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11 1Application Form12/17/2021View
22 2Application Cover Letter32/17/2021View
33 3Statement of the Applicant162/17/2021View
44 4Zoning Self-Certification - SUPERSEDED - SEE EXHIBIT #1532/17/2021View
55 5Letter of Authorization22/17/2021View
66 6Zone Map Excerpt12/17/2021View
77 7Certificate of Proficiency12/17/2021View
88 8Statement of Public Outreach12/17/2021View
99 9Preliminary Transportation Management Plan62/17/2021View
1010 10List of Names and Mailing Addresses of Property Owners within 200 Feet32/17/2021View
1111 11DC Surveyor's Plat - SUPERSEDED - SEE EXHIBIT #1412/17/2021View
1212 12Architectural Plans and Elevations262/17/2021View
1313 13Statement of Intended Uses12/17/2021View
1414 14Updated DC Surveyor's Plat12/25/2021View
1515 15Updated Zoning Self-Certification22/25/2021View
1616 16Receipt13/9/2021View
1717 17Form 120 Application12/25/2021View
1818 18BZA Referral/PHN to ANC 3E33/15/2021View
1919 19BZA Referral/PHN to ANCSMD 3E0533/15/2021View
2020 20BZA Referral to DCDPR13/15/2021View
2121 21BZA Referral to OSSE13/15/2021View
2222 22BZA Referral to OANC13/15/2021View
2323 23BZA Referral to OP13/15/2021View
2424 24BZA Referral to DDOT13/15/2021View
2525 25BZA Referral/PHN to Council of the District of Columbia, Ward 333/15/2021View
2626 26BZA Referral to Council of the District of Columbia, At-Large (Christina Henderson)13/15/2021View
2727 27BZA Referral to Council of the District of Columbia, At-Large (Anita Bonds)13/15/2021View
2828 28BZA Referral to Council of the District of Columbia, At-Large (Robert White, Jr.)13/15/2021View
2929 29BZA Referral to Chairman of the Council (Phil Mendelson) 13/15/2021View
3030 30BZA PHN to Property Owner within 200 feet73/15/2021View
3131 31BZA PHN to Applicant (Meghan Hotel-Cox/Goulston & Storrs)63/15/2021View
3232 32Request for Party Status from Tenleytown Preservation Association74/27/2021View
3333 33Comments from Thomas E. Sharp and Neighbors65/10/2021View
3434 34BZA Memo - Virtual Public Meeting on May 19, 2021 to consider Advanced Party Status105/12/2021View
3535 35BZA Memo - Hearing Administratively Rescheduled to October 13, 2021105/12/2021View
3636 36Referral Notice to ANC 3D305/19/2021View
3737 37BZA Memo Granting Party Status to Tenleytown Preservation Assn105/19/2021View
3838 38Applicant's Request for Postponement26/8/2021View
3939 39BZA Attestation16/16/2021View
4040 40BZA Memo - Postponement granted to Virtual Public Hearing on October 27, 2021106/21/2021View
4141 41BZA Attestation16/22/2021View
4242 42Comments in Support from Robert Silvers106/28/2021View
4343 43Letter in Support from Leigh McCue-Weil207/12/2021View
4444 44Letter in Opposition from Alexandra Gianinno208/18/2021View
4545 45Letter in Opposition from Anne C. Sullivan109/14/2021View
4646 46Applicant's Cover Letter Enclosing CTR and Resume29/15/2021View
4746A46A1CTR (Part 1)779/15/2021View
4846A46A2CTR (Part 2)189/15/2021View
4946B46BResume of Jami L. Milanovich P.E.39/15/2021View
5047 47Letter in Opposition from Elisabeth Leamy209/23/2021View
5148 48Comments from Michael and Michelle Miller410/04/2021View
5249 49Letter in Support from Jay Korman210/04/2021View
5350 50Letter in Opposition from Timothy Harr310/06/2021View
5451 51Cover Letter from Applicant Enclosing Prehearing Statement310/6/2021View
5551A51APrehearing Statement: Tab A (Supplemental Statement)1010/6/2021View
5651B51B1Prehearing Statement: Tab B (Plans - Pt. 1)2310/6/2021View
5751B51B2Prehearing Statement: Tab B (Plans - Pt. 2)1210/6/2021View
5851B51B3Prehearing Statement: Tab B (Plans - Pt. 3)1010/6/2021View
5951C51CPrehearing Statement: Tab C (Community Meetings)210/6/2021View
6051D51DPrehearing Statement: Tab D (School Website Portal Comments and Responses)2810/06/2021View
6151E51EPrehearing Statement: Tab E (Design Flexibility for Plans)110/06/2021View
6251F51FPrehearing Statement: Tab F (Draft Conditions)510/06/2021View
6351G51GPrehearing Statement: Tab G (Resumes of Expert Witnesses)410/06/2021View
6451H51HPrehearing Statement: Tab H (Outlines of Witness Testimony)710/06/2021View
6552 52Letter in Support from Viraj Mehta110/11/2021View
6653 53Affidavit of Posting210/11/2021View
6754 54Letter in Support from Winta Alem110/11/2021View
6855 55Letter in Support from Finlay Mungall & Tingting Guo110/11/2021View
6956 56Letter in Support from Katrina Kosec210/11/2021View
7057 57Letter in Support from Jenny Rieqel210/11/2021View
7158 58Letter in Support from Kathleen Gallagher110/13/2021View
7259 59Follow Up Comments from Michael and Michelle Miller710/13/2021View
7360 60Letter of No Objection from Elizabeth Nottingham210/14/2021View
7461 61Comments from Richard Grant210/14/2021View
7562 62Letter in Opposition from Winfield P. Crigler410/14/2021View
7663 63Letter in Support from Greg Jaczko and Leigh Ann Caldwell210/14/2021View
7764 64Letter in Support from Shalini Roy110/14/2021View
7865 65OP Report1110/15/2021View
7966 66Letter in Support from Nick & Ashley Casscells110/15/2021View
8067 67Comments in Support from Cidalia Luis-Akbar and Masud Akbar210/15/2021View
8168 68Letter in Opposition from Alexandra Gianinno510/15/2021View
8269 69Request to Waive Filing Deadline from DDOT110/19/2021View
8369A69ADDOT Report4810/19/2021View
8470 70Comments from Ware Adams110/19/2021View
8571 71Letter in Support from Katie & Mehdi Pirzadeh110/20/2021View
8672 72Letter in Support from Anita & Dippen Zinzuvadia110/20/2021View
8773 73Letter in Opposition from Leo & Ingrid Wollemborg210/20/2021View
8874 74Letter in Support from Stacie Bonfils Benes110/20/2021View
8975 75Written Testimony of Geoffrey Aronow & Melinda Halpert110/20/2021View
9076 76Letter in Support from Alison Silvers210/20/2021View
9177 77Letter in Support from Sariah Tambre Leigh210/20/2021View
9278 78Letter in Support from Susi Atkinson110/21/2021View
9379 79Letter in Support from Benjamin Nussdorf110/21/2021View
9480 80Letter in Opposition from Clifford & Michele Bond310/21/2021View
9581 81Comments from Rossnyev Alvarado210/21/2021View
9682 82Letter in Opposition from Ruth Wimer210/21/2021View
9783 83ANC 3E's Resolution510/21/2021View
9884 84Letter in Opposition from Colin Andrews210/21/2021View
9985 85Letter in Support from Children's Hospital210/21/2021View
10086 86Letter in Support from Ekin Birol110/21/2021View
10187 87Affidavit of Maintenance110/21/2021View
10288 88Letter in Opposition from Ruth Wimer210/22/2021View
10389 89Letter in Support from Elaine K. Green110/22/2021View
10490 90Letter in Opposition from David Burton210/22/2021View
10591 91Letter in Opposition from Linda Weidman210/22/2021View
10692 92Letter in Opposition from Stuart E. Johnson210/22/2021View
10793 93Letter in Opposition from Leah Johnson210/22/2021View
10894 94Comments from Tricia Duncan, President of the Palisades Community Association210/22/2021View
10995 95Letter in Opposition from Barbara Hijazi210/22/2021View
11096 96Letter in Opposition from Saadeddine Hijazi110/22/2021View
11197 97Letter in Opposition from Kristen Booth310/22/2021View
11298 98Letter in Opposition from Tim J. Aluise210/22/2021View
11399 99Letter in Opposition from Robert Pleshaw110/22/2021View
114100 100Cover Letter from Applicant Enclosing Updated TMP210/22/2021View
115100A100ARequest to Waive Filing Deadline (Updated TMP)110/22/2021View
116100B100BUpdated TMP1110/22/2021View
117101 101Letter in Opposition from Elizabeth Grossman210/22/2021View
118102 102Letter in Support from NCCF110/22/2021View
119103 103Letter in Support from Casey & Nick Seidenberg210/25/2021View
120104 104Letter in Opposition from Jose Cuesta & Fabiola Lopez210/25/2021View
121105 105Letter in Opposition from Timothy Harr410/25/2021View
122106 106Letter in Support from Mario Urdaneta110/25/2021View
123107 107Letter in Opposition from Samantha Lewis210/25/2021View
124108 108Letter in Opposition from Betty Arbuckle210/25/2021View
125109 109Letter in Opposition from Praveen R. Jeyarajah210/25/2021View
126110 110Letter in Opposition from Cynthia Lee210/25/2021View
127111 111Letter in Opposition from Roberta Hollander110/25/2021View
128112 112Letter in Opposition from Roxanne Haltmeyer210/25/2021View
129113 113Letter in Opposition from Martha Pleshaw110/25/2021View
130114 114Letter in Opposition from Joe Howard210/25/2021View
131115 115Letter in Opposition from Fernanda Howard210/25/2021View
132116 116Letter in Opposition from Pamela Porter210/25/2021View
133117 117Letter in Opposition from Susan & Robert Motyka210/25/2021View
134118 118Letter in Opposition from Timothy A. Chorba210/25/2021View
135119 119Letter in Opposition from Alexander Dobert210/25/2021View
136120 120Letter in Opposition from Parsa Sanjana210/25/2021View
137121 121Letter in Opposition from Gregory George210/25/2021View
138122 122Letter in Opposition from Benjamin B. Lacy210/25/2021View
139123 123Letter in Opposition from Kaili Mang210/25/2021View
140124 124Letter in Opposition from Elizabeth H. Danello410/25/2021View
141125 125Letter in Opposition from Mary Margaret Cannon210/25/2021View
142126 126Letter in Opposition from Terence P. Thornberry210/25/2021View
143127 127Letter in Opposition from Gregory Ferenbach210/25/2021View
144128 128Letter in Opposition from Dave Steadman310/25/2021View
145129 129Letter in Opposition from Carol Carmody210/25/2021View
146130A130A1Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation (Pt. 1)4410/25/2021View
147130A130A2Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation (Pt. 2)610/25/2021View
148131 131Letter in Support from Sarah Williams210/25/2021View
149132 132Letter in Support from Todd & Monte Monash110/26/2021View
150133 133Letter in Opposition from Anthony & Jean Byrne510/26/2021View
151134 134Letter in Opposition from Sandra Romboli210/26/2021View
152135 135Letter in Opposition from Swati Singh210/26/2021View
153136 136Letter in Opposition from Jim & Susan Barnett210/26/2021View
154137 137Letter in Opposition from Kumar Anupam110/26/2021View
155138 138Letter in Opposition from Bruce Weinrod110/26/2021View
156139 139Letter in Opposition from Charles E. Taylor210/26/2021View
157140 140Letter in Opposition from Diane M. Brewer110/26/2021View
158141 141Letter in Support from Joseph LeMense110/26/2021View
159142 142Receipt110/26/2021View
160142A142ALetter in Opposition from Paul & Heather McKay210/26/2021View
161143 143Letter in Opposition from Bailey Edwards210/26/2021View
162144 144Letter in Opposition from Frederico Sacasa210/26/2021View
163145 145Letter in Opposition from Daniel Howard210/26/2021View
164146 146Letter in Opposition from Marc Francis Charette210/26/2021View
165147 147Letter in Support from Joseph Cotruvo110/26/2021View
166148 148Letter in Opposition from Maureen Miller210/26/2021View
167149 149Written Testimony in Opposition from Alexandra Gianinno1510/27/2021View
168150 150Letter in Opposition from Andrew Ferguson110/27/2021View
169151 151Request to Accept Late Filing w/Letter in Opposition from Lawrence M. Miller410/27/2021View
170152 152Letter in Opposition from Anne Chrun310/27/2021View
171153 153Written Testimony from Elyssa Hijazi Larranaga310/27/2021View
172154 154TPA's PowerPoint Presentation1810/26/2021View
173155 155Comments in Support from Robert Blair110/26/2021View
174156 156Request to Accept Untimely Filing from Alma H. Gates210/27/2021View
175156A156AComments from Alma H. Gates310/27/2021View
176157 157Letter in Opposition from Spencer K. & Margaret V. Hathaway210/27/2021View
177158 158Letter in Opposition from Brooke Brown210/27/2021View
178159 159Letter in Opposition from Elizabeth Leamy210/27/2021View
179160 160BZA Memo Re: Video Exhibits Filed by Party in Opposition and Instructions for Viewing110/27/2021View
180161 161Letter in Support from Dana Berliner210/27/2021View
181162 162BZA Memo - Public Meeting November 3, 2021110/28/2021View
182163 163Testimony from Jonathan McHugh, Commissioner ANC 3E05411/01/2021View
183164 164List of Witnesses-October 27, 2021111/01/2021View
184165 165Decision and Order3009/22/2022View
185166 166Attestation109/22/2022View