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11 1Application for Campus Plan (Form 108)112/21/2020View
21A1AApplication Form Signature Page (Form 100)112/21/2020View
32 2Cvr. Ltr. and Statement in Support312/21/2020View
42A2ASIS: Tab A (Ltr. of Authorization)112/21/2020View
52B2BSIS: Tab B (Surveyor's Plat)112/21/2020View
62C2CSIS: Tab C (UDC Lists of Lots and Squares)112/21/2020View
72D2DSIS: Tab D (Notice of Intent)212/21/2020View
82E2E1SIS: Tab E1 (List of property Owners w/in 200 feet)2812/21/2020View
92E2E2SIS: Tab E2 (List of Nearby Residents per ZC Order No. 11-02/11-02A)1212/21/2020View
103 3Van Ness Campus Master Plan5412/21/2020View
113A3ACP: Tab A (Campus Aerial View Looking North)112/21/2020View
123AA3AACP: Tab AA (Proposed Campus Entry Van Ness St.)112/21/2020View
133AB3ABCP: Tab AB (Campus Wayfinding)112/21/2020View
143AC3ACCP: Tab AC (Campus Wayfinding Signage)212/21/2020View
153B3BCP: Tab B (ZC Order 11-02/11-02A)2912/21/2020View
163C3CCP: Tab C (The Equity Imperative)3912/21/2020View
173D3DCP: Tab D (Existing Conditions Site Diagram)112/21/2020View
183E3ECP: Tab E (ZC Order 11-02B)312/21/2020View
193F3FCP: Tab F (Community Context and Zone Districts)112/21/2020View
203G3GCP: Tab G (Campus Topography Diagram)112/21/2020View
213H3HCP: Tab H (Existing Campus Building Heights)112/21/2020View
223I3ICP: Tab I (Open Space Diagram)112/21/2020View
233J3JCP: Tab J (Existing Impervious Surface Diagram)112/21/2020View
243K3KCP: Tab K (Existing Transit Service Diagram)112/21/2020View
253L3LCP: Tab L (Existing Pedestrian Circulation Diagram)112/21/2020View
263M3MCP: Tab M (Existing Bicycle Conditions)212/21/2020View
273N3NCP: Tab N (Campus Parking Distribution Diagram)112/21/2020View
283O3OCP: Tab O (Capitol Improvement Plan)912/21/2020View
293P3PCP: Tab P (Proposed Campus Development Plan)112/21/2020View
303Q3QCP: Tab Q (Proposed Campus Building Heights)112/21/2020View
313R3RCP: Tab R (Proposed Pedestrian Circulation)112/21/2020View
323S3SCP: Tab S (Sustainability Improvements)112/21/2020View
333T3TCP: Tab T (Landscape Improvement Plan)112/21/2020View
343U3UCP: Tab U (Campus Perimeter Improvements Diagram)112/21/2020View
353V3VCP: Tab V (Campus Building Façade Improvements Diagram)112/21/2020View
363W3WCP: Tab W (Campus Building Façade Improvements Photo)112/21/2020View
373X3XCP: Tab X (Campus Plan Building Façade Illustration)112/21/2020View
383Y3YCP: Tab Y (Proposed Campus Entry - Veazey Terrace)112/21/2020View
393Z3ZCP: Tab Z (Proposed Campus Entry - Windom Pl.)112/21/2020View
404 4Van Ness Campus Master Plan 12.21.20 (index revised 1.4.21)541/4/2021View
415 5Receipt for Filing Fee101/25/2021View
426 6Proof of Publication of PHN in D.C. Register103/03/2021View
437 7Notice of Public Hearing403/03/2021View
448 8Attestation: PHN103/23/2021View
459 9Request to Waive Posting Requirement14/3/2021View
469A9AAffidavit of Posting194/3/2021View
4710 108 Returned PHNs904/09/2021View
4811 11Ltr. from Applicant - Request for Postponement (APPROVED 04/13/21 FOR 06/21/21 HEARING)24/13/2021View
4912 1218 Returned PHNs1904/13/2021View
5013 13Proof of Publication of Notice of Rescheduled PHN in D.C. Register104/19/2021View
5114 14Notice of Rescheduled Virtual Public Hearing404/19/2021View
5215 1528 Returned PHNs2904/22/2021View
5316 16Attestation: Rescheduled PHN104/25/2021View
5417 171 Returned PHN204/29/2021View
5518 188 Returned PHNs905/04/2021View
5619 19Affidavit of Posting205/5/2021View
5720 20Applicant's Supplemental Statement35/12/2021View
5820A20ASS: Tab A (Van Ness Campus Master Plan Revised 5.12.21)555/12/2021View
5920B20BSS: Tab B (Exhibits 3.6, 4.2(c) Revised)25/12/2021View
6021 215 Returned PHNs605/13/2021View
6122 2238 Returned PHNs3905/27/2021View
6223 2324 Returned PHNs2506/01/2021View
6324 24Cvr Ltr from Applicant - UDC CTR and TDM Draft Submission 6.2.2126/4/2021View
6424A24A1UDC CMP Transportation Report DRAFT 3.22.2021 (Part 1)456/4/2021View
6524A24A2UDC CMP Transportation Report DRAFT 3.22.2021 (Part 2)406/4/2021View
6624B24BUDC CMP TDM Plan DRAFT 6.2.202126/4/2021View
6725 25Cvr Ltr from Applicant - UDC Supplemental Submission 6.4.2136/4/2021View
6825A25AUDC Supplemental Submission Revised CMP Sections 6.4.21126/4/2021View
6926 2623 Returned PHNs2406/08/2021View
7027 27OP Report206/10/2021View
7128 28DDOT Report86/11/2021View
7229 295 Returned PHNs606/15/2021View
7330 30ANC 3F Report26/17/2021View
7430A30AANC 3F Resolution36/17/2021View
7531 31Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - PowerPoint Presentation and Affidavit of Maintenance26/17/2021View
7631A31AApplicant's PowerPoint Presentation486/17/2021View
7731B31BAffidavit of Maintenance106/17/2021View
7832 32Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Response to DDOT Review Comments26/18/2021View
7932A32AApplicant's Response to DDOT Review Comments46/18/2021View
8033 33Cvr. Ltr. from the Applicant - Supplemental Submissions26/21/2021View
8133A33AApplicant's PowerPoint Presentation (Part 1)246/21/2021View
8233B33BApplicant's PowerPoint Presentation (Part 2)246/21/2021View
8333C33CResume - Shamaly Alexander16/21/2021View
8434 34Applicant's Working Draft Conditions56/21/2021View
8535 35Testimony from Mary Beth Tinker206/22/2021View
8636 3643 Returned PHNs4406/21/2021View
8737 376 Returned PHNs706/22/2021View
8838 382 Returned PHNs306/24/2021View
8939 391 Returned PHN207/01/2021View
9040 40Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - TDM Plan and DDOT Correspondence27/1/2021View
9140A40ADDOT Correspondence 7.1.2127/1/2021View
9240B40BTDM Plan & PMP 6.30.202167/1/2021View
9341 411 Returned PHN207/13/2021View
9442 42Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Draft Order37/14/2021View
9542A42AApplicant's Draft Order217/14/2021View
9643 4310 Returned PHNs1107/19/2021View
9744 442 Returned PHNs307/22/2021View
9845 453 Returned PHNs409/07/2021View
9946 468 Returned PHNs903/08/2022View
10047 47Proof of Publication of Order in D.C. Register104/25/2022View
10148 48Z.C. Order No. 20-33304/25/22View
10249 49Attestation: Order No. 20-3314/26/22View