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11 1Cover Letter from Applicant Enclosing Application for Consolidated PUD & Related Map Amendment205/02/2013View
22 2Statement in Support2405/02/2013View
32A2AStatement in Support: Tab A (Architectural Drawings)7305/02/2013View
42B2BStatement in Support: Tab B (Application forms and Letters of Authorization)1505/02/2013View
52C2CStatement in Support: Tab C (Certificate of Notice)105/02/2013View
62D2DStatement in Support: Tab D (Notice of Intent)205/02/2013View
72E2EStatement in Support: Tab E (List of Owners within 200 feet)305/02/2013View
82F2FStatement in Support: Tab F (Compliance with PUD Requirements)105/02/2013View
92G2GStatement in Support: Tab G (Comprehensive Transportation Review Scoping Form Sumitted to DDOT)2405/02/2013View
102H2HStatement in Support: Tab H (List of Publicly Available Maps, etc.)105/02/2013View
112I2IStatement in Support: Tab I (Surveyor's Plat)105/02/2013View
123 3Copy of Filing Fee105/06/2013View
134 4Letter of Acceptance to Applicant105/15/2013View
145 5Referral to OP105/15/2013View
156 6Referral to Councilmember Marion Barry105/15/2013View
167 7Referral to ANC 8E and 8E04505/15/2013View
178 8Notice of Filing to DC Register205/15/2013View
189 9Attestation of Notice of Filing205/15/2013View
1910 10OP Set Down Report1406/28/2013View
2011 11Draft Community Benefits Agreement Submitted by ANC 8E1202/12/2014View
2112 12Letter in Support from Councilmember Marion Barry109/09/2014View
2213 13Cover Letter From the Applicant 109/12/2014View
2314 14Hearing fee calculator 209/12/2014View
2415 15Pre-hearing Statment809/12/2014View
2515A115A1Pre-hearing Statement: Tab A (Updated Plans) Part 1809/12/2014View
2615A215A2Pre-hearing Statement: Tab A (Updated Plans) Part 21609/12/2014View
2715A315A3Pre-hearing Statement: Tab A (Updated Plans) Part 32609/12/2014View
2815A415A4Pre-hearing Statement: Tab A (Updated Plans) Part 42409/12/2014View
2915A515A5Pre-hearing Statement: Tab A (Updated Plans) Part 51209/12/2014View
3015A615A6Pre-hearing Statement: Tab A (Updated Plans) Part 6209/12/2014View
3115A715A7Pre-hearing Statement: Tab A (Updated Plans) Part 7609/12/2014View
3215B15BPre-hearing Statement: Tab B (Draft Community Benefits Agreement)1209/12/2014View
3315C15CPre-hearing Statement: Tab C (Transportation Impact Study)5809/12/2014View
3415D15DPre-hearing Statement: Tab D (Certification of Compliance)709/12/2014View
3515E15EPre-hearing Statement: Tab E (Property Owner List)809/12/2014View
3616 16Copy of Hearing Fee109/12/2014View
3717 17PHN to Register409/24/2014View
3818 18Attestation: PHN809/26/2014View
3919 19Returned PHNs410/03/2014View
4020 20Returned Public Hearing Notice310/08/2014View
4121 21Returned Public Hearing Notice310/14/2014View
4222 22Returned PHN310/27/2014View
4323 23Affidavit of Posting712/09/2014View
4424 24Cover Letter from Applicant Enclosing Supplemental Statement101/02/2015View
4525 25Applicant's Supplemental Statement401/02/2015View
4625A25AApplicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Outlines of Witness Testimony and Resumes of Proposed Expert Witnesses)2401/02/2015View
4725B25BApplicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab B (Final Community Benefits Agreement)1201/02/2015View
4825C25CApplicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab C (Additional Rendering of Project)201/02/2015View
4926 26Correction to Supplemental Information Provided by the Applicant201/02/2015View
5027 27Request for Party Status from Alabama Avenue/13th Street Tenants Coalition1701/06/2015View
5128 28OP Report1801/12/2015View
5229 29DDOT Report1201/12/2015View
5330 30DDOE Report1001/12/2015View
5431 31Affidavit of Maintenance701/20/2015View
5532 32Motion Postpone Hearing from Alabama Avenue/13th Street Tenants Coalition 3901/21/2015View
5633 33Applicant's Response to Request for Postponement 701/22/2015View
5734A34APowerPoint Presentation (Part 1 of 3)1401/22/2015View
5834B34BPowerPoint Presentation (Part 2 of 3)3601/22/2015View
5934C34CPowerPoint Presentation (Part 3 of 3)901/22/2015View
6035 35Testimony of DC for Reasonable Development, Chris Otten601/22/2015View
6136 36Resume of Amanda Coen101/22/2015View
6237 37Testimony in Opposition from Will Merrifield, Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless301/22/2015View
6338 38Testimony in Opposition from Eugene Puryear301/22/2015View
6439 39Testimony in Opposition by Mrs. Ruth Barnwell301/22/2015View
6540 40Testimony in Opposition by Clarence Taylor201/22/2015View
6641 41Testimony in Opposition by Robert Green201/22/2015View
6742 42Testimony in Opposition by Lonise Meachum201/22/2015View
6843 43Testimony in Opposition by Michelle Mitchel201/22/2015View
6944 44Testimony in Opposition by Howard University601/22/2015View
7045 45List of Witnesses101/22/2015View
7146 46Letter in Support1501/22/2015View
7247 47Witness Cards301/22/2015View
7348 48Letter from ANC/SMD 8E06 Commissioner Armstead202/09/2015View
7449 49Joint Motion to Extend Time for Post-Hearing Submissions (APPROVED)302/18/2015View
7550 50Cover Letter from Applicant Enclosing Proposed Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law203/16/2015View
7651 51Applicant's Proposed Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law3403/16/2015View
7752 52Applicant's Post-Hearing Statement903/16/2015View
7852A52AApplicant's Post-Hearing Statement: Tab A(Residential Property Owner's Corres with Coalition Reps)303/16/2015View
7952B52BApplicant's Post-Hearing Statement: Tab B(Response to Alabama Avenue-13th Street Tenants Coalition Questions)203/16/2015View
8052C52CApplicant's Post-Hearing Statement: Tab C (Service Requests)403/16/2015View
8152D152D1Applicant's Post-Hearing Statement: Tab D (Plans)Part 1 of 21703/16/2015View
8252D252D2Applicant's Post-Hearing Statement: Tab D (Plans)Part 2 of 21403/16/2015View
8352E52EApplicant's Post-Hearing Statement: Tab E (Metro letter to OZ)203/16/2015View
8452F52FApplicant's Post-Hearing Statement: Tab F (Community Benefits Agreement)1203/16/2015View
8553 53Cover Letter from the Opponents Enclosing Proposed Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law103/16/2015View
8654 54Opponent's Proposed Findings of Facts and Conclusions of Law7903/16/2015View
8755 55Opponent's Response to Applicant's Post-Hearing Submission3103/23/2015View
8856 56DDOT's Request for waiver of rules to allow late filing of supplemental report. (APPROVED)103/27/2015View
8957 57Supplemental DDOT Report103/27/2015View
9058 58Referral to NCPC104/02/2015View
9159 59NCPC Report304/06/2015View
9260 60Applicant's Response to Issues Raised at March 30, 2015 Public Meeting and Satisfaction of Sections 2403.16 and 2403.181004/06/2015View
9361 61Applicant's Satisfaction of Section 2403.201004/20/2015View
9462 62Order to Register4305/28/2015View
9563 63Z.C. Order No. 13-084206/05/2015View
9664 64Attestation: Order No. 13-08105/28/2015View