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11 1Applicant's Application Form for 2nd-Stage PUD103/09/2018View
22 2Cvr. Ltr. to Applicant's Application for 2nd-Stage PUD 303/09/2018View
33 3Applicant's Statement in Support1703/09/2018View
43A3ASIS: Tab A (ZC Order 08-07)2803/09/2018View
53B3BSIS: Tab B (Future Land Use Map)103/09/2018View
63C3CSIS: Tab C (Generalized Policy Map)103/09/2018View
73D3DSIS: Tab D (Comprehensive Plan Analysis)1103/09/2018View
83E3ESIS: Tab E (Approved First Stage Plans)3303/09/2018View
93F13F1SIS: Tab F (Architectural Plans - part 1)1703/09/2018View
103F23F2SIS: Tab F (Architectural Plans - part 2)2103/09/2018View
113F33F3SIS: Tab F (Architectural Plans - part 3)1403/09/2018View
123F43F4SIS: Tab F (Architectural Plans - part 4)403/09/2018View
133F53F5SIS: Tab F (Architectural Plans - part 5)303/09/2018View
143G3GSIS: Tab G (Surveyor's Plat)103/09/2018View
153H3HSIS: Tab H (Certificate of Notice, NOI, and Mailing Label List of Property Owners within 200 ft.)403/09/2018View
163I3ISIS: Tab I (Authorization Letters)303/09/2018View
174 4Ltr. of Acceptance to Applicant103/15/2018View
185 5Referral to OP103/15/2018View
196 6Referral to Councilmember Trayon WHite, Sr.103/15/2018View
207 7Referral to ANC 8A and SMD 8A06703/15/2018View
218 8NOF to DC Register103/15/2018View
229 9Attestation: NOF203/15/2018View
2310 10OP Setdown Report2005/04/2018View
2411 11Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Prehearing Statement205/16/2018View
2512 12Prehearing Statement1005/16/2018View
2612A12APHS: Tab A (List of Witnesses)105/16/2018View
2712B12BPHS: Tab B (Outlines of Testimony and Expert Resumes)1505/16/2018View
2812C12CPHS: Tab C (Architectural Drawings)705/16/2018View
2912D12DPHS: Tab D (List of Maps)105/16/2018View
3012E12EPHS: Tab E (200 ft Property Owner List)205/16/2018View
3113 13Setdown Ltr. to Applicant105/16/2018View
3214 14Proof of Publication of PHN in D.C. Register105/30/2018View
3315 15Notice of Public Hearing305/30/2018View
3416 161 Returned PHN206/06/2018View
3517 17Attestation: PHN305/29/2018View
3618 18Affidavit of Posting706/12/2018View
3719 193 Returned PHNs406/25/2018View
3820 20Cover Letter from Applicant - CTR306/26/2018View
3920A20AApplicant's CTR7606/26/2018View
4021 21Applicant's Supplemental Prehearing Submission307/06/2018View
4121A121A1SS: Tab A (Architectural Drawings - Part 1)1807/06/2018View
4221A221A2SS: Tab A (Architectural Drawings - Part 2)3507/06/2018View
4321A321A3SS: Tab A (Architectural Drawings - Part 3)807/06/2018View
4421A421A4SS: Tab A (Architectural Drawings - Part 4)807/06/2018View
4521B21BSS: Tab B (Construction Management Plan)407/06/2018View
4622 22DDOT Report2207/16/2018View
4723 23Letter from MPD107/18/2018View
4824 24Resume of Mike Hickok (architect)107/18/2018View
4925 25OP Final Report1407/18/2018View
5026 26Affidavit of Maintenance 1907/18/2018View
5127 27Ltr. from ANC 8A Chair - Representation at the Hearing107/20/2018View
5228 28Ltr. from the ANC 8A Chair - Request to Include Condition re: CBA107/24/2018View
5329 29Ltr. in Support - Anacostia Economic Development Corporation107/26/2018View
5430 30Ltr. in Support - Anacostia Playhouse107/26/2018View
5531 31Ltr. in Support - ARCH107/26/2018View
5632 32Ltr. in Support - Checkit107/26/2018View
5733 33Ltr. in Support - Community College Preparatory Academy107/26/2018View
5834 34Ltr. in Support - HABA107/26/2018View
5935 35Ltr. in Support - Menkiti Group107/26/2018View
6036 36Ltr. in Support - Stockbridge Commmunity107/26/2018View
6137 37Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Hearing and Agency Response Documents107/26/2018View
6237A137A1Applicants PowerPoint - Part 1907/26/2018View
6337A237A2Applicants PowerPoint - Part 2307/26/2018View
6437A337A3Applicants PowerPoint - Part 3207/26/2018View
6537A437A4Applicants PowerPoint - Part 4 407/26/2018View
6637A537A5Applicants PowerPoint - Part 5907/26/2018View
6737B37BPhoto of materials board107/26/2018View
6837C37CResponse to DDOT Report1007/26/2018View
6938 38Testimony from Keith Turner207/26/2018View
7039 39Draft CBA907/26/2018View
7140 40Witness Cards207/26/2018View
7241 41Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Correcting the Record107/27/2018View
7342 42Cvt. Ltr. - Applicant's Initial Proffers and Conditions208/06/2018View
7442A42AApplicant's Initial Proffers and Conditions1208/06/2018View
7543 43Cvr. Ltr. Submitting Revised Proffers and Conditions208/20/2018View
7643A43ARevised Proffers and Conditions1408/20/2018View
7744 44Cvr. Ltr. Submiting Edit to Revised Proffers and Conditions208/21/2018View
7844A44AEdits to Revised Proffers and Conditions1408/21/2018View
7945 45Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Post-hearing Submission408/27/2018View
8045A45AAPHS: Tab A (Revised Architectural Drawings)608/27/2018View
8145B45BAPHS: Tab B (ACC Support Letter)108/27/2018View
8245C45CAPHS: Tab C (Draft Order)3108/27/2018View
8346 46ANC 8A Report109/17/2018View
8446A46AANC Report - Community Benefits Agreement1109/17/2018View
8547 47Proof of Publication of ZC Order in D.C. Register110/31/2018View
8648 48Z.C. Order No. 08-07C3310/31/2018View
8749 49Attestation: Order No. 08-07C110/31/2018View
8850 50Motion to Reconsider (DENIED)411/14/2018View
8951 51Applicant's Opposition to Motion to Reconsider511/20/2018View
9052 52Proof of Publication of Order in DC Register101/24/2019View
9153 53Attestation: Order No. 08-07C(1)101/24/2019View
9254 54Z.C. Order No. 08-07C(1)401/24/2019View