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11 1Application Form 13/1/2021View
22 2OP Set Down and Prehearing Report - Text Amendment re: IZ-XL Phase 263/1/2021View
33 3OP Set Down PowerPoint Presentation73/15/2021View
44 4Proof of Publication of PHN in D.C. Register104/29/2021View
55 5Notice of Public Hearing604/29/2021View
66 6Attestation: PHN105/04/2021View
77 7Comments from DOEE205/06/2021View
88 8Assessment of Commercial to Residential Conversions in the District of Columbia Q2, 2020306/17/2021View
99 9OP Hearing Report76/17/2021View
1010 10Written Testimony from Rick Ammirato, Ex. Director, DC BID Council206/30/2021View
1111 11OP's Proof of Notice of Continued Public Hearing to ANCs19/13/2021View
1212 12Ltr. in Support - Coalition for Smarter Growth209/27/2021View
1313 13Testimony of Downtown DC BID 49/27/2021View
1414 14Comments from DCBIA7609/27/2021View
1515 15Comments from Leslie A. Steen509/27/2021View
1616 16Ltr in Opposition - Downtown DC Business Improvement District29/27/2021View
1717 17OP Supplemental Report710/4/2021View
1818 18Proof of Publication of Proposed Rulemaking in D.C. Register110/25/2021View
1918A18AReferral of proposed rulemaking to NCPC110/08/2021View
2019 19Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (RECORD OPEN UNTIL 12/06/21)810/25/2021View
2120 20NCPC Report 11/04/2021View
2221 21Testimony from Committee of 100 on the Federal City211/15/2021View
2322 22Proof of Publication of Order in D.C. Register112/20/2021View
2423 23Z.C. Order No. 21-05812/20/2021View
2524 24Attestation: Order No. 21-05112/20/2021View