row_num#Exhibit #Exhibit #Exhibit #Exhibit DescriptionNumber of PagesExhibit DateAction
11 1Application Form110/15/2019View
22 2Statement of Appeal510/15/2019View
33 3Letter of Authorization110/15/2019View
44 4Copy of DCRA Permit110/15/2019View
55 5Certificate of Service110/15/2019View
66 6Email from Matt LeGrant to Chris Otten410/15/2019View
77 7DCRA Demolition Permit211/4/2019View
88 8Form 125 Appeal Form111/4/2019View
99 9BZA Referral/PHN to ANC 2D201/23/2020View
1010 10BZA Referral/PHN to ANCSMD 2D02201/23/2020View
1111 11BZA Referral to OANC101/23/2020View
1212 12BZA Referral to OP101/23/2020View
1313 13BZA Referral/PHN to DCRA (Zoning Administrator)201/23/2020View
1414 14BZA Referral/PHN to Council of the District of Columbia, Ward 2201/23/2020View
1515 15BZA Referral to Councilmember, At-Large (Elissa Silverman)101/23/2020View
1616 16BZA Referral to Councilmember, At-Large (David Grosso)101/23/2020View
1717 17BZA Referral to Councilmember, At-Large (Anita Bonds)101/23/2020View
1818 18BZA Referral to Councilmember, At-Large (Robert White, Jr.)101/23/2020View
1919 19BZA Referral to Chairman of the Council (Phil Mendelson)101/23/2020View
2020 20BZA PHN to Appellant (Chris Otten/DC for Reasonable Development)201/23/2020View
2121 21BZA PHN to Property Owner (District of Columbia)201/23/2020View
2222 22Appellant's Motion to Postpone Hearing803/03/2020View
2323 23DCRA's Partial Consent Motion to Dismiss Appeal703/04/2020View
2423A23AExhibit 1 to DCRA's Partial Consent Motion10803/04/2020View
2524 24Property Owner DMPED Motion to Dismiss Appeal1003/05/2020View
2625 25BZA Memo Administratively Rescheduling Hearing to May 13, 2020103/12/2020View
2726 26Referral to ANC 5E203/16/2020View
2827 27Referral to ANC 5E09203/16/2020View
2928 28Referral to ANC 1B203/16/2020View
3029 29Referral to ANC 5A203/16/2020View
3130 30ANC 5E Report204/30/2020View
3231 31DCRA's Prehearing Statement805/06/2020View
3332 32Emergency Motion for In-person Hearing Allowing for Accessibility & Welfare of Protected Participants405/27/2020View
3433 33BZA Memo - Notice of Public Meeting to Address Preliminary Matters - June 24, 2020205/28/2020View
3534 34Motion for Summary of Affirmance of Complainant's Appeal of Respondent's DCRA Erroneous Issuance of Permits 506/09/2020View
3635 35DMPED's Opposition to Appellant's Motion for Summary Affirmation of Appeal706/19/2020View
3736 36DCRA's Reply in Support of its Motion to Dismiss Appeal706/19/2020View
3837 37DCRA's Response to Appellant's Emergency Motion for an In-Person Hearing606/19/2020View
3938 38Appellant's Response to DCRA and DMPED's Motion to Dismiss 806/19/2020View
4039 39Appellant's Emergency Motion to Strike DCRA's Reply in Support of its Motion to Dismissal406/22/2020View
4140 40BZA Memo - #20191 - Status of Appeal & Documents Requested206/26/2020View
4342 42Appellant's Response to BZA Memorandum527/8/2020View
4443 43Property Owner DMPED's Response to Request for Additional Submissions607/09/2020View
4543A43APage A0002 Project Information107/09/2020View
4643B43BPage A0010 Architectural Site Plan107/09/2020View
4743C43CPage A0103 Roof Plan107/09/2020View
4843D43DPage A0201 North and East Elevation107/09/2020View
4943E43EPage S1010 1st Floor Framing Plan107/09/2020View
5043F43FPage S1020 2nd Floor and Entry Level Framing Plan107/09/2020View
5144 44DCRA's Response to Request for Evidence407/09/2020View
5244A44A1Foundation Permit Plans (Part 1)207/09/2020View
5344A44A2Foundation Permit Plans (Part 2)1107/09/2020View
5444A44A3Foundation Permit Plans (Part 3)907/09/2020View
5544A44A4Foundation Permit Plans (Part 4)2207/09/2020View
5645A45A1Demolition Plans (Part 1)107/09/2020View
5745A45A2Demolition Plans (Part 2)207/09/2020View
5845A45A3Demolition Plans (Part 3)207/09/2020View
5945A45A4Demolition Plans (Part 4)207/09/2020View
6045A45A5Demolition Plans (Part 5)207/09/2020View
6145A45A6Demolition Plans (Part 6)307/09/2020View
6245A45A7Demolition Plans (Part 7)307/09/2020View
6345A45A8Demolition Plans (Part 8)207/09/2020View
6445A45A9Demolition Plans (Part 9)207/09/2020View
6545A45A10Demolition Plans (Part 10)207/09/2020View
6645A45A11Demolition Plans (Part 11)307/09/2020View
6745A45A12Demolition Plans (Part 12)207/09/2020View
6845A45A13Demolition Plans (Part 13)207/09/2020View
6945A45A14Demolition Plans (Part 14)207/09/2020View
7045A45A15Demolition Plans (Part 15)407/09/2020View
7145A45A16Demolition Plans (Part 16)307/09/2020View
7245A45A17Demolition Plans (Part 17)307/09/2020View
7345A45A18Demolition Plans (Part 18)207/09/2020View
7445A45A19Demolition Plans (Part 19)307/09/2020View
7546 46DMPED's Response to Appellant's Supplemental Submissions807/16/2020View
7647 47DCRA's Response to Appellant's Submission 707/16/2020View
7748 48OZ Memo re Motions for Reconsideration of Preliminary Matters107/16/2020View
7849 49Notice to Appellant & Parties - BZA Virtual Public Hearing August 5, 2020 through Webex with Participation Information207/23/2020View
7950 50Instructions for Accessing Webex - BZA Virtual Public Hearing August 5, 2020207/23/2020View
8051 51Emergency Motion to Supplement Record with Additional Expert Credentials67/27/2020View
8152 52Emergency Motion to Supplement the Record with Critically Important Information237/29/2020View
8253 53BZA Memo to File - Acknowledging receipt of Motions107/30/2020View
8354 54DCRA's Response to Appellant's Emergency Motion to Supplement the Record with Information508/04/2020View
8455 55Testimony from Carole Lewis Anderson208/04/2020View
8556 56Testimony from Andrea Rosen28/4/2020View
8657 57Resume of Jim Schulman28/5/2020View
8758 58DMPED's Response to Appellant's Emergency Motion408/05/2020View
8859 59DCRA's PowerPoint Presentation208/05/2020View
8960 60Testimony of Jim Schulman, AIA Architect108/05/2020View
9061 61PowerPoint Presentation from DC for Reasonable Development and Pro Se Appellants2308/05/2020View
9162 62Request to Include Testimonials308/06/2020View
9263 63BZA Memo - Record closed except for Document Allowed; Virtual Public Meeting on September 16, 2020108/06/2020View
9364 64List of Witnesses - August 5, 2020108/06/2020View
9466 66Testimony of Jerry Peloquin208/13/2020View
9567 67Testimony of Jimmie Boykin and JoAnne Boykin-Thurston208/13/2020View
9668 68BZA Memo re Appellant's Request to Include Written Testimony due to Technical Difficulties & Due date for Responses208/13/2020View
9769 69Response from Linwood Norman208/19/2020View
9870 70DMPED Response to Supplemental Testimony58/20/2020View
9971 71Response from Daniel Goldon Wolkoff w/Photos908/20/2020View
10072 72Emergency Motion to Postpone Decision709/15/2020View
10173A73AAppellants' Motion to Reopen the Record405/27/2021View
10274 74BZA Memo - Appellant's Motion to Reopen Record Scheduled for Virtual Public Meeting June 16, 2021105/28/2021View