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11 1Application for Consolidated PUD and Map Amendment11/21/2022View
21A1AApplication Signature Page11/21/2022View
32 2Applicant's cvr. ltr.31/21/2022View
42A2ALetters of Authorization61/21/2022View
52B2BSurveyor's Plat11/21/2022View
62C2CList of Property Owners w/in 200 Feet51/21/2022View
72D2DNotice of Intent and Certificate of Notice21/21/2022View
83 3Applicant's Statement in Support451/21/2022View
93A3ASIS: Tab A (Letters of Authorization)61/21/2022View
103B3BSIS: Tab B (Form 100 Application Signature Page)11/21/2022View
113C3CSIS: Tab C (Certified Surveyor's Plat)11/21/2022View
123D3DSIS: Tab D (Portion of Zoning Map Showing Existing Zoning for PUD Site)11/21/2022View
133E3ESIS: Tab E (Portion of Zoning Map Showing Proposed Zoning for PUD Site)11/21/2022View
143F3FSIS: Tab F (Portion of Generalized Policy Map)11/21/2022View
153G3GSIS: Tab G (Portion of Future Land Use Map)11/21/2022View
163H3HSIS: Tab H (Evaluation of Consistency with the Comprehensive Plan)281/21/2022View
173I3ISIS: Tab I (Community Benefits Agreement, as of Jan. 19, 2022)61/21/2022View
183J3JSIS: Tab J (Draft Construction Management Plan)61/21/2022View
193K3KSIS: Tab K (Letter from Noyes Elementary School)11/21/2022View
203L3LSIS: Tab L (Letter from Noyes Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization)11/21/2022View
213M3MSIS: Tab M (Letter from Mary House)11/21/2022View
223N3NSIS: Tab N (Certificate of Notice, NOI, and List of Property Owners within 200 feet of PUD Site)71/21/2022View
233O3OSIS: Tab O (Estimated Quantities of Potable Water and of Sanitary Sewage)31/21/2022View
244A4A1Architectural Plans - part 1161/21/2022View
254A4A2Architectural Plans - part 2 (Renderings)151/21/2022View
264A4A3Architectural Plans - part 3 (Phase I Drawings)111/21/2022View
274A4A4Architectural Plans - part 4 (Phase IIA Drawings)111/21/2022View
284A4A5Architectural Plans - part 5 (Phase IIB Drawings)111/21/2022View
294A4A6Architectural Plans - part 6 (Landscape Drawings)161/21/2022View
304A4A7Architectural Plans - part 7 (Civil Drawings)121/21/2022View
315 5Letter to Applicant101/27/2022View
325A5AReceipt of hearing fee101/24/2022View
336 6Referral to OP for Processing201/27/2022View
347 7Notice of Filing101/27/2022View
358 8Attestation: Notice of Filing 201/27/2022View
369 9Referral of NOF to ANC 5B701/27/2022View
3710 10Referral of NOF to Councilmember 101/27/2022View
3811 11Proof of publication in D.C. Register101/27/2022View
3912 12Notice of Filing (Corrected)101/31/2022View
4013 13Attestation: Notice of Filing (corrected)201/31/2022View
4114 14Proof of publication in D.C. Register (Corrected)101/31/2022View
4215 15OP Setdown Report323/21/2022View
4316 16OP PowerPoint Presentation43/31/2022View
4417 17Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Pre-hearing Statement24/8/2022View
4518 18Applicant's Prehearing Statement.PDF144/8/2022View
4618A18A1PHS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Part 1)184/8/2022View
4718A18A2PHS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Part 2)94/8/2022View
4818A18A3PHS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Part 3)104/8/2022View
4918A18A4PHS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Part 4)114/8/2022View
5018A18A5PHS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Part 5)114/8/2022View
5118A18A6PHS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Part 6)114/8/2022View
5218A18A7PHS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Part 7)104/8/2022View
5318A18A8PHS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Part 8)104/8/2022View
5418A18A9PHS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Part 9)114/8/2022View
5518A18A10PHS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Part 10)154/8/2022View
5618A18A11PHS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Part 11)144/8/2022View
5718B18BPHS: Tab B (IZ Unit Location Plans)44/8/2022View
5818C18CPHS: Tab C (Witness List and Applicant's Estimated Time for Presentation)14/8/2022View
5918D18DPHS: Tab D (Witness Outlines and Expert Resumes)184/8/2022View
6018E18EPHS: Tab E (List of Publicly Available Information)14/8/2022View
6118F18FPHS: Tab F (List of Property Owners Within 200 Ft. of PUD Site)24/8/2022View
6218G18GPHS: Tab G (List of Lessees)24/8/2022View
6318H18HPHS: Tab H (Contr. Ltr. - Greater Brookland Int. l Village)24/8/2022View
6418I18IPHS: Tab I (Contr. Ltr. - Mint Project)14/8/2022View
6518J18JPHS: Tab J (Contr. Ltr. - FreshFarms)24/8/2022View
6618K18K1PHS: Tab K (Contr. Ltr._Village of Brookland Trad_l Schools - R. Rice)24/8/2022View
6718K18K2PHS: Tab K (Contr. Ltr. _ Village of Brookland Trad_l Schools - L. Vaughan)24/8/2022View
6818L18LPHS: Tab L (Hearing Fee Calculator Form 116)24/8/2022View
6918M18MReceipt of hearing fee103/16/2022View
7019 19Proof of Publication of PHN in D.C. Register104/18/2022View
7120 20Notice of Public Hearing504/18/2022View
7221 21Attestation: PHN104/22/2022View
7322 221 Returned PHN204/26/2022View
7423 231 Returned PHN205/02/2022View
7524 24Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - CTR25/16/2022View
7624A24ACtr. Ltr: Tab A (CTR)995/16/2022View
7725 25Ltr. in Support - Michael Tran105/18/2022View
7826 261 Returned PHN205/18/2022View
7927 27Letter in Support - Nicole Clement205/27/2022View
8028 281 Returned PHN205/26/2022View
8129 29Ltr. in Support - Joshua Beatty205/31/2022View
8230 30Ltr. in Support - Danea Gaines205/31/2022View
8331 31Affidavit of Posting16/9/2022View
8431A31A1Photo No. 116/9/2022View
8531A31A2Photo No. 216/9/2022View
8631A31A3Photo No. 316/9/2022View
8731A31A4Photo No. 416/9/2022View
8831A31A5Photo No. 516/9/2022View
8931A31A6Photo No. 616/9/2022View
9031A31A7Photo No. 716/9/2022View
9131A31A8Photo No. 816/9/2022View
9231A31A9Photo No. 916/9/2022View
9331A31A10Photo No. 1016/9/2022View
9431A31A11Photo No. 1116/9/2022View
9531A31A12Photo No. 1216/9/2022View
9631A31A13Photo No. 1316/9/2022View
9731A31A14Photo No. 1416/9/2022View
9831A31A15Photo No. 1516/9/2022View
9931A31A16Photo No. 1616/9/2022View
10032 32Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Supplemental Statement36/17/2022View
10133 33Applicant's Supplemental Statement116/17/2022View
10233A33A1SS: Tab A (Updated Architectural Plans - Part 1)186/17/2022View
10333A33A2SS: Tab A (Updated Architectural Plans - Part 2)116/17/2022View
10433A33A3SS: Tab A (Updated Architectural Plans - Part 3)106/17/2022View
10533A33A4SS: Tab A (Updated Architectural Plans - Part 4)116/17/2022View
10633A33A5SS: Tab A (Updated Architectural Plans - Part 5)116/17/2022View
10733A33A6SS: Tab A (Updated Architectural Plans - Part 6)116/17/2022View
10833A33A7SS: Tab A (Updated Architectural Plans - Part 7)106/17/2022View
10933A33A8SS: Tab A (Updated Architectural Plans - Part 8)106/17/2022View
11033A33A9SS: Tab A (Updated Architectural Plans - Part 9)116/17/2022View
11133A33A10SS: Tab A (Updated Architectural Plans - Part 10)156/17/2022View
11233A33A11SS: Tab A (Updated Architectural Plans - Part 11)146/17/2022View
11333B33BSS: Tab B (Draft Community Benefits Agreement)76/17/2022View
11433C33CSS: Tab C (Draft Construction Management Plan)66/17/2022View
11533D33DSS: Tab D (Updated IZ Unit Location Plan)46/17/2022View
11633E33ESS: Tab E (Supplemental Traffic Analysis Assessing Traffic Signal)196/17/2022View
11733F33FSS: Tab F (Proposed Traffic Calming and Control Measures)16/17/2022View
11833G33GSS: Tab G (Letter from DC Doors, Inc)26/17/2022View
11934 34Ltr. in Support - Emma Brownstein106/20/2022View
12035 35Ltr. in Support - Jennifer Brundage106/21/2022View
12136 36Ltr. in Support - Andrei Ponomarev206/22/2022View
12237 37Ltr. in Support - Donald Maley106/22/2022View
12338 38Ltr. in Support - Marchant Wentworth106/27/2022View
12439 39Applicant's Second Supplemental Statement37/1/2022View
12539A39ASS: Tab A (Ltr. in Support - FoNP-Garden Area)907/01/2022View
12639B39BSS: Tab B (Letter in Support - FoNP-Shade Structure)907/01/2022View
12739C39CSS: Tab C (Updated Draft of Community Benefits Agreement)707/01/2022View
12840 40Ltr. in Support - Marion Granigan107/01/2022View
12941 41Ltr. in Support - Commissioner Ra Amin, SMD 5B04207/05/2022View
13042 42Ltr. in Support - Julia Hurley & Erik Schmidt107/07/2022View
13143 43Ltr. in Support - BNCA407/11/2022View
13244 44DDOT Report247/11/2022View
13345 45OP Public Hearing Report217/11/2022View
13446 46Ltr in Support - Caroline Petti, BNCA107/18/2022View
13547 47Ltr. in Support - John S. Leibovitz207/18/2022View
13648 48Affidavit of Maintenance17/18/2022View
13749 49Testimony from Daniel Schramm207/19/2022View
13850 50Petition in Support - ANC 5B0427/19/2022View
13951 51Testimony from Mara Lee107/19/2022View
14052 52Applicant's Response to OP and DDOT37/20/2022View
14152A52AResponse: Tab A (Detailed Signage Plans)147/20/2022View
14252B52BResponse: Tab B (Updated TDM)37/20/2022View
14353 53PUD Materials Board37/20/2022View
14454A54A1Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation (Part 1)147/20/2022View
14554A54A2Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation (Part 2)207/20/2022View
14654A54A3Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation (Part 3)77/20/2022View
14754A54A4Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation (Part 4)337/20/2022View
14854A54A5Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation (Appendix Slides)127/20/2022View
14955 55Ltr. in Support - Colleen Costello, ANC 5B05207/20/2022View
15056 56Ltr. in Support - Andrei Ponomarev207/20/2022View
15157 57Ltr. in Support - Commissioner Prita Piekara, ANC 5B03307/21/2022View
15258 58Recusal Letter of Ra Amin - Gayle Carly, ANC 5B107/21/2022View
15359 59Referral to NCPC107/25/2022View
15460 60Witness List 07-21-22 Public Hearing107/25/2022View
15561 61Applicant's List of Proffers and Proposed Conditions317/28/2022View
15662 62Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Revised List of Proffers and Conditions58/11/2022View
15762A62AApplicant's Revised List of Proffers and Conditions358/11/2022View
15863 63NCPC Report108/26/2022View
15964 64Applicant's Post-Hearing Statement78/26/2022View
16064A64A1APHS: Tab A (Landscape Architecture Plan - Part 1)48/26/2022View
16164A64A2APHS: Tab A (Landscape Architecture Plan - Part 2)48/26/2022View
16264A64A3APHS: Tab A (Landscape Architecture Plan - Part 3)38/26/2022View
16365 65Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Draft Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law310/3/2022View
16465A65AApplicant's Draft Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law5910/3/2022View