row_num#Exhibit #Exhibit #Exhibit #Exhibit DescriptionNumber of PagesExhibit DateAction
11 1Application Form17/16/2019View
21A1AReceipt for Filing Fee107/23/2019View
32 2Cvr. Ltr and Statement in Support - Modification of Significance to First-Stage PUD127/16/2019View
42A2ASIS: Tab A (Application and Squares & Lots information)57/16/2019View
52B2BSIS: Tab B (Authorization Ltr.)17/16/2019View
62C2CSIS: Tab C (Plats)37/16/2019View
72D2DSIS: Tab D (Copy of Order 06-11/06-12)547/16/2019View
82E2ESIS: Tab E (Proposed Housing Sites)27/16/2019View
92F2FSIS: Tab F (Certificate of Notice)57/16/2019View
102G2GSIS Tab G (List of Property Owners within 200 feet)227/24/2019View
113 3Ltr. of Acceptance to Applicant107/25/2019View
124 4Referral to OP107/25/2019View
135 5Referral to Councilmember Jack Evans107/25/2019View
146 6Referral to ANC 2A and 2B707/25/2019View
157 7NOF to Dc Register107/25/2019View
168 8Attestation: NOF107/25/2019View
178A8ANotice of Filing107/25/2019View
189 9OP Setdown Report89/13/2019View
1910 10 Voluntary Neighborhood Agreement submitted by Applicant569/23/2019View
2011 11Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Prehearing Statement69/27/2019View
2111A11APHS: Tab A (Housing Map)19/27/2019View
2211B11BPHS: Tab B (Conditions)39/27/2019View
2311C11CPHS: Tab C (Hearing Fee Form)29/27/2019View
2411C11C1Receipt for Hearing Fee109/27/2019View
2511D11DPHS: Tab D (Resumes)39/27/2019View
2611E11EPHS: Tab E (Outlines of Testimony)39/27/2019View
2712 12Setdown Ltr. to Applicant109/24/2019View
2813 13ANC 2A Report39/30/2019View
2914 14Proof of Publication of PHN in D.C. Register110/01/2019View
3015 15Notice of Public Hearing410/01/2019View
3215B15BCvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Request to Waive Posting Requirement (APPROVED 9-23-19)310/08/2019View
3316 16Request for Party Status in Support - West End Citizens Association410/15/2019View
3417 171 Returned PHN210/15/2019View
3518 181 Returned PHN210/17/2019View
3619 19Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - CTR210/18/2019View
3820 20Affidavit of Posting1310/23/2019View
3921 217 Returned PHNs810/30/2019View
4022 222 Returned PHNs311/04/2019View
4123 23Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Supplemental Statement311/12/2019View
4224 24Applicant's Supplemental Statement611/12/2019View
4324A24ASS: Tab A (Temporary Housing Plan)111/12/2019View
4424B24BSS: Tab B (Draft Conditions of Approval)611/12/2019View
4524C24CSS: Tab C (ANC Agreement)5611/12/2019View
4624D24DSS: Tab D (CFA)211/12/2019View
4724E24ESS: Tab E (HPRB)711/12/2019View
4824F24F1SS: Tab F (Plans - Pt 1)1411/12/2019View
4924F24F2SS: Tab F (Plans - Pt 2)2111/12/2019View
5024F24F3SS: Tab F (Plans - Pt 3)1611/12/2019View
5124G24GSS: Tab G (Resumes)311/12/2019View
5225 253 Returned PHNs411/13/2019View
5326 262 Returned PHNs311/15/2019View
5427 271 Returned PHN211/18/2019View
5528 28OP Report1811/22/2019View
5629 29DDOT Report1211/22/2019View
5730 30Affidavit of Maintenance2111/27/2019View
5831 31Multiple Ltrs. in Support3011/27/2019View
5932 32Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Updated Materials and Conditions112/2/2019View
6032A32A1Updated Materials and Conditions: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Part 1)512/2/2019View
6132A32A2Updated Materials and Conditions: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Part 2)112/2/2019View
6232B32BUpdated Materials and Conditions: Tab B (Color Photos)112/2/2019View
6333 33PowerPoint Presentation3312/2/2019View
6434 34Additional Ltrs. in Support512/2/2019View
6535 35Testimony of Sara Maddux112/02/2019View
6636 36Witness Cards212/02/2019View
6737 371 Returned PHN212/10/2019View
6838 381 Returned PHN212/16/2019View
6939 39Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Draft Order202/04/2020View
7039A39AApplicant's Draft Order1302/04/2020View
7140 40Proof of Publication of Order in D.C. Register 03/31/2020View
7241 41Z.C. Order No. 06-11Q/06-12Q 04/01/2020View
7342 42Attestation: Order No. 06-11Q/06-12Q 04/01/2020View