Benefits and Amenities)512/16/2014View
6519H19HApplicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab H (Open Space Descriptions)212/16/2014View
6620 20OP Final Report3212/29/2014View
6721 21ANC 5D Report212/29/2014View
6822 22Affidavit of Maintenance112/30/2014View
6923 23Letter in Support from ANC/SMD 5D07201/02/2015View
7024 24DDOT's Request for Waiver of Late Filing101/05/2015View
7125 25DDOT Report2101/05/2015View
7226 26Letter in Support from ANC/SMD 5D01201/05/2015View
7327 27Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation7901/05/2014View
7428 28Applicant's Information regarding Infrastructure from Bohler101/05/2015View
7529 29Open Space Urban Plaza & Park Design Guidelines601/05/2015View
7630 30Parking Analysis Memorandum1001/05/2015View
7731 31Applicant's Response to DDOE's Memo501/05/2015View
7832 32Letter in Support from Akosoa McFadgion201/05/2015View
7933 33List of Witnesses101/05/2015View
8034 34Witness Cards201/05/2015View
8135 35Applicant's 2nd Prehearing Statement1902/02/2015View
8235A135A1Applicant's 2nd Prehearing Statement: Tab A (Plans - Part 1)802/02/2015View
8335A2A35A2AApplicant's 2nd Prehearing Statement: Tab A (Plans - Part 2A)402/02/2015View
8435A2B35A2BApplicant's 2nd Prehearing Statement: Tab A (Plans - Part 2B)402/02/2015View
8535A335A3Applicant's 2nd Prehearing Statement: Tab A (Plans - Part 3)802/02/2015View
8635A4A135A4A1Applicant's 2nd Prehearing Statement: Tab A (Plans - Part 4A1)202/02/2015View
8735A4A235A4A2Applicant's 2nd Prehearing Statement: Tab A (Plans - Part 4A2)102/02/2015View
8835A4B35A4BApplicant's 2nd Prehearing Statement: Tab A (Plans -Part 4B)302/02/2015View
8935A4C135A4C1Applicant's 2nd Prehearing Statement: Tab A (Plans - Part 4C1)102/02/2015View
9035A4C235A4C2Applicant's 2nd Prehearing Statement: Tab A(Plans - Part 4C2)102/02/2015View
9135A535A5Applicant's 2nd Prehearing Statement: Tab A (Plans - Part 5)802/02/2015View
9235A635A6Applicant's 2nd Prehearing Statement: Tab A (Plans - Part 6)802/02/2015View
9335A7A35A7AApplicant's 2nd Prehearing Statement: Tab A (Plans - Part 7A)402/02/2015View
9435A7B35A7BApplicant's 2nd Prehearing Statement: Tab A (Plans - Part 7B)402/02/2015View
9535B35BApplicant's 2nd Prehearing Statement: Tab B (Open Space Design Guidelines and Sample Materials Palette)702/02/2015View
9635C35CApplicant's 2nd Prehearing Statement: Tab C (Parking Phasing Plan)502/02/2015View
9735D35DApplicant's 2nd Prehearing Statement: Tab D (Draft Design Guidelines for Public Streets and Precedent)702/02/2015View
9835E35EApplicant's 2nd Prehearing Statement: Tab E (Security)302/02/2015View
9935F35FApplicant's 2nd Prehearing Statement: Tab F (Sample Community Events)302/02/2015View
10035G35GApplicant's 2nd Prehearing Statement: Tab G (First Source Agreement)1002/02/2015View
10135H35HApplicant's Prehearing Statement: Tab H (DDOE Memo)702/02/2015View
10236 36DDOT Supplemental Report302/06/2015View
10337 37Letter in Support from David Franco 102/06/2015View
10438 38Letter in Support from Sang oh Choi102/06/2015View
10539 39OP Supplemental Report1002/09/2015View
10640 40DDOE Supplemental Report202/09/2015View
10741 41Letter in Support from Martin Kaufman102/11/2015View
10842 42Letter in Support from Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie102/11/2015View
10943 43Letter in Support from Harmar Thompson202/11/2015View
11044A144A1Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation (02-11-15) - Part 1802/11/2015View
11144A244A2Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation (02-11-15) - Part 2402/11/2015View
11244A344A3Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation (02-11-15) - Part 31202/11/2015View
11344A444A4Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation (02-11-15) - Part 42402/11/2015View
11444A544A5Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation (02-11-15) - Part 51202/11/2015View
11544A644A6Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation (02-11-15) - Part 61202/11/2015View
11644A744A7Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation (02-11-15) - Part 71302/11/2015View
11745 45Copy of Letter Submitted by Owner of Almaala102/11/2015View
11846 46Construction Photos Submitted by Applicant102/11/2015View
11947 47List of Witnesses102/11/2015View
12048 48Witness Cards202/11/2015View
12149 49Referral to NCPC102/12/2015View
12250 50Applicant's Final List of Benefits & Amenities w/ Conditions1302/18/2015View
12351 51Applicant's Post-Hearing Submission803/02/2015View
12451A51APost-Hearing Submission: Tab A (List of Community Events)503/02/2015View
12551B51BPost-Hearing Submission: Tab B (Sign Studies)1303/02/2015View
12652 52Cover Letter from the Applicant Enclosing the Draft Order203/02/2015View
12753 53Applicant's Draft Order2703/02/2015View
12854 54NCPC Report303/16/2015View
12955 55Order to Register2904/27/2015View
13056 56Z.C. Order No. 14-122805/08/2015View
13157 57Attestation: Order No. 14-12104/27/2015View
13258 58Cvr. Ltr. - Extension Request for Z.C Order 14-12 905/05/2017View
13358A58ATab A - Extension Application Form 205/05/2017View
13458B58BTab B - Authorization Letter from Applicant 205/05/2017View
13558C58CTab C - Surveyors Plat of the Property 105/05/2017View
13658D58DTab D - Z.C. Order No. 14-122805/05/2017View
13758E58ETab E - Affidavit from Applicant 505/05/2017View
13859 59ZA Notice of Minor Modification204/02/2019View
13959A159A1Applicant's Request to ZA for Minor Modification (Part 1)4904/02/2019View
14059A259A2Applicant's Request to ZA for Minor Modification (Part 2)1504/02/2019View