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11 1Application Form111/1/2021View
22 2Surveyor's Plat111/1/2021View
33 3Architectural Plans and Elevations - SUPERSEDED - SEE EXHIBIT #15A1-15A3511/1/2021View
44 4List of Names and Mailing Addresses of Property Owners within 200 Ft611/1/2021View
55 5Statement of the Applicant911/1/2021View
66 6Letter of Authorization111/1/2021View
77 7Certificate of Proficiency111/1/2021View
88 8Preliminary Transportation Management Plan211/1/2021View
99 9List of Expected Witnesses411/1/2021View
1010 10SEE STATEMENT111/1/2021View
1111 11Zoning Map Excerpt111/1/2021View
1212 12Zoning Self-Certification - SUPERSEDED - SEE EXHBIIT #18211/1/2021View
1313 13Cover Letter from the Applicant311/1/2021View
1414 14Color Photographs111/1/2021View
1515A15A1Updated Architectural Plans and Elevations (Part 1) - SUPERSEDED - SEE EXHIBITS 184C1 - 184C101111/1/2021View
1615A15A2Updated Architectural Plans and Elevations (Part 2) - SUPERSEDED - SEE EXHIBITS 184C1 - 184C10711/01/2021View
1715A15A3Updated Architectural Plans and Elevations (Part 3) - SUPERSEDED - SEE EXHIBITS 184C1 - 184C10211/01/2021View
1816 16Form 120 Application Form111/11/2021View
1917 17Statement of the Applicant1711/2/2021View
2018 18Updated Zoning Self-Certification211/11/2021View
2119 19Receipt111/16/2021View
2220 20BZA Notice of Virtual Public Hearing411/22/2021View
2321 21BZA Referrals111/22/2021View
2422 22BZA Referrals112/2/2021View
2523 23Request for Party Status in Opposition from Friends of the Field - SUPERSEDED - SEE EXHIBIT #25712/15/2021View
2624 24BZA Memo - Advanced Party Status Consideration - Public Meeting on January 12, 2022112/17/2021View
2725 25Updated Request for Party Status in Opposition from Friends of the Field712/21/2021View
2826 26Corrected Certificate of Service112/30/2021View
2927 27Letter in Opposition from Jill Schick201/03/2022View
3028 28Letter in Opposition from Ursual Werner201/03/2022View
3129 29Letter in Opposition George Zellmer201/10/2022View
3230 30Letter in Opposition from Marcello A. Abbruzzetti201/12/2022View
3331 31BZA Memo - Granting Advanced Party Status in Opposition to Friends of the Field101/14/2022View
3432 32Returned PHN201/13/2022View
3533 33Letter in Opposition from Rennie Sherman & William Willis101/18/2022View
3634 34Letter in Opposition from Joe McGuire & Mary Zitello201/18/2022View
3735 35Letter in Opposition from Ann DeStefano Sutherland201/19/2022View
3836 36Letter in Opposition from Alex Kerwin201/19/2022View
3937 37Letter in Opposition from Amber Golden201/19/2022View
4038 38Letter in Opposition from Amarachie Aeris Thompson201/19/2022View
4139 39Letter in Opposition from Ari Roth301/19/2022View
4240 40Letter in Opposition from Barton Leonard 201/19/2022View
4341 41Letter in Opposition from Candace Campbell201/19/2022View
4442 42Letter in Opposition from Chris Brookfield201/19/2022View
4543 43Letter in Opposition from Celeste Regan & Sam Smith101/19/2022View
4644 44Letter in Opposition from Christopher McClinton201/19/2022View
4745 45Letter in Opposition from Emily McClinton201/19/2022View
4846 46Letter in Opposition from Elizabeth Anker101/19/2022View
4947 47Letter in Opposition from Eliza Graham201/19/2022View
5048 48Letter in Opposition from Edward Randall Kremer201/19/2022View
5149 49Letter in Opposition from Darcy Hirsch201/19/2022View
5250 50Letter in Opposition from Eric Campbell201/19/2022View
5351 51Letter in Opposition from Erin Conroy201/19/2022View
5452 52Letter in Opposition from Georgia Stockdale201/19/2022View
5553 53Letter in Opposition from Frank Buchholz401/19/2022View
5654 54Letter in Opposition from Gladys Austin201/19/2022View
5755 55Letter in Opposition from Jeanie Teare201/19/2022View
5856 56Letter in Opposition from Gretchen Bomweber201/19/2022View
5957 57Letter in Opposition from Jane Tillinghast Sherman201/19/2022View
6058 58Letter in Opposition from Howard Goldstein201/19/2022View
6159 59Letter in Opposition from Janet & Michael Dodd101/19/2022View
6260 60Letter in Opposition from John Didier & Catherine J. Fox201/19/2022View
6361 61Letter in Opposition from Jennifer Leonard201/19/2022View
6462 62Letter in Opposition from Joanna Mastantuono201/19/2022View
6563 63Letter in Opposition from Jon Axelrod101/19/2022View
6664 64Letter in Opposition from Joseph & Kimberly Forcier201/19/2022View
6765 65Letter in Opposition from Louise Eighmie Turner201/19/2022View
6866 66Letter in Opposition from Linda Haslach201/19/2022View
6967 67Letter in Opposition from Mark W. Davis201/19/2022View
7068 68Letter in Opposition from Joseph P. Sutherland201/19/2022View
7169 69Letter in Opposition from Kenneth I. Austin201/19/2022View
7270 70Letter in Opposition from Michael & Sabina Gladwin201/19/2022View
7371 71Letter in Opposition from Paul Fisher201/19/2022View
7472 72Letter in Opposition from Nancy Fisher201/19/2022View
7573 73Letter in Opposition from Michael Bukowski201/19/2022View
7674 74Letter in Opposition from Paula Johnson-Lawrence201/19/2022View
7775 75Letter in Opposition from Phyllis Stubbs201/19/2022View
7876 76Letter in Opposition from Rick & Terry Mattingly201/19/2022View
7977 77Letter in Opposition from Philip Branton & Ellen Lazarus201/19/2022View
8078 78Letter in Opposition from Randall Kremer101/19/2022View
8179 79Letter in Opposition from Richard W. Teare201/19/2022View
8280 80Letter in Opposition from Shirley Galbiati201/19/2022View
8381 81Letter in Opposition from Theodora Stervinou101/19/2022View
8482 82Letter in Opposition from Susan Gigli201/19/2022View
8583 83Letter in Opposition from Sheppard Ranbom301/19/2022View
8684 84Letter in Opposition from Susan Mann201/19/2022View
8785 85Letter in Opposition from Diana & Tom Bulger101/19/2022View
8886 86Letter in Opposition from Ursula Werner101/19/2022View
8987 87Letter in Opposition from Tom Downs & Carol Kachadoorian101/19/2022View
9088 88Letter in Opposition from Tom & Sarah Fletcher201/19/2022View
9189 89Letter in Opposition from Wendie Lubic201/19/2022View
9290 90Letter in Opposition from Zachary Freed201/19/2022View
9391 91Letter in Opposition from Willa Golden201/19/2022View
9492 92Letters to Agencies Sent by ECC Neighbors1901/20/2022View
9593 93Letters to Agencies Sent by Friends of the Field3001/20/2022View
9694 94Letter in Opposition from Jill MacNeice301/20/2022View
9795 95Letter in Opposition from Thierry Rosenheck301/20/2022View
9896 96Cover Letter - Submission of Comprehensive Transportation Review21/21/2022View
9996A96A1Comprehensive Transporation Review (Part 1) - SUPERSEDED - SEE EXHIBIT #97A1341/21/2022View
10096A96A2comprehensive Transportation Review (Part 2) - SUPERSEDED - SEE EXHIBIT #97A2171/21/2022View
10196B96BResume of Expert Witness - J. Milanovich31/21/2022View
10297 97Cover Letter Enclosing Updated Comprehensive Transporation Review21/21/2022View
10397A97A1Updated Comprehensive Transportation Review (Part 1)341/21/2022View
10497A97A2Updated Comprehensive Transportation Review (Part 2)171/21/2022View
10598 98Letter in Opposition from Carol Zachary101/24/2022View
10699 99Letter in Opposition from Ana Fullmer201/24/2022View
107100 100Letter in Opposition from Chris Skelly201/24/2022View
108101 101Letter in Opposition from Francisco DeOliveira201/24/2022View
109102 102Letter in Opposition from Ana Maria DeOliveira201/24/2022View
110103 103Letter in Opposition from Leah Miller201/24/2022View
111104 104Letter in Opposition from Grace McNally201/24/2022View
112105 105Letter in Opposition from Laura McCaffrey201/24/2022View
113106 106Letter in Opposition from Justin Treptow201/24/2022View
114107 107Letter in Opposition from Lelia Zanner Moors201/24/2022View
115108 108Letter in Opposition from Meredith Sherman201/24/2022View
116109 109Letter in Opposition from Mansoora Rashid201/24/2022View
117110 110Letter in Opposition from Nancy Voisin301/24/2022View
118111 111Letter in Opposition from Sam Sherman101/24/2022View
119112 112Letter in Opposition from Rebecca Maydak201/24/2022View
120113 113Letter in Opposition from Tom Downs101/24/2022View
121114 114Letter in Opposition from Claudia Russell502/01/2022View
122115 115Letter in Support from Praveen Madhiraju102/01/2022View
123116 116Letter in Support from Sara Imershein MD102/01/2022View
124117 117Letter in Support from Tom Martella102/01/2022View
125118 118Letter in Support from Lionel Brown & Rhoda Weeks-Brown102/01/2022View
126119 119Letter in Support from Tom McLish202/01/2022View
127120 120Letter in Support from Jenny Backus & Ed Pagano22/1/2022View
128121 121Letter in Support from Andrew & Rachel Zuraw102/02/2022View
129122 122Letter in Support from Peter Hakim202/02/2022View
130123 123Letter in Support from Mark Di Marco202/02/2022View
131124 124Letter in Support from Michael McCaughan202/02/2022View
132125 125Letter in Support from Brian & Kara Kochan202/02/2022View
133126 126Letter in Support from Judith Meltzer202/02/2022View
134127 127Testimony from Janeese Lewis George, Councilmember Ward 4502/02/2022View
135128 128Letter in Support from Gregory Poe302/03/2022View
136129 129Letter in Support from Jim Whitney & Anne Mosle202/03/2022View
137130 130Letter in Support from Henry N.L. Smith102/03/2022View
138131 131Letter in Support from Lanning & Barbara Mouldauer202/03/2022View
139132 132Letter in Support from Elizabeth Engel202/03/2022View
140133 133Letter in Support from Ian Cameron202/03/2022View
141134 134Letter in Support from Richard Gervase202/03/2022View
142135 135Letter in Support from Mark Levine102/03/2022View
143136 136Ltr. in Support from Leigh Comas202/04/2022View
144137 137Letter in Support from Daniel Comas102/04/2022View
145138 138Letter in Support from Christina Giallourakis102/04/2022View
146139 139Letter in Support from Lauren & Glenn Howard202/04/2022View
147140 140Letter in Support from Rick Juneja202/04/2022View
148141 141Letter in Support from Hope Palmer102/04/2022View
149142 142Letter in Support from Brandon Newlands202/04/2022View
150143 143Letter in Support from Judith Bailey302/07/2022View
151144 144Letter in Support from Malva Daniel Reid202/07/2022View
152145 145Letter in Support from Barbara Moldauer102/07/2022View
153146 146Letter in Support from Sarah Bowman102/07/2022View
154147 147Letter in Support from, Bryan Jones202/07/2022View
155148 148Letter in Support from Abby Levine & Matt Golden102/07/2022View
156149 149Letter in Support from Kevin Hardy202/07/2022View
157150 150Letter in Support from Nate Tibbits102/07/2022View
158151 151Letter in Support from Dipa Mehta, ANC Commissioner 3F03202/07/2022View
159152 152Letter of Support from Bethany Velasco 102/08/2022View
160153 153Letter in Support from Jay Ingram 102/08/2022View
161154 154Letter in Support from Alisha Commodore 202/08/2022View
162155 155Letter in Opposition from Bill Beaman 202/08/2022View
163156 156Letter in Opposition from Sylvie Gomis-Tanoh 202/08/2022View
164157 157Letter in Opposition from Joseph Komisar 202/08/2022View
165158 158Letter in Opposition from Laura Lorenzo 202/08/2022View
166159 159Letter in Opposition from Julian Paulay 202/08/2022View
167160 160Letter in Opposition from Thierry Tanoh 202/08/2022View
168161 161Letter in Opposition from Sandra Cihlar 102/08/2022View
169162 162Letter in Opposition from Maria and Jack Delgado 202/08/2022View
170163 163Letter in Support from Michael Lund202/08/2022View
171164 164Letter in Support from Claretta Horton102/10/2022View
172165 165Letter in Support from John Pleasant202/10/2022View
173166 166Letter in Support from Maryanne Sandretti & Alan Madison102/10/2022View
174167 167Letter in Support from Chris Connolly 202/11/2022View
175168 168List of Witnesses-January 12, 2022102/11/2022View
176169 169Letter in Support from Philip Collyer102/14/2022View
177170 170Letter in Support from Percy Ross, Polymath Educational Services LLC102/14/2022View
178171 171Letter in Support from Veronica Pollock102/14/2022View
179172 172Ltr. in Support - David Burton202/14/2022View
180173 173Ltr. in Support - Aaron Stallworth102/15/2022View
181174 174Ltr. in Support - Spyros & Irene Xenakis202/15/2022View
182175 175Letter in Support from Cheryl O'Neill & Matthew Bell202/16/2022View
183176 176Letter in Support from Thomas Manion202/16/2022View
184177 177Letter in Support from Holly Mead202/16/2022View
185178 178Letter in Support from Will Leibner102/16/2022View
186179 179Letter in Support from Jon Zeitler & Cynthia Baker202/16/2022View
187180 180Letter in Support from Michael Ungar202/16/2022View
188181 181Letter in Support from Lawrence Fenster202/16/2022View
189182 182Letter in Support from Molly Bryant202/16/2022View
190183 183Cover Letter from Applicant Enclosing Pre-hearing Statement32/16/2022View
191184 184Applicant's Pre-Hearing Statement82/16/2022View
192184A184APre-hearing Statement: Tab A (Community Outreach and Engagement Summary)22/16/2022View
193184B184BPre-hearing Statement: Tab B (Community Input Portal Responses)332/16/2022View
194184C184C1Pre-hearing Statement: Tab C (Updated Architectural Plans - Part 1)12/16/2022View
195184C184C2Pre-hearing Statement: Tab C (Updated Architectural Plans - Part 2)12/16/2022View
196184C184C3Pre-hearing Statement: Tab C (Updated Architectural Plans - Part 3)12/16/2022View
197184C184C4Pre-hearing Statement: Tab C (Updated Architectural Plans - Part 4)12/16/2022View
198184C184C5Pre-hearing Statement: Tab C (Updated Architectural Plans - Part 5)102/16/2022View
199184C184C6Pre-hearing Statement: Tab C (Updated Architectural Plans - Part 6)102/16/2022View
200184C184C7Pre-hearing Statement: Tab C (Updated Architectural Plans - Part 7)102/16/2022View
201184C184C8Pre-hearing Statement: Tab C (Updated Architectural Plans - Part 8)802/16/2022View
202184C184C9Pre-hearing Statement: Tab C (Updated Architectural Plans - Part 9)702/16/2022View
203184C184C10Pre-hearing Statement: Tab C (Updated Architectural Plans - Part 10)902/16/2022View
204184D184DPre-hearing Statement: Tab D (Acoustical Review)502/16/2022View
205184E184EPre-hearing Statement: Tab E (Field Usage Chart)802/16/2022View
206185 185Comments in Support from Eve Howard102/16/2022View
207186 186Comments in Support from Sharon Lowe102/16/2022View
208187 187Letter in Support from Amy Tanen 102/17/2022View
209188 188Friends of the Field's Motion to Postpone Hearing72/17/2022View
210189 189Letter in Support from Heather Dent202/17/2022View
211190 190Letter in Support from Edward Galiber, M.Ed102/18/2022View
212191 191Letter in Support from Jennifer Lanoff102/18/2022View
213192 192Petition in Opposition Submitted by Friends of the Field1402/22/2022View
214193 193Friends of the Field's Prehearing Statement202/22/2022View
215193A193APrehearing Statement: Tab A (Annotated Site Utility Plan)102/22/2022View
216193B193BPrehearing Statement: Tab B (Annotated Public Space Plan)102/22/2022View
217193C193CPrehearing Statement: Tab C (Annotated Tree Transport Plan)102/22/2022View
218194 194Letter in Support w/Multiple Signatures202/22/2022View
219195 195Letter in Support from Andrew Wise102/22/2022View
220197 197Letter in Support from Virginia Brooks202/22/2022View
221198 198Letter in Support from Kenli Okada202/22/2022View
222199 199Letter in Support from Mary Alice Garber102/22/2022View
223200 200Letter in Support from Nancy Doyle Palmer102/22/2022View
224201 201Letter in Support from Elizabeth Andersen202/22/2022View
225202 202Letter in Support from Kristen McCaughan102/22/2022View
226203 203Applicant's Response to Motion to Postpone362/22/2022View
227204 204Affidavit of Posting22/22/2022View
228205 205Letter in Support from Tim McCaughan102/22/2022View
229206 206Letter in Support from Peter & Marcela Zamora102/22/2022View
230207 207ANC 3/4G's Response to Friends of the Field's Request for Postponement1102/22/2022View
231208 208Letter in Support from Allison Fitzsimmons202/22/2022View
232209 209Comments from Friends of the Field on CTR702/23/2022View
233210 210Comments from Friends of the Field Re: ANC Feb. 14 & 16 Meeting202/23/2022View
234211 211Letter in Support from Lisa McLish102/23/2022View
235212 212Letter in Support from Muriel Wilkins102/23/2022View
236213 213Letter in Support from Susanne Salkind102/24/2022View
237214 214BZA Memo - Postponement Denied - Hearing on March 9, 2022102/24/2022View
238215 215Letter in Support from Ingrid Creppell and Bob Mudge 202/24/2022View
239216 216Letter in Support from Commissioner Alison Brooks, ANC/SMD 4B08202/24/2022View
240217 217Letter in Support from Kim Tignor 102/25/2022View
241218 218Letter in Support from D. T.102/25/2022View
242219 219Letter in Support from Paul Lorenzo-Giguere202/25/2022View
243220 220Letter in Support from Robin Rooks McQueen102/25/2022View
244221 221Letter in Support from Abdul Fouzi 102/25/2022View
245222 222DDOT Report152/25/2022View
246223 223DOEE Responses to ANC Questions22/25/2022View
247224 224OP Report112/25/2022View
248225 225Letter in Support from Malaika Jones102/28/2022View
249226 226Letter in Support from Natasha Shields102/28/2022View
250227 227Letter in Opposition from Frank Buchholz202/28/2022View
251228 228Letter in Support from Cameron Pygatt102/28/2022View
252229 229Letter in Opposition from Tom Downs202/28/2022View
253230 230Letter in Support from Max Norton103/01/2022View
254231 231Letter in Support from Brooke Elizabeth Daniel203/01/2022View
255232 232Letter in Support from Carl Ehrlich103/01/2022View
256233 233ANC 3/4G Report3803/01/2022View
257234 234Letter in Support from Cheryl Wasserman303/02/2022View
258235 235Letter in Support from Lauryl & McClinton Jackson203/02/2022View
259236 236Letter in Support from John D. Bess203/03/2022View
260237 237Letter in Support from Tom Gross103/03/2022View
261238 238Affidavit of Maintenance13/4/2022View
262239 239Letter in Support from Antoine Williams 203/04/2022View
263240 240Letter in Opposition from Claudia Russell 203/04/2022View
264241 241Letter in Opposition from Eleanor Greene103/07/2022View
265242 242Letter in Opposition from Susan Gigli103/07/2022View
266243 243Letter in Opposition from Iman Ahmad & Mariano Peliza103/07/2022View
267244 244Letter in Opposition from David Kempler103/07/2022View
268245 245Letter in Opposition from Robert Molofsky103/07/2022View
269246 246Letter in Opposition from Marcello & Kathy Abbruzzetti103/07/2022View
270247 247Letter in Opposition from Jill MacNeice303/07/2022View
271248 248Letter in Opposition from Linda Haslach203/07/2022View
272249 249Letter in Opposition from Joanna Pratt103/07/2022View
273250 250Letter in Opposition from Rebecca Maydak503/07/2022View
274251 251Letter in Opposition from Lisa Tsui103/07/2022View
275252 252Letter in Opposition from Phyllis Lavine103/07/2022View
276253 253Letter in Opposition from Richard & Jeanie Teare103/07/2022View
277254 254Letter in Opposition from James S. Stokoe AIA103/07/2022View
278255 255Letter in Opposition from Mary Wagner & Kevin Billings303/07/2022View
279256 256Letter in Support from Jackie Roberts103/07/2022View
280257 257Letter in Opposition from Ann DeStefano & Joseph Sutherland203/07/2022View
281258 258Letter in Support from Kishan Putta, ANC 2E01103/07/2022View
282259 259Letter in Opposition from Ruby Carmen103/07/2022View
283260 260Letter in Opposition from Crystal Wright303/07/2022View
284261 261Friends Supplemental Statement in Opposition93/7/2022View
285262 262Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation483/7/2022View
286263 263Letter in Support from Valarie Jablow103/08/2022View
287264 264Letter in Opposition - Joseph Forcier II203/08/2022View
288265 265Letter in Opposition from Sheppard Ranbom203/08/2022View
289266 266Letter in Support of ANC Condition from Karin Perkins103/08/2022View
290267 267Letter in Opposition from Christopher Sherman103/08/2022View
291268 268Letter in Opposition from OAG73/8/2022View
292269A269A1PowerPoint Presentation from Friends of the Field (Part 1)1503/08/2022View
293269A269A2PowerPoint Presentation from Friends of the Field (Part 2)1603/08/2022View
294269A269A3PowerPoint Presentation from Friends of the Field (Part 3)2103/08/2022View
295270 270Written Testimony from Meredith Rathbone & Stephen Bocanegra303/08/2022View
296271 271Written Testimony from Michael Sriqui, ANC 3D203/08/2022View
297272 272Letter in Opposition from Mary Callahan103/08/2022View
298273 273Friends of the Field Renewed Motion to Postpone Hearing153/8/2022View
299274 274Letter in Support from JP & Kara Dowd103/09/2022View
300275 275Letter in Support from Jennifer Gootman, DC Soccer Club203/09/2022View
301276 276Letter in Opposition from Claudia Russell203/09/2022View
302277 277Written Testimony from Paul Fisher203/10/2022View
303278 278Written Testimony from David Patton103/10/2022View
304278A278AAlternative Schemes Submitted by David Patton303/10/2022View
305279 279Written Testimony in Opposition from Claudia Russell 303/10/2022View
306280 280BZA Memo - Decision Meeting March 30, 2022203/11/2022View
307281 281Written Testimony of Martin J. Beam203/15/2022View
308282 282Applicant's Post-Hearing Statement103/16/2022View
309282A282APost-hearing Statement: Tab A (E-Mail Confirmation from Zoning Administrator)23/16/2022View
310282B282BPost-hearing Statement: Tab B (DCCA Opinion in Case No. 99-AA-1230)43/16/2022View
311282C282CPost-hearing Statement: Tab C (Letter from DC Knights Youth Sports)13/16/2022View
312282D282DPost-hearing Statement: Tab D (PowerPoint Slides Depicting Proposals and Changes)43/16/2022View
313282E282EPost-hearing Statement: Tab E (Memorandum of Understanding with ANC 3/4G)213/16/2022View
314282F282FPost-hearing Statement: Tab F (Chronology of Correspondence with 5931 Utah Avenue Owners)73/16/2022View
315283 283Friends of the Field's Post-Hearing Statement133/16/2022View
316284 284Written Testimony from Meredith Rathbone & Stephen Bocanegra303/17/2022View
317285 285Friends' Response to Applicant's Post-Hearing Statement243/23/2022View
318286 286Request to Reopen the Record103/25/2022View
319287 287BZA Memo - Granting Motion to Reopen Record, Decision rescheduled to Public Meeting April 6, 2022103/28/2022View
320288 288ANC 3/4G Response to Friends of the Field (accompanying Motion to Reopen Record)703/28/2022View
321289 289Friends of the Field's Response to ANC 3/4G's Motion to Strike Portion of Response to Applicant's Post-hearing Statement74/4/2022View
322290 290Applicant's Response to ANC Motion24/4/2022View
323291 291Friends of the Field's Request to Reopen the Record and Stay the Final Decision and Order1202/23/2023View
324292 292ANC 3/4G's Response to Motion to Reopen the Record403/01/2023View
325293 293Response of the Applicant to Friends of the Field Motion to Reopen the Record and Stay the Final Decision and Order43/2/2023View
326294 294BZA Memo - Public Meeting April 5, 2023 to Consider Motions from Friends of the Field & Responses103/24/2023View
327295 295Returned PHN204/05/2023View
328296 296Decision and Order3304/12/2023View
329297 297Attestation104/12/2023View
330298 298Request for Clarification/Reconsideration of Conditions of BZA Order No.2064384/21/2023View
331299 299Opposition to Applicant's Request for Clarification/Reconsideration of the Conditions of BZA Order No. 20643 Submitted by Friends of the Field3804/26/2023View
332300 300Request to Reopen the Record from Paul Tummonds25/2/2023View
333300A300ARequest to Reopen the Record Statement35/2/2023View
334301 301Friends of the Field's Motion to Stay BZA Order No. 206431805/19/2023View
335302 302BZA Memo - Date to Consider Applicant's Motion to Reopen Record - Public Meeting May 24, 2023105/22/2023View
336303 303Reply to the Friends of Field's Opposition to Motion45/24/2023View
337304 304Supplemental Material from Applicant-Maret School305/24/2023View
338305 305BZA Memo - Record Reopened for Supplemental Material; Responses Due; Public Meeting June 14, 2023105/25/2023View
339306 306Friends of the Fields' Opposition to Motion to Reopen the Record305/04/2023View
340307 307Applicant's Response to Friends of the Fields' Motion to Stay805/26/2023View
341308 308Motion to Vacate Board's May 24, 2023 Order Reopening the Record505/31/2023View
342309 309Friend of the Field's Supplemental Opposition to Maret's Motion for Clarification/Reconsideration606/01/2023View