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11 1Application Form19/2/2021View
22 2DC Surveyor's Plat19/2/2021View
33 3Statement Existing and Intended Uses19/2/2021View
44 4Zoning Self-Certification29/2/2021View
55 5Color Photographs19/2/2021View
66 6Architectural Plans and Elevations29/2/2021View
77 7List of Names and Mailing Addresses of Property Owners within 200 Ft.29/2/2021View
88 8Statement of Compliance with Burden of Proof59/2/2021View
99 9Letter of Authorization19/2/2021View
1010 10Certification of Proficiency19/2/2021View
1111 11Copy of BZA Order 1656149/2/2021View
1212 12Copy of BZA Order 1771869/2/2021View
1313 13Copy of BZA Order 1823669/2/2021View
1414 14Cover Letter from Applicant39/2/2021View
1515 15Outlines of Testimony19/2/2021View
1616 16Resume of Brian Stephenson29/2/2021View
1717 17Zoning Map19/2/2021View
1818 18Receipt19/14/2021View
1919 19BZA PHN to Proeprty Owner within 200 feet49/27/2021View
2020 20BZA Referrals19/27/2021View
2121 21ANC 3/4G Report110/28/2021View
2222 22Returned PHN211/03/2021View
2323 23Request for Party Status in Opposition from Clay Wellborn112/20/2021View
2423A23AAddendum to Party Status Request from Clay Wellborn412/20/2021View
2523B23BTestimony from Clay Wellborn412/20/2021View
2623C23CCertificate of Service112/20/2021View
2724 24Affidavit of Posting212/21/2021View
2825 25Applicant's Cover Letter to PowerPoint Presentation212/22/2021View
2925A25AApplicant's PowerPoint Presentation1112/22/2021View
3026 26Request for Party Status in Support from Thomas Orgren112/30/2021View
3126A26AAddendum for Party Status from Thomas Orgren212/30/2021View
3227 27OP Report512/30/2021View
3328 28Certificate of Service for Party Status Application from Thomas Orgren112/30/2021View
3429 29DDOT Report212/30/2021View
3530 30Form 140 Party Status Request from Clay and Edna Wellborn - signed copy101/06/2022View
3631 31Affidavit of Maintenance11/7/2022View
3732 32Color Photograph of Fence submitted by Clay Wellborn101/07/2022View
3833 33Letter in Support from Charles DeSantis101/10/2022View
3934 34Letter in Support from Carol C. Ross11/10/2022View
4035 35Letter in Support from Christopher Purdy11/10/2022View
4136 36Letter in Support from Janet Robins & Kevin Bromberg201/11/2022View
4237 37Letter in Support from Erica J. Green11/11/2022View
4338 38Letter in Support from Jennifer and Keith Vaughan11/11/2022View
4439 39Applicant's Cover Letter to Supplemental Prehearing Submissions31/11/2022View
4539A39ASPHS: Tab A (Applicant's Updated PowerPoint Presentation)161/11/2022View
4639B39BSPHS: Tab B (Applicant's Proposed Revisions to Conditions)21/11/2022View
4739C39CSPHS: Tab C (Updated Site Plan)11/11/2022View
4840 40Letter in Support from Allison Jenkins101/12/2022View
4941 41BZA Memo Granting Party Status to T Orgren, C & E Wellborn101/14/2022View
5042 42List of Witnesses-January 12, 2022102/14/2022View
5143 43Decision and Order1009/01/2022View
5244 44Attestation109/01/2022View