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11 1Racial Equity Analysis Tool104/26/2022View
22 2Proof of Publication of PHN in D.C. Register106/27/2022View
33 3Notice of Public Roundtable306/27/2022View
44 4Attestation: PHN106/27/2022View
55 5Comments from Coy McKinney107/15/2022View
65A5AComments: Tab A (Article-Why Voters...)907/15/2022View
75B5BComments: Tab B (Article-Build Baby Build...)4807/15/2022View
85C5CComments: Tab C (SW Stats)107/15/2022View
95D5DComments: Tab D (Housing Production)107/15/2022View
106 6Testimony from Adom Cooper509/19/2022View
117 7Testimony from Ethan Pirk109/20/2022View
128 8Testimony from LaToya Thomas209/20/2022View
139 9Testimony from NLC209/20/2022View
1410 10Testimony from Jennifer Ho409/21/2022View
1511 11Testimony from Tanya Golash-Boza209/21/2022View
1612 12Testimony from Rev. Dr. Wanda K. Thompson209/21/2022View
1713 13Testimony from Lauri Winter309/21/2022View
1814 14Testimony from Andrea Rosen, DC for Democracy309/21/2022View
1915 15Testimony from Nancy MacWood, Ward 3 Housing Justice209/21/2022View
2016 16Testimony from SW DC Action609/19/2022View
2117 17Testimony from Miranda Chein-Hale509/21/2022View
2218 18Letter in Support from Alice Scott Jackson109/21/2022View
2319 19Testimony from Vickie Smith409/21/2022View
2420 20Testimony from Barbara Gilbert209/21/2022View
2521 21Testimony from The Committee of 100 on the Federal City309/21/2022View
2622 22Testimony from Armanda Taylor409/21/2022View
2723 23Testimony from Kelley Gallagher309/21/2022View
2824 24Testimony from Stephanie Height409/21/2022View
2925 25Cover Letter from OAG - PowerPoint Presentation109/21/2022View
3025A25AOAG's PowerPoint Presentation3309/21/2022View
3126 26Testimony from Karen McManus509/21/2022View
3227 27Testimony from Alex Baca, Greater Greater Washington509/21/2022View
3328 28Testimony from Ruby Steigerwald209/21/2022View
3429 29Testimony from Jayme Epstein209/21/2022View
3530 30Testimony from Carol Aten209/21/2022View
3631 31Testimony from Renee Bowser309/21/2022View
3732 32Testimony from CSG39/21/2022View
3833 33Testimony from Jennifer Stecklow309/22/2022View
3934 34PowerPoint Presentation from ANC 6A1109/22/2022View
4035 35Testimony from Ronald Kahn109/22/2022View
4136 36Testimony from Deirde Brown209/22/2022View
4237 37Testimony from Eleanor Noble, Urban Institute609/22/2022View
4338 38Testimony from Michael Starnes, DC Yimbys209/22/2022View
4439 39Testimony from Laura Worby109/22/2022View
4540 40Testimony - Hagans, Georgette 209/23/2022View
4641 41Testimony from Parisa Norouzi 1109/23/2022View
4742 42Testimony from Sebrena Rhodes 209/23/2022View
4843 43Testimony for Danny Clark 109/23/2022View
4944 44Testimony for Anthony Bravo 109/23/2022View
5045 45Testimony - Gil Landau109/23/2022View
5146 46Testimony for Liz Thornberry209/23/2022View
5247 47Witness List from 09-22-22 Roundtable 209/26/2022View
5348 48Testimony from Cody Crunkilton109/26/2022View
5449 49Testimony from Anthony Holten109/26/2022View
5550 50Testimony from Gina Bulett209/26/2022View
5651 51Testimony from Tod Ewing109/26/2022View
5752 52Testimony from Commissioner Renee Bowser, ANC 4D310/06/2022View
5853 53Letter from Renana Fox210/06/2022View
5954 54Recommendation from Empower DC410/07/2022View
6055 55Testimony from William Jordan2210/07/2022View