row_num#Exhibit #Exhibit #Exhibit #Exhibit DescriptionNumber of PagesExhibit DateAction
11 1Cover letter from Goulston & Storrs transmitts application for Consolidated PUD & Related Map Amendment211/16/2010View
22 2Copy of Filing fees111/16/2010View
33 3Copy of mailing labels of owners within 200 feet311/16/2010View
44 4Statement in Support2911/16/2010View
54A4AStatement in Support: Exhibit A (Architectural Drawings)4911/16/2010View
64B4BStatement in Support: Exhibit B (Application Forms)1711/16/2010View
74C4CStatement in Support: Exhibit C (Certificate of Notice)111/16/2010View
84D4DStatement in Support: Exhibit D (Notice of Intent to File)211/16/2010View
94E4EStatement in Support: Exhibit E (List of Owners of Property within 200 feet of the Subject Property)511/16/2010View
104F4FStatement in Support: Exhibit F (Preliminary LEED Checklist and Required Calculations)611/16/2010View
114G4GStatement in Support: Exhibit G (Compliance with Consolidated PUD Requirements)111/16/2010View
124H4HStatement in Support: Exhibit H (Preliminary Transportation Impact Study)4611/16/2010View
134I4IStatement in Support: Exhibit I (List of Publicly Available Maps & Documents)111/16/2010View
144J4JStatement in Support: Exhibit J (Surveyor's Plat)111/16/2010View
155 5Acceptance letter to Applicant111/17/2010View
166 6Referral to OP111/17/2010View
177 7Referral to ANC 5A/SMD 5A07211/17/2010View
188 8Referral to Councilmember Thomas111/17/2010View
199 9Notice of Filing to Register211/17/2010View
2010 10Attestation: Notice of Filing 211/17/2010View
2111 11Applicant's Response to Issues Raised by OP & Community Stakeholders902/24/2011View
2212 12OP's Setdown Report1603/04/2011View
2313 13OP's Supplement to Setdown Report203/07/2011View
2414 14Applicant's request for ZC to take hearing action at 04-11-11 meeting103/21/2011View
2515 15OP's Supplemental Report103/21/2011View
2616 16Applicant's request to postpone hearing action 104/04/2011View
2717 17Applicant's Supplemental Submission in Response to Issues Raised by the Commission207/05/2011View
2818 18Supplemental Statement of the Applicant1707/05/2011View
2918A18ASupplemental Statement of the Applicant: Tab A (Updated Plans, Drawings, Sections and Perspectives)2307/05/2011View
3018B18BSupplemental Statement of the Applicant: Tab B (Chart Depicting the Evolution of the FAR Calculations for the Project)107/05/2011View
3118C18CSupplemental Statement of the Applicant: Tab C (Plans Depicting a Community Park to be Proffered as an Alternative Component of the Applicant's Project Benefits and Community Amenities Package)107/05/2011View
3218D18DSupplemental Statement of the Applicant: Tab D (Economic Impact Analysis of the Project)107/05/2011View
3318E18ESupplemental Statement of the Applicant: Tab E (Applicable Portions of the DC Comprehensive Plan's Future Land Use Map and Generalized Land Use Map for the Property)207/05/2011View
3418F18FSupplemental Statement of the Applicant: Tab F (Appendix A of the Office of Planning's March 4, 2011 Setdown Report)507/05/2011View
3519 19Comments by Guy Durant2007/05/2011View
3620 20OP Revised Set Down Report1807/15/2011View
3721 21Pre-hearing Statement210/13/2011View
3822 22Mailing Labels of Owners w/in 200 Feet310/13/2011View
3923 23Copy of Hearing Fee Calculator210/13/2011View
4024 24Copy of Fee1 View
4125 25Pre-hearing Statement3910/13/2011View
4225A125A1Pre-hearing Statement; Tab A, Part 1 (Plans)3110/13/2011View
4325A225A2Pre-hearing Statement; Tab A, Part 2 (Plans) 3610/13/2011View
4425B25BPre-hearing Statement; Tab B (Names and Addresses)610/13/2011View
4525C25CPre-hearing Statement; Tab C (Tabulation of Data)610/13/2011View
4625D25DPre-hearing Statement; Tab D (Compliance with PUD Requirements)110/13/2011View
4725E25EPre-hearing Statement; Tab E (Outline of Testimony)210/13/2011View
4825F25FPre-hearing Statement; Tab F (Drawing)210/13/2011View
4925G25GPre-hearing Statement; Tab G (Location Map)310/13/2011View
5025H25HPre-hearing Statement; Tab H (Economic Impact Analysis)110/13/2011View
5125I25IPre-hearing Statement; Tab I (Community Meeting Timeline)110/13/2011View
5225J25JPre-hearing Statement; Tab J (Employment Agreement)1010/13/2011View
5325K25KPre-hearing Statement; Tab K (List of Available Maps)110/13/2011View
5426 26Letter in Opposition from Edward Johnson910/14/2011View
5527 27Returned Public Hearing Notice410/20/2011View
5628 28Attestation: Public Hearing Notice 910/20/2011View
5729 29Party Status Application710/31/2011View
5830 30Letter of Support from Aaron Bonds212/02/2011View
5931 31Copy of Email and Letter from Barbara Kahlow to the Applicant Requesting a Meeting to Discuss Issues412/05/2011View
6032 32Letter in Opposition from Curtis Knight & Mary Franklin Knight312/06/2011View
6133 33Response to Barbara Kahlow and Carolyn Stoptue from the Applicant212/07/2011View
6234 34Affidavit of Posting1112/07/2011View
6335 35Submission from Barbara Kahlow Re: emails related to the 200 foot notices612/08/2011View
6436 36Letter in support: Young112/14/2011View
6537 37Letter in support: McIvor112/19/2011View
6638 38Letter in support: Ginn112/19/2011View
6739 39Letter in support: Rush212/21/2011View
6840 40Letter in support: O'Neill112/22/2011View
6941 41Supplemental statement from applicant412/29/2011View
7041A41ASupplemental statement; Tab A (Plans)612/29/2011View
7141B41BSupplemental statement; Tab B (Esocoff resume)512/29/2011View
7241C41CSupplemental statement; Tab C (Proposed community amenities)312/29/2011View
7341D41DSupplemental statement; Tab D (Development and construction management plan)612/29/2011View
7441E41ESupplemental statement; Tab E (Wells & Assoc.'s Letter)1012/29/2011View
7542 42Transportation Impact Study5212/29/2011View
7643 43Party Status Request in support from Brookland Neighborhood Civic Assoc.312/30/2011View
7744 44Amendment to 10/30/11 request for party status by a "200-foot group" represented by Barbara Kahlow and Steptoe901/09/2012View
7845 45Letter in support: Chris Colwell101/05/2012View
7946 46Letter in Support: Michael Eastman101/06/2012View
8047 47Letter in opposition: Agostinelli201/06/2012View
8148 48Letter in support: Radcliffe101/06/2012View
8249 49Letter in support: Anne Finigan101/06/2012View
8350 50Letter in support: Hitt and Gersh101/10/2012View
8451 51Letter in support: Ortega101/09/2012View
8552 52Letter in support: Padou201/09/2012View
8653 53Letter in support: Flanagan101/09/2012View
8754 54Letter in support: Spritzen101/09/2012View
8855 55Letter in support: Phillips101/09/2012View
8956 56Letter in support: Rein101/09/2012View
9057 57Letter in support: Houston101/09/2012View
9158 58Letter in support: Eich101/09/2012View
9259 59Letter in support: Alexander101/09/2012View
9360 60Letter in support: Leongia101/09/2012View
9461 61Letter in support: Larocque101/09/2012View
9562 62Letter in support: Krzyey and Redding201/09/2012View
9663 63Letter in support: St. Anthony Catholic School201/09/2012View
9764 64Letter in support: Robinson101/09/2012View
9865 65Letter in support: J. Robinson101/09/2012View
9966 66Letter in support: Dance Place101/09/2012View
10067 67Letter in support: Hooks101/09/2012View
10168 68Letter in support: Frewor201/09/2012View
10269 69Letter in support: Byte Back (Ellsworth)201/09/2012View
10370 70Letter in support: Bridge101/09/2012View
10471 71Letter in support: Gambel101/09/2012View
10572 72Letter in support: Wirth101/09/2012View
10673 73Letter in support: Atkinson101/09/2012View
10774 74Letter in support: Brookland Kids Community101/09/2012View
10875 75Letter in support: Wolfes101/09/2012View
10976 76Letter in support: O. Atkinson201/09/2012View
11077 77Letter in support: T. Bridge101/09/2012View
11178 78Letter in support: Casey Trees101/09/2012View
11279 79DDOT report601/09/2012View
11380 80OP Report1901/09/2012View
11481 81Letter in support: Hope and Poole101/10/2012View
11582 82Letter in support: Tice101/10/2012View
11683 83Letter in support: Goodman101/10/2012View
11784 84Letter in support: Zeller101/10/2012View
11885 85Letter in support: Sewell101/10/2012View
11986 86Letter in support: Britten101/10/2012View
12087 87Letter in support: Morris101/10/2012View
12188 88Letter in support: Rosenbusch101/10/2012View
12289 89Letter in support: Topjion101/10/2012View
12390 90Letter in support: View, Sr.101/10/2012View
12491 91Letter in support: Moore101/10/2012View
12592 92Letter in support: Tipton101/10/2012View
12693 93Letter in support: Johnson101/10/2012View
12794 94Letter in support: Castillo101/10/2012View
12895 95Letter in support: Wetzel101/10/2012View
12996 96Letter in support: Oritz101/10/2012View
13097 97Letter in support: Crocker101/10/2012View
13198 98Letter in support: Flock101/10/2012View
13299 99Letter in support: Bloom101/10/2012View
133100 100Letter in support: Patterson101/10/2012View
134101 101Letter in support: Steiner101/10/2012View
135102 102Letter in support: S. Frewer101/10/2012View
136103 103Letter in support: Leo101/10/2012View
137104 104Letter in support: Schilling101/10/2012View
138105 105Letter of support: Stuart101/10/2012View
139106 106Letter of support: Diaz101/10/2012View
140107 107Letter of support: J. Sprinzen101/10/2012View
141108 108Letter in support: Grier101/10/2012View
142109 109Letter in support: L. Grier101/10/2012View
143110 110Letter in support: Filly101/10/2012View
144111 111Letter in support: Weldon101/10/2012View
145112 112Letter in support: Jurra101/10/2012View
146113 113Letter in support: Haroda101/10/2012View
147114 114Letter in support: T. Bridge101/10/2012View
148115 115Letter in support: Schultz and Weaver401/10/2012View
149116 116Letter in support: Morris101/10/2012View
150117 117Letter in support: Cullimore101/11/2012View
151118 118Letter of support: Gerger101/11/2012View
152119 119Letter of support: Parker101/11/2012View
153120 120Letter in support: Dodge101/11/2012View
154121 121Letter in support: Darsky101/11/2012View
155122 122Letter in support: K. Topjian101/11/2012View
156123 123Letter in support: Roson and Hoffman101/11/2012View
157124 124Letter in support: M. Schilling101/11/2012View
158125 125Letter in support: Chambers101/11/2012View
159126 126Letter in support: Futrell101/11/2012View
160127 127Letter in support: A. Padou101/11/2012View
161128 128Letter in support: J. Parker101/11/2012View
162129 129Letter in support: Krentel101/11/2012View
163130 130Letter in support: M. Christie101/11/2012View
164131 131Letter in support: E. Crocker101/11/2012View
165132 132Letter in support: C. Crocker101/11/2012View
166133 133Letter in support: E. Houston101/11/2012View
167134 134Letter in support: La Croix101/11/2012View
168135 135Letter in support: Grosse101/11/2012View
169136 136Letter in support: Alhy101/11/2012View
170137 137Letter in support: K. Cook101/11/2012View
171138 138Letter in support: D. Hammond101/11/2012View
172139 139Letter in support: K. Atkinson101/11/2012View
173140 140Letter in support: Coler101/11/2012View
174141 141Letter in support: Finley101/11/2012View
175142 142Letter in support: Manos101/11/2012View
176143 143Letter in support: Archer101/11/2012View
177144 144Letter in support: Tu101/11/2012View
178145 145Letter in support: Hodges101/11/2012View
179146 146Letter in support: T. Reddick101/11/2012View
180147 147Letter in support: Miller101/11/2012View
181148 148Letter in support: McIntyre101/11/2012View
182149 149Letter in support: C. View101/11/2012View
183150 150Letter in support: Brookland Civic Assoc. with concerns1301/11/2012View
184151 151Letter in support: Tichtor101/11/2012View
185152 152Letter in support: Jones101/11/2012View
186153 153Letter in support: Dorecz101/11/2012View
187154 154Letter in support: Erami101/11/2012View
188155 155Letter in support: R. Gerger101/11/2012View
189156 156ANC report 5A (in support)301/12/2012View
190157 157Letter in opposition: Jacobs201/13/2012View
191158 158Cover sheet and petition with 161 signatures in opposition (Steptoe)1301/13/2012View
192159 159Cover sheet and email to ANC 5A from Richard Houghton urging their opposition (Steptoe)301/13/2012View
193160 160Cover sheet with email to ANC 5A from Guy Durant urgin their opposition (Steptoe)501/13/2012View
194161 161Cover sheet with email to ANC 5A from Anne Gibbons urging opposition (Steptoe)301/13/2012View
195162 162Cover sheet with email to ANC 5A from Ruth Tyler urging opposition (Steptoe)201/13/2012View
196163 163Cover sheet with OP, response to Guy Durant re: setting down C-2-A in the alternative (Steptoe)301/13/2012View
197164 164Cover sheet with email to OP from Guy Durant expressing disappointment with setdown report (Steptoe)301/13/2012View
198165 165Cover sheet with email to OP from Guy Durant complaining about developer's presentation (Steptoe)201/13/2012View
199166 166Cover with email to Cyril Crocker from Carolyn Steptoe re: lack of respect (Steptoe)301/13/2012View
200167 167Cover email from OP to Carolyn Steptoe re: delay (Steptoe)301/13/2012View
201168 168Cover with email from OP to Guy Durant responding to request to add Appendix of community comments to setdown (Steptoe)201/13/2012View
202169 169Cover and report from Eddie Theren opposing project (Steptoe)401/13/2012View
203170 170Cover and letter with concerns from Ever Duhare (Steptoe)401/13/2012View
204171 171Cover and email response from OP to Steptoe re: initial comments201/13/2012View
205172 172Cover and email of initial comments from Steptoe301/13/2012View
206173 173Cover and letter with objections from Ruth Tyler (Steptoe)201/13/2012View
207174 174Cover and email response to Cyril Crocker from Steptoe re: request for community meeting201/13/2012View
208175 175Email exchange OP and Goulston and Storrs re: public benefits (Steptoe)701/13/2012View
209176 176Cover and letter to Vincent Gray from Ruth Tyler objecting to project (Steptoe)401/13/2012View
210177 177Cover and letter from Wilson objecting to project (Steptoe)301/13/2012View
211178 178Cover and text with objections from White (Steptoe)201/13/2012View
212179 179Cover and letter to Vincent Gray from Curtis Knight opposing project (Steptoe)301/13/2012View
213180 180Cover and letter to Deborah Crain opposing project from Curtis Knight (Steptoe)201/13/2012View
214181 181Cover and letter to Vincent Gray from Curtis Knight objecting to project (Steptoe)201/13/2012View
215182 182Cover and letter in opposition of project from Ruth Tyler (Steptoe)601/13/2012View
216183 183Cover and letter from Guy Durant to OP re: appropriate 2C filing by developer (Steptoe)301/13/2012View
217184 184Cover and email to Harry Thomas, ANC 5A and developer with objections from Guy Durant (Steptoe)301/13/2012View
218185 185Cover and email reply from OP to Steptoe complaining to OP sent the Applicant emails from the community but not vice versa (Steptoe)201/13/2012View
219186 186Cover and email from Steptoe to OP and ANC 5A re: Washington Post article looking in to affected residents201/13/2012View
220187 187Cover and email packet to O Pfrom Steptoe re: Washington Post article w/ community comments (Steptoe)601/13/2012View
221188 188Cover and email response to Steptoe 1/3/2011 request for OP to include community comments at setdown (Steptoe)201/13/2012View
222189 189Cover and email posting by Steptoe on Brookland list serve (Steptoe)201/13/2012View
223190 190Cover and email response from Steptoe re: 1/20/2011 Washington Post article to ANC 5A and Hary Thomas (Steptoe)301/13/2012View
224191 191Cover with email exchange: Cyril Crocker and Steptoe and OP re: Steptoes's request to meet re: amentities501/13/2012View
225192 192Cover with letter to OP from Duhure re: concerns about project501/13/2012View
226193 193Cover with eamil from Kahlow criticizing duplicate support letters201/13/2012View
227194 194Cover with additional 10 signatures to petition in opposition201/13/2012View
228195 195Cover with petition urge to support 5A against PUD201/13/2012View
229196 196Cover with draft of ANC 5A resolution proposed by Steptoe501/13/2012View
230197 197Cover with email to ANC 5A from Guy Durant with details to support ANC/SMD 5A07 (objections)501/13/2012View
231198 198Cover with email to ANC 5A with details why to oppose the PUD301/13/2012View
232199 199Cover and copy of agenda for 5A Special Community meeting201/13/2012View
233200 200Cover and email to ANC 5A from Ruth Tyler explaining why they should oppose PUD201/13/2012View
234201 201Cover and email to ANC 5A from Anne Gribbin urging them to oppose to C-2-B zoning201/13/2012View
235202 202Cover and flyer re: upcoming special meeting on PUD from ANC/SMD201/13/2012View
236203 203Cover and sign-in sheets for ANC 5A special meeting801/13/2012View
237204 204Cover and email discussion Steptoe and Griffin re: lock of input sought from "200 footers"601/13/2012View
238205 205Cover and email dialog of Griffin and ANC/SMD 5A10 constituents re: the PUD601/13/2012View
239206 206Cover and email from developer to ANC 5A w/ response from Steptoe301/13/2012View
240207 207Cover and email response to Griffin re: position of "200 footers" from Guy Durant301/13/2012View
241208 208Cover and copy of flyer re: 1/4/12 special community meeting of ANC 5A requesting meeting of ANC 5A and requesting the ANC/SMD 5A07201/13/2012View
242209 209Cover and email response to Griffin from Roberts301/13/2012View
243210 210Cover and email response to Griffin from Steptoe301/13/2012View
244211 211Submission from Steptoe: email from Knight to Commissioner Griffin in response to his request for information201/13/2012View
245212 212Submission from Steptoe: email from Steptoe to Griffin in response to his request for information201/13/2012View
246213 213Submission from Steptoe: email from Agostinelli to Griffin in response to his request for information301/13/2012View
247214 214Submission from Steptoe: 200 footer meeting notice flier to discuss construction management agreement301/13/2012View
248215 215Submission from Steptoe: letter from Johnson in opposition901/13/2012View
249216 216Submission from Steptoe: ANC/SMD 5A07 meeting notice with guest presenter (Kahlow)701/13/2012View
250217 217Submission from Steptoe: status flier to ANC/SMD 5A07 community from Steptoe301/13/2012View
251218 218Submission from Steptoe: email discussions from the Brookland Neighborhood Listserve re: the project8401/13/2012View
252218A218ASubmission from Steptoe: email discussions from the Brookland Neighborhood Listserve re: the project1301/13/2012View
253219 219Submission from Steptoe: email communication with Nelson501/13/2012View
254220 220Submission from Steptoe: emails to/from OP501/13/2012View
255221 221Submission from Steptoe: email response to developer rep, Crocker re: lack of meeting notice301/13/2012View
256222 222Submission from Carolyn Steptoe: ANC 5A07 meeting w/ agenda901/13/2012View
257223 223Submission from Steptoe: emails to/from OP re: setdown report401/13/2012View
258224 224Submission from Steptoe: ANC 5A subcommittee on economic development's agenda for 3/3/11301/13/2012View
259225 225Submission from Steptoe: email response to OP requesting their comments be included in the setdown report601/13/2012View
260226 226Submission from Steptoe: emails to/from developer's rep. Cyril Crocker401/13/2012View
261227 227Submission from Steptoe: ANC/SMD 5A10 meeting announcement and agenda201/13/2012View
262228 228Submission from Steptoe: letter from Agostinelli outlining objections to C-2-B application301/13/2012View
263229 229Submission from Steptoe: email response to Houghton's 3/14/2011 submission that was rejected701/13/2012View
264230 230Submission from Steptoe: email from Houghton of testimony urging rejection of the application401/13/2012View
265231 231Cover and email from Durant to OP about the lack of community involvement in the project401/13/2012View
266232 232Cover and email discussion OP and Steptoe re: corrections needed to OP setdown report501/13/2012View
267233 233Cover and email from OP to Steptoe re: errors in Table 2501/13/2012View
268234 234Cover and response to 200 footers from OP re: comments on case file201/13/2012View
269235 235Cover and resonse from OP to Steptoe's 2/27/11 and 2/11 communications601/13/2012View
270236 236Cover and email response from Steptoe to OOP requesting commentibe OP setdown summary401/13/2012View
271237 237Cover and sample community questions from six hour ANC/SMD 5A07 meeting1701/13/2012View
272238 238Cover and Brookland Listserve comments 2001/13/2012View
273239 239Cover and sign in sheets from emergency ANC/SMD 5A07 community meeting on PUD and fliers1301/13/2012View
274240 240Cover and email exchange between ANC/SMD 5A07 and ANC 2A, WECA re: the zoning process401/13/2012View
275241 241Cover and email to Tummonds from Steptoe in response to intent to file PUD301/13/2012View
276242 242Cover and email from Steptoe posted on Brookland Listserve soon to be filed PUD401/13/2012View
277243 243Cover and preliminary package of info on PUD from Deborah Crain2301/13/2012View
278244 244Cover and agenda for ANC/SMD 5A07 meeting and Applicant had no plans or materials201/13/2012View
279245 245Cover and email from Crocker to Steptoe re: PUD812/13/2012View
280246 246Letter from Curtis and Knight in opposition201/13/2012View
281247 247Letter in opposition DuBore301/17/2012View
282248 248Guy Durant submission1001/17/2012View
283249 249Letter in support: Koeth101/18/2012View
284250 250Letter in support from Ladd201/18/2012View
285251 251Letter in support from Coalitionfor Smarter Growth101/18/2012View
286252 252Letter in opposition: Ruth Tyler401/18/2012View
287253 253Letter in support: Minnicks101/19/2012View
288254 254Letter in opposition from Feeley Jr.401/19/2012View
289255 255Letter in oppositon: Dunlavey101/19/2012View
290256 256Letter in attachments from Guy Durant in opposition1001/19/2012View
291257 257Cover and flyer on emergency meeting ANC/SMD 601/13/2012View
292258 258Letter in opposition: Brent (ANC/SMD 5A07)101/19/2012View
293259 259Affidavit of Maintenance2001/19/2012View
294260A260AAccompanying letter101/19/2012View
295260A1260A1Applicant's Powerpoint Presentation Part 13701/19/2012View
296260A2260A2Applicant's Powerpoint Presentation Part 24201/19/2012View
297261 261Letter from Academy of Hope re: contribution from Applicant101/19/2012View
298262 262Letter from the Community Foundation from the National Capital Region re: Applicant's Contribution101/19/2012View
299263 263Letter from Dance Place re: contribution from Applicant201/19/2012View
300264 264Proposed conditions of approval for PUD and map amendment701/19/2012View
301265 265Letter in support from Wohlfarth101/19/2012View
302266 266Letter in support: Wohlfarth101/19/2012View
303267 267Letter in opposition: Wolkoff201/19/2012View
304268 268List of Witnesses301/19/2012View
305269 269Testimony of Brookland Neighborhood Civic Assoc.301/19/2012View
306270 270Testimony in support by Sonseca201/19/2012View
307271 271Testimony in support: Brewer201/19/2012View
308272 272Testimony in support: J. Brewer201/19/2012View
309273 273Testimony in support by Swanson201/19/2012View
310274 274Testimony in support: Dance Place201/19/2012View
311275 275Testimony of Lee Alexander in support201/19/2012View
312276 276Testimony in support: Delicath201/19/2012View
313277 277Testimony in support: Battle601/19/2012View
314278 278Testimony in support: Krzych201/19/2012View
315279 279Testimony in support by Ruffins101/19/2012View
316280 280Testimony in support: Lindsay201/19/2012View
317281 281Testimony in support: Ortega201/19/2012View
318282 282Testimony in support (Byte Back)201/19/2012View
319283 283Testimony in opposition: Spellman301/19/2012View
320284 284Witness cards3 View
321285 285Submission by Guy Durant1001/17/2012View
322286 286Written testimony of Don Padou criticizing the amenities package301/24/2012View
323287 287Letter in opposition from Guy Durant with email attachments201/31/2012View
324288 288Testimony of Frank O'Neill in Support202/02/2012View
325289 289Testimony in support by Jennifer Parker402/02/2012View
326290 290Testimony in support by Julie Tice202/02/2012View
327291 291Testimony in support by Tom Bridge102/02/2012View
328292 292Testimony in support by Candy Miles-Crocker202/02/2012View
329293 293Testimony in support by Stephanie Atkinson102/02/2012View
330294 294Testimony of David Nolan in Support102/02/2012View
331295 295List of Witnesses302/12/2012View
332296 296Testimony of Barbara Kahlow202/02/2012View
333296A296AComp Plan Map excerpt202/02/2012View
334296B296BTestimony in opposition - Barbara Kahlow1902/02/2012View
335297 297Testimony of Gus Durant in opposition1102/02/2012View
336298 298Testimony of Carolyn Steptoe, ANC/SMD 5A07 in opposition802/02/2012View
337299 299Testimony of Richard Houghton in opposition1302/02/2012View
338300 300Testimony of Edward Johnson in oppositioin1102/02/2012View
339301 301Testimony of Carole Jacobs in opposition202/02/2012View
340302 302Photo submitted by John Feeley102/02/2012View
341303 303Testimony of Rabindranauth Ramson in opposition1502/02/2012View
342304 304Testimony of Mary Pat Rowlan in opposition102/02/2012View
343305 305Testimony of Philip Blair, Jr. in opposition202/02/2012View
344306 306Testimony of Melissa Houghton in opposition202/02/2012View
345307 307Testimony in opposition by Patricia Andrasik402/02/2012View
346308 308Applicant's powerpoint presentation for rebuttal/closing3402/02/2012View
347309 309Wells and Assoc. memo re: Neighborhood Parking Evaluation1902/02/2012View
348310 310Applicant's Responses to OP Proposed Conditions202/02/2012View
349311 311Applicant's Responses to DDOT Recommendations202/02/2012View
350312 312Breakdown of Costs Associated with the Undergrounding of Utilities and Public Space Improvements102/02/2012View
351313 313Letter from DPR re: proposed donation to Turkey Thicket Recreation Center102/02/2012View
352314 314Small Business Loan Fund information202/02/2012View
353315 315Site plan showing IZ Units' location302/02/2012View
354316 316Witness cards4 View
355317 317ZC Notice of Closed Record in Advance of Decision1 View
356318 318Applican't post-hearing submission602/23/2012View
357318A318AApplican't post-hearing submission; Tab A (Email, RE: followup to 2/2/12 Zoning Commission hearing on 901 Monroe)202/23/2012View
358318B318BPost-hearing submission; Tab B (Construction Management Agreement for 901 Monroe Street CZC No. 10-28)702/23/2012View
359318C318CPost-hearing submission; Tab C (Final Community Amenities)502/23/2012View
360318D318DApplicant's post-hearing submission; Tab D (Updated aerial perspective of the project)602/23/2012View
361319 319Brookland Neighborhood Civic Association302/23/2012View
362320 320OP's supplemental report1202/23/2012View
363321 321OP supplemental report102/29/2012View
364322 322Proposed findings of facts and conclusions of law2003/01/2012View
365323 323Applicant's motion to reopen record to accept additional info203/01/2012View
366324 324Response to post hearing submission and findings of fact and conclusions of law1603/01/2012View
367325 325Letter clarifying the role representatives of BNCA103/01/2012View
368326 326Applicant's supplement to motion to re-open (additional information)403/01/2012View
369327 327Motion to re-open record to accept corrections to applicant's proposed findings of facts and conclusions of law submitted by Brookland Neighborhood Civic Assoc.103/06/2012View
370328 328Supplement to motion to reopen record submitted by Brookland Neighborhood Civic Association103/06/2012View
371329 329Request to reopen record submitted by Kahlow103/08/2012View
372330 330Supplement motion to request to reopen the record submitted by Kahlow203/08/2012View
373331 331Referral to NCPC103/13/2012View
374332 332Procedural order203/12/2012View
375333 333ZC Notice of Colsed Record in Advance of Decision103/12/2012View
376334 334Applicant's response to procedural order1303/19/2012View
377335 335Applicant's response to request for additional info from ZC submitted by Goulston and Storrs203/22/2012View
378336 336Applicants Response to OAG, OZ, and OP Comments on Applicants 3-19-12 BAFO Response2104/02/2012View
379337 337Response to Applicant's BAFO Submitted by Barbara Kahlow404/09/2012View
380338 338NCPC Report204/11/2012View
381339 339ZC notice of closed record after decision104/30/2012View
382339 339ZC Order [VACATED by DCCA]44 View
383340 340Order to Register4406/06/2012View
384341 341Order and Attestation4406/08/2012View
385342 342Applicant's notice of Intent to Intervene307/26/2012View
386343 343Notice of Appearance in DC Ct of Appeals Case410/03/2012View
387344 344Entry of Appearance: (Guy Durant): Letter for Court Case 12-AA-973 from D.W. Brown Attorney for Petitioner312/17/2012View
388345 345Attestation: Procedural Order Re: Remand306/10/2013View
389346 346Attestation: Revised Procedural Order on Remand306/11/2013View
390347 347Applicant's Proposed Order on Remand1006/24/2013View
391348 348Response to Applicant's Proposed Order on Remand5107/09/2013View
392349 349DCCA Order on Remand1705/17/2013View
393350 350Cover Letter from First Source Employment Agreement and PUD Covenant110/08/2013View
394350A350AFirst Source Employment Agreement1110/08/2013View
395350B350BPUD Covenant5310/08/2013View
396351 351Order to Register1011/04/2013View
397352 352Attestation: Order No. 10-28(1)111/06/2013View
398353 353ZC Order No. 10-28(1) [VACATED by DCCA]1011/06/2013View
399354 354Letter from Dance Place Re: Receipt of Proffered Money106/23/2014View
400355 355Letter from Applicant Confirming Public Benefit Contribution107/17/2014View
401356 356Letter from the Applicant Requesting Further Hearing on Remand312/23/2014View
402357 357Response to Request for Hearing by Applicant from the 200 Footers212/30/2014View
403358 358Order Scheduling Oral Argument201/28/2015View
404359 359Applicant's Oral Argument Presentation2202/26/2015View
405360 360200-Footer's Remand Issues Power Point Presentation2802/26/2015View
406361 361Witness Cards102/26/2015View
407362 362Letter from WACIF Re: Public Benefit Contribution from Applicant207/16/2015View
408363 363Order to Register 907/30/2015View
409364 364ZC Order No. 10-28(3) [VACATED by DCCA]907/30/2015View
410365 365Attestation: Order No. 10-28(3)107/30/2015View
411366 366DCCA Order of May 26, 20161205/26/2016View
412367 367DCCA Order of July 20, 2016207/26/2016View