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11 1Cvr. Ltr. for Application for Second Stage PUD and Modification of Significance for First Stage PUD309/04/2018View
22 2Statement in Support3609/04/2018View
32A2ASIS: Tab A (Application Form)109/04/2018View
42B2BSIS: Tab B (Authorization Letter)109/04/2018View
52C2CSIS: Tab C (Certificate of Notice)409/04/2018View
62D2DSIS: Tab D (Compliance with Regulations)209/04/2018View
72E2ESIS: Tab EE (Mailing List of Property Owners within 200 feet)409/04/2018View
82F12F1SIS: Tab F (Order 06-10) Part 1)3109/04/2018View
92F22F2SIS: Tab F (Order 06-10A) Part 2509/04/2018View
102F32F3SIS: Tab F (Order 06-10C) Part 3509/04/2018View
112G12G1SIS: Tab G (Architectural Plans - Part 1)509/04/2018View
122G22G2SIS: Tab G (Architectural Plans - Part 2)509/04/2018View
132G32G3SIS: Tab G (Architectural Plans -Part 3)909/04/2018View
142G42G4SIS: Tab G (Architectural Plans - Part 4)2409/04/2018View
152G52G5SIS: Tab G (Architectural Plans - Part 5)1309/04/2018View
162G62G6SIS: Tab G (Architectural Plans - Part 6)1009/04/2018View
172G72G7SIS: Tab G (Architectural Plans - Part 7)409/04/2018View
182G82G8SIS: Tab G (Architectural Plans - Part 8)309/04/2018View
192G92G9SIS: Tab G (Architectural Plans - Part 9)209/04/2018View
202G102G10SIS: Tab G (Architectural Plans - Part 10)309/04/2018View
212G112G11SIS: Tab G (Architectural Plans - Part 11)209/04/2018View
222G122G12SIS: Tab G (Architectural Plans - Part 12)1309/04/2018View
232G132G13SIS: Tab G (Architectural Plans - Part 13)1009/04/2018View
243 3Receipt for Filing Fee109/10/2018View
254 4Acceptance Ltr. to Applicant109/13/2018View
265 5Referral to ANC & SMD709/13/2018View
276 6Referral to Councilmembers for Wards 4 & 5109/13/2018View
287 7Referral to OP109/13/2018View
298 8Proof of Publication of NOF in D.C. Register109/13/2018View
309 9Attestation: NOF109/13/2018View
3110 10OP Setdown Report711/09/2018View
3211 11Cvr. Ltr. and Pre-Hearing Statement 1201/25/2019View
3311A11APHS: Tab A (Modifications Since Setdown)1101/25/2019View
3411B111B1PHS: Tab B (Architectural Plans - Part 1)901/25/2019View
3511B211B2PHS: Tab B (Architectural Plans - Part 2)101/25/2019View
3611B3A11B3APHS: Tab B (Architectural Plans - Part 3A)301/25/2019View
3711B3B11B3BPHS: Tab B (Architectural Plans - Part 3B)901/25/2019View
3811B4A11B4APHS: Tab B (Architectural Plans - Part 4A)1301/25/2019View
3911B4B11B4BPHS: Tab B (Architectural Plans - Part 4B)201/25/2019View
4011B511B5PHS: Tab B (Architectural Plans - Parrt 5)401/25/2019View
4111B611B6PHS: Tab B (Architectural Plans - Part 6)1801/25/2019View
4211B711B7PHS: Tab B (Architectural Plans - Part 7)601/25/2019View
4311B811B8PHS: Tab B (Architectural Plans - Part 8)501/25/2019View
4411B911B9PHS: Tab B (Architectural Plans - Part 9)401/25/2019View
4511B1011B10PHS: Tab B (Architectural Plans - Part 10)601/25/2019View
4611B1111B11PHS: Tab B (Architectural Plans - Part 11 - Civil Plans)1001/25/2019View
4711B1211B12PHS: Tab B (Architectural Plans - Part 12 - Civil Plans)1001/25/2019View
4811B1311B13PHS: Tab B (Architectural Plans - Part 13 - Landscape Plans)101/25/2019View
4911B1411B14PHS: Tab B (Architectural Plans - Part 14 - Landscape Plans)101/25/2019View
5011B1511B15PHS: Tab B (Architectural Plans - Part 15 - LANDSCAPE PLANS)401/25/2019View
5111B1611B16PHS: Tab B (Architectural Plans - Part 16 - LANDSCAPE PLANS)201/25/2019View
5211B1711B17PHS: Tab B (Architectural Plans - Part 17 - LANDSCAPE PLANS)101/25/2019View
5311B1811B18PHS: Tab B (Architectural Plans - Part 18 - LANDSCAPE PLANS)101/25/2019View
5411B1911B19PHS: Tab B (Architectural Plans - Part 19 - LANDSCAPE PLANS)301/25/2019View
5511B2011B20PHS: Tab B (Architectural Plans - Part 20 - LANDSCAPE PLANS)101/25/2019View
5611C11CPHS: Tab C (Outline of Testimony and Resumese)1901/25/2019View
5711D11DPHS: Tab D (Certification of Compliance)301/25/2019View
5811E11EPHS: Tab E (Property Owner List)401/28/2019View
5911F11FPHS: Tab F (Property Lease List)101/25/2019View
6011G11GPHS: Tab G ( Memo Re: Effect of Fort Totten Overlay)601/25/2019View
6111H11HPHS: Tab H (Frequently Asked Questions)701/25/2019View
6211I11IPHS: Tab I (List of Publicly Available Information)101/25/2019View
6312 12Hearing Fee Calculator Form201/25/2019View
6413 13Receipt for Hearing Fee101/30/2019View
6514 14Proof of Publication of PHN in D.C. Register102/04/2019View
6615 15Notice of Public Hearing302/04/2019View
6716 16Affidavit of Posting1702/14/2019View
6817 171 Returned PHN202/27/2019View
6918 18Attestation: PHN302/08/2019View
7019 19Cvr Ltr from Applicant - CTR203/05/2019View
7120A120A1CTR (Part 1)6703/05/2019View
7220A220A2CTR (Part 2)12703/05/2019View
7321 211 Returned PHN203/08/2019View
7422 22Cvr Ltr from Applicant - Supplemental Submission603/15/2019View
7522A122A1SS: Tab A (Plans - Part 1)803/15/2019View
7622A222A2SS: Tab A (Plans - Part 2)203/15/2019View
7722A322A3SS: Tab A (Plans - Part 3)103/15/2019View
7822A422A4SS: Tab A (Plans - Part 4)403/15/2019View
7922A522A5SS: Tab A (Plans - Part 5)1603/15/2019View
8022A622A6SS: Tab A (Plans - Part 6)603/15/2019View
8122A722A7SS: Tab A (Plans - Part 7)203/15/2019View
8222A822A8SS: Tab A (Plans - Part 8)303/15/2019View
8322A922A9SS: Tab A (Plans - Part 9)1403/15/2019View
8422A1022A10SS: Tab A (Plans - Part 10)803/15/2019View
8522A1122A11SS: Tab A (Plans - Part 11)703/15/2019View
8622A1222A12SS: Tab A (Plans - Part 12)603/15/2019View
8722A1322A13SS: Tab A (Plans - Part 13)903/15/2019View
8822A1422A14SS: Tab A (Plans - Part 14)303/15/2019View
8922A1522A15SS: Tab A (Plans - Part 15)303/15/2019View
9022A1622A16SS: Tab A (Plans - Part 16)303/15/2019View
9122A1722A17SS: Tab A (Plans - Part 17)203/15/2019View
9222A1822A18SS: Tab A (Plans - Part 18)203/15/2019View
9322A1922A19SS: Tab A (Plans - Part 19)203/15/2019View
9422A2022A20SS: Tab A (Plans - Part 20)203/15/2019View
9522A2122A21SS: Tab A (Plans - Part 21)303/15/2019View
9622A2222A22SS: Tab A (Plans - Part 22)603/15/2019View
9722A2322A23SS: Tab A (Plans - Part 23)103/15/2019View
9822A2422A24SS: Tab A (Plans - Part 24)1503/15/2019View
9922A2522A25SS: Tab A (Plans - Part 25)603/15/2019View
10022B22BSS: Tab B (Construction Management Plan)303/15/2019View
10122C22CSS: Tab C (Security Policies and Procedures)203/15/2019View
10223 23Party Status Application (in support) - Lamond-Riggs Citizens Assoc., Inc.2303/19/2019View
10324 24DDOT Report5603/25/2019View
10425 25OP Report1603/25/2019View
10526 26Affidavit of Maintenance1903/29/2019View
10627 27Ltr. in Support - South Dakota Avenue/Riggs Road Main Street Program 104/02/2019View
10728 28ANC 5A Report204/03/2019View
10829 29Testimony of Spenser Balog, Casey Trees404/04/2019View
10930A130A1Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation (Part 1)304/04/2019View
11030A230A2Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation (Part 2)104/04/2019View
11130A330A3Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation (Part 3)204/04/2019View
11230A430A4Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation (Part 4)604/04/2019View
11330A530A5Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation (Part 5)804/04/2019View
11430A630A6Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation (Part 6)504/04/2019View
11530A730A7Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation (Part 7)504/04/2019View
11630A830A8Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation (Part 8)504/04/2019View
11731 31Mitigation Summary Memo304/04/2019View
11832 32Art Place Phase II Parking Reduction Memo204/04/2019View
11933 33Proffered Benefits and Amenities304/04/2019View
12034 34Applicant's Response to OP Request for Additional Information304/04/2019View
12135A135A1Applicant's Response PowerPoint Presentation (Part 1)904/04/2019View
12235A235A2Applicant's Response PowerPoint Presentation (Part 2)404/04/2019View
12335A335A3Applicant's Response PowerPoint Presentation (Part 3)504/04/2019View
12435A435A4Applicant's Response PowerPoint Presentation (Part 4)304/04/2019View
12536 36Witness List104/04/2019View
12637 37Testimony of Uchenna Evans, the Lamond-Riggs Citizens Association2804/04/2019View
12738 38Testimony of Gavin Baker204/04/2019View
12839 39Testimony from Deborah Grimstead104/04/2019View
12940 40Witness Cards204/04/2019View
13041 41Confirmation of Schedule for Submission of Post-Hearing Materials304/11/2019View
13142 42Applicant's Proffers and Proposed Conditions604/22/2019View
13243 43Service of Applicant's Proffers and Proposed Conditions104/22/2019View
13344 44Applicant's Post-Hearing Statement1305/03/2019View
13444A144A1APHS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Part 1)1405/03/2019View
13544A244A2APHS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Part 2)1105/03/2019View
13644A344A3APHS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Part 3)1205/03/2019View
13744A444A4APHS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Part 4)1405/03/2019View
13844A544A5APHS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Part 5)905/03/2019View
13944A644A6APHS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Part 6)705/03/2019View
14044A744A7APHS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Part 7)805/03/2019View
14144A844A8APHS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Part 8)1605/03/2019View
14244A944A9APHS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Part 9)1405/03/2019View
14344A1044A10APHS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Part 10)1005/03/2019View
14444B44BAPHS: Tab B (LEED Scorecard)105/03/2019View
14544C44CAPHS: Tab C (Art Place Phase II - Hearing Items)305/03/2019View
14644D44DAPHS: Tab D (Updated TDM Measures - Block B APFT)205/03/2019View
14744E44EAPHS: Tab E (APFT - 3rd St NE Pedestrian - Bike Connection)105/03/2019View
14844F44FAPHS: Tab F (APFT Ped Bike Connection Cost Estimate)105/03/2019View
14944G44GAPHS: Tab G (APFT Block B - Development and Construction Management Plan)305/03/2019View
15044H44HAPHS: Tab H (Tree Removal Plan)205/03/2019View
15145 45Applicant's Benefits and Amenities805/06/2019View
15246 46Applicant's Proposed Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law4505/09/2019View
15347 47LRCA's Response to Applicant's Proffered Benefits and Conditions105/13/2019View
15448 48Corrected Public Benefits405/13/2019View
15549 49DDOT's Motion to Reopen the Record to Respond to Applicant's Post-Hearing Submission (APPROVED)205/17/2019View
15650 50DDOT - Supplemental Report205/20/2019View
15752 52Witness Cards - May 20, 2019 Special Public Meeting105/20/2019View
15853 53OP Post-Hearing Supplemental Report205/24/2019View
15954 54Applicant's Post- Meeting Submission505/28/2019View
16055 55Supplemental DDOT Report205/28/2019View
16156 56Response from Lamond-Riggs Citizens Association to Applicant's Post-Meeting Submission205/31/2019View
16257 57Proof of Publication of Order in D.C. Register103/11/2020View
16358 58Z.C. Order No. 06-10D3703/11/2020View
16459 59Attestation: Order No. 06-10D103/12/2020View