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11 1Application Form111/22/2021View
22A2AColor Photograph A110/25/2021View
32B2BColor Photograph B110/25/2021View
42C2CColor Photograph C110/25/2021View
52D2DColor Photograph D110/25/2021View
62E2EColor Photograph E110/25/2021View
72F2FColor Photograph F110/25/2021View
82G2GColor Photograph G110/25/2021View
92H2HColor Photograph (Image Locations)110/25/2021View
103 3Memorandum from Matt LeGrant, Zoning Administrator-DCRA110/25/2021View
114 4List of Names and Mailing Addresses of Property Owners (Map)110/25/2021View
125 5DC Surveyor's Plat - SUPERSEDED - SEE EXHIBIT #12110/25/2021View
136 6Architectural Plans and Elevations - SUPERSEDED - SEE EXHIBIT #602011/16/2021View
147 7Burden of Proof - SUPERSEDED - SEE EXHIBIT #13211/22/2021View
158 8Statement of Existing and Intended Use - SUPERSEDED - SEE EXHIBIT #15111/22/2021View
169 9Certificate of Service111/22/2021View
1710 10Letters in Support511/22/2021View
1811 11List of Names and Mailing Addresses of Property Owners within 200 Ft211/30/2021View
1912 12Updated DC Surveyor's Plat111/30/2021View
2013 13Updated Burden of Proof211/30/2021View
2114 14Letter of Certification111/30/2021View
2215 15Updated Statement of Existing and Intended Use111/30/2021View
2316 16Form 120 Application111/30/2021View
2417 17Receipt112/7/2021View
2518 18BZA Notice of Virtual Public Hearing412/14/2021View
2619 19BZA Attestation/PHN112/14/2021View
2720 20Proof of Publication of PHN in DC Register101/31/2022View
2821 21Letter in Opposition from Charles P Pfleeger 202/25/2022View
2922 22Letter in Opposition from Shari Lawrence Pfleeger102/25/2022View
3023 23Letter in Opposition from Dawn & Marten Leijon603/01/2022View
3124 24Request for Party Status from A. Barr, S. Horsey and K. Mitchell53/2/2022View
3224A24AAffidavit of Service13/2/2022View
3325 25Letter in Opposition from Judith Miller Clear103/04/2022View
3426 26Summer Solar Study Plan Hour per Hour153/7/2022View
3527 27Winter Solar Study Plan Hour per Hour133/7/2022View
3628 28Solar Study Camera Positions13/7/2022View
3729 29View F - 4501 Chesapeake St. NW13/7/2022View
3830 30View D - 4708 45th St. NW13/7/2022View
3931 31View B - 4716 45th St. NW13/7/2022View
4032 32View E - 4704 45th St. NW13/7/2022View
4133 33View C - 4712 45th St. NW13/7/2022View
4234 34View I - 4514 Davenport NW13/7/2022View
4335 35View H - 4512 Davenport NW13/7/2022View
4436 36View G - 4510 Davenport NW13/7/2022View
4537 37View A - 4720 45th St. NW13/7/2022View
4638 38Notes and Computations13/7/2022View
4739 39Applicant's Letter in Opposition of Request for Party Status from A. Barr, S. Horsey and K.Mitchell33/9/2022View
4840 40Neighbor Views Showing the by Right and the Special Exception133/9/2022View
4941 41ANC 3E Report23/10/2022View
5042 42Letter in Opposition from Sariah Tambre Leigh103/14/2022View
5143 43Applicant's Response to Party Status Request23/16/2022View
5244 44Cover Letter from Applicant Enclosing Prehearing Statement, Letter of Authorization, Outline of Witness Testimony & Certification of Proficiency23/16/2022View
5344A44AApplicant's Prehearing Statement103/16/2022View
5444B44BLetter of Authorization13/16/2022View
5544C44COutline of Witness Testimony13/16/2022View
5644D44DCertification of Proficiency13/16/2022View
5745 45Returned PHN203/16/2022View
5846 46Request for Party Status from Ali & Lani Alichi43/20/2022View
5946A46AAffidavit of Service13/20/2022View
6047 47Letter in Opposition from Jay & Marlene Roudebush103/21/2022View
6148 48Letter in Opposition from Viji Rangaswami203/21/2022View
6249 49Affidavit of Posting33/21/2022View
6350 50Letter in Opposition from Linda Hughes403/22/2022View
6451 51Letter in Opposition from Danielle Cook103/23/2022View
6552 52OP Report53/24/2022View
6653 53DDOT Report13/25/2022View
6754 54Letter in Opposition from Cassandra Howard13/27/2022View
6855 55Letter in Opposition from Phyllis & John Kokus303/28/2022View
6956 56Letter in Opposition from Katherine Mitchell73/28/2022View
7057 57Prehearing Statement from Alfred Barr & Sarah Horsey33/30/2022View
7158 58Affidavit of Service13/30/2022View
7259 59Comments from Hilary Boardman & Massimo Cardinali103/30/2022View
7360 60Revised Architectural Plans and Elevations64/3/2022View
7461 61Applicant's Cover Letter for Revised Plans24/3/2022View
7562 62Affidavit of Maintenance14/3/2022View
7663 63Revised plan renderings14/4/2022View
7764 64Motion to Accept an Untimely Filing - Architectural Plans14/4/2022View
7865 65Letter of Authorization from Alfred Barr & Sarah Horsey14/4/2022View
7966 66Prehearing Statement of Ali & Lani Alichi14/4/2022View
8066A66AAffidavit of Service of Prehearing Statement14/4/2022View
8167 67Party in Opposition's Submission of 3-D Renderings of the Various Schemes from Judy Clear 124/4/2022View
8267A67AParty in Opposition's suggested alternate massing with similar nearby buildings from Judy Clear 94/4/2022View
8368 68Witness Testimony and photos from Katherine Mitchell 24/4/22View
8468A68AWitness Photo from Katherine Mitchell 14/4/2022View
8568B68BWitness Photo from Katherine Mitchell 14/4/2022View
8668C68CWitness Photo from Katherine Mitchell 14/4/2022View
8768D68DWitness Photo from Katherine Mitchell 14/4/2022View
8869 69Applicant's Powerpoint Presentation1804/05/2022View
8970 70Letter in Opposition from Viji Rangaswami204/05/2022View
9071 71Email from Matt LeGrant, Zoning Administrator204/06/2022View
9172 72List of Witnesses-April 6, 2022104/06/2022View
9273 73BZA Memo - Regarding Party Status104/07/2022View
9374 74Summary Order404/11/2022View
9475 75Attestation104/11/2022View