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11 1Application - 2020-2030 HU Campus Plan14/1/2020View
21A1AForm 100 - Application Signature Page14/1/2020View
31B1BHU - List of Squares and Lots14/1/2020View
41C1CForm 150 - Motion to accept late filing of Corrected 1B - List of Squares and Lots (with corrected list attached)24/2/2021View
52 2Cvr. Ltr. and Statement in Support34/1/2020View
62A2ASIS: Tab A (Authorization Ltr.)14/1/2020View
72B2BSIS: Tab B (Certified Plats.)84/1/2020View
82C2C1SIS: Tab C1 (Notice of Intent )44/1/2020View
92C2C2SIS: Tab C2 (List of Properties w/in 200 feet)304/1/2020View
103A3A12020 HU Central Campus Plan - Part 1114/1/2020View
113A3A2HUCP - Part 2144/1/2020View
123A3A3HUCP - Part 3294/1/2020View
133A3A4HUCP - Part 4294/1/2020View
143A3A5HUCP - Part 5274/1/2020View
153A3A6HUCP - Part 6354/1/2020View
163A3A7HUCP - Part 7354/1/2020View
173A3A8HUCP - Part 8124/1/2020View
183A3A9HUCP - Part 924/1/2020View
194 4Corrected Certificate of Service34/15/2020View
205 5Receipt for Filing Fee106/29/2020View
216 6Proof of Publication of PHN in D.C. Register110/27/2020View
227 7Notice of Public Hearing (POSTPONED TO 04/05/21)310/27/2020View
238 8Attestation: PHN2111/17/2020View
248A8AReferral to ANC711/17/2020View
259 94 Returned PHNs512/03/2020View
2610 107 Returned PHNs812/08/2020View
2711 11Ltr. from Applicant: Motion for Waiver of Partial Posting (APPROVED)312/10/2020View
2812 127 Returned PHNs812/22/2020View
2913 13Affidavit of Posting112/28/2020View
3013A13A1Affidavit of Posting: Tab A (Photos - Part 1)512/28/2020View
3113A13A2Affidavit of Posting: Tab A (Photos - Part 2)412/28/2020View
3213A13A3Affidavit of Posting: Tab A (Photos - Part 3)312/28/2020View
3313A13A4Affidavit of Posting: Tab A (Photos - Part 4)112/28/2020View
3413A13A5Affidavit of Posting: Tab A (Photos - Part 5)312/28/2020View
3513A13A6Affidavit of Posting: Tab A (Photos - Part 6)312/28/2020View
3613A13A7Affidavit of Posting: Tab A (Photos - Part 7)412/28/2020View
3713A13A8Affidavit of Posting: Tab A (Photos - Part 8)312/28/2020View
3813A13A9Affidavit of Posting: Tab A (Photos - Part 9)312/28/2020View
3913A13A10Affidavit of Posting: Tab A (Photos - Part 10)212/28/2020View
4013A13A11Affidavit of Posting: Tab A (Photos - Part 11)212/28/2020View
4113A13A12Affidavit of Posting: Tab A (Photos - Part 12)312/28/2020View
4213A13A13Affidavit of Posting: Tab A (Photos - Part 13)212/28/2020View
4314 14Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Supplemental Statement1212/28/2020View
4415A15A1Central Campus Plan - Part 11612/28/2020View
4515A15A2Central Campus Plan - Part 21512/28/2020View
4615A15A3Central Campus Plan - Part 32812/28/2020View
4715A15A4Central Campus Plan - Part 42212/28/2020View
4815A15A5Central Campus Plan - Part 53612/28/2020View
4915A15A6Central Campus Plan - Part 67212/28/2020View
5015A15A7Central Campus Plan - Part 74712/28/2020View
5115A15A8Central Campus Plan - Part 82812/28/2020View
5215A15A9Central Campus Plan - Part 9212/28/2020View
5316 16Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation2312/28/2020View
5417A17A1Transportation Report - Part 16012/28/2020View
5517A17A2Transportation Report - Part 2912/28/2020View
5617A17A3Transportation Report - Part 35112/28/2020View
5717A17A4Transportation Report - Part 46012/28/2020View
5817A17A5Transportation Report - Part 56012/28/2020View
5917A17A6Transportation Report - Part 66012/28/2020View
6017A17A7Transportation Report - Part 76012/28/2020View
6117A17A8Transportation Report - Part 86012/28/2020View
6217A17A9Transportation Report - Part 92912/28/2020View
6317A17A10Transportation Report - Part 103112/28/2020View
6417A17A11Transportation Report - Part 116012/28/2020View
6517A17A12Transportation Report - Part 126012/28/2020View
6617A17A13Transportation Report - Part 136012/28/2020View
6717A17A14Transportation Report - Part 146012/28/2020View
6817A17A15Transportation Report - Part 156012/28/2020View
6917A17A16Transportation Report - Part 166012/28/2020View
7017A17A17Transportation Report - Part 176012/28/2020View
7117A17A18Transportation Report - Part 184212/28/2020View
7218 184 Returned PHNs512/29/2020View
7319 196 Returned PHNs701/04/2021View
7420 20ANC 1B Request for Postponement21/12/2021View
7521 21Ltr. from Applicant - Request for Postponement (APPROVED 01/13/21)11/12/2021View
7622 22Proof of Publication Rescheduled PHN in D.C. Register101/13/2021View
7723 23Notice of Rescheduled Public Hearing301/13/2021View
7824 244 Returned PHNs501/22/2021View
7925 25Ltr. in Support - LCPA201/27/2021View
8026 261 Returned PHN201/28/2021View
8127 27Ltr. in Support - Pleasant Plains Civic Association102/26/2021View
8228 2819 Returned PHNs2002/23/2021View
8329 291 Returned PHN203/04/2021View
8430 30Affidavit of Posting13/5/2021View
8530A30A1Changed Signs 123/5/2021View
8630A30A2Changed Signs 223/5/2021View
8730A30A3Changed Signs 323/5/2021View
8830A30A4Changed Signs 423/5/2021View
8930A30A5Changed Signs 523/5/2021View
9030A30A6Changed Signs 623/5/2021View
9130A30A7Changed Signs 723/5/2021View
9230A30A8Changed Signs 813/5/2021View
9330A30A9Changed Signs 913/5/2021View
9430A30A10Changed Signs 1013/5/2021View
9530A30A11Changed Signs 1113/5/2021View
9630A30A12Changed Signs 1223/5/2021View
9730A30A13Changed Signs 1313/5/2021View
9830A30A14Changed Signs 1413/5/2021View
9930A30A15Changed Signs 1523/5/2021View
10030A30A16Changed Signs 1623/5/2021View
10130A30A17Changed Signs 1713/5/2021View
10231 31ANC 1B Report (Form 129)23/7/2021View
10331A31AANC 1B Report13/7/2021View
10432 32Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Central Campus Plan23/15/2021View
10532A32ACompliance with Chapter 1 of Subtitile X and Chapter 3 of Subtitle Z of the DC Zoning Regulations73/15/2021View
10632B32B1CCMP - Part 1603/15/2021View
10732B32B2CCMP - Part 2333/15/2021View
10832B32B3CCMP - Part 3253/15/2021View
10932B32B4CCMP - Part 4383/15/2021View
11032B32B5CCMP - Part 5343/15/2021View
11132B32B6CCMP - Part 6563/15/2021View
11232B32B7CCMP - Part 7213/15/2021View
11332B32B8CCMP - Part 8243/15/2021View
11433 331 Returned PHN203/16/2021View
11534 343 Returned PHNs403/22/2021View
11635 35OP Report263/26/2021View
11736 36DDOT Report 303/26/2021View
11837 37Email from DOEE103/30/2021View
11938 38Testimony from Evanna Powell204/04/2021View
12039 39Testimony from Shaw Main Streets204/01/2021View
12140 40Campus Boundary SSL Data24/6/2021View
12241 412020 HU CCMP Revisions to Document (Pages)54/6/2021View
12342 42Revised PowerPoint Presentation274/6/2021View
12443 43Affidavit of Maintenance64/6/2021View
12544 44Witness List104/06/2021View
12645 45Applicant's Supplemental Statement94/19/2021View
12746 461 Returned PHN204/22/2021View
12847 47Applicant's Draft Order104/26/2021View
12948 481 Returned PHN204/29/2021View
13049 49Applicant's Motion to Waive to Reopen the Record (APPROVED 04/29/21)14/29/2021View
13149A49AGorove Slade Transportation Memo to DDOT1304/29/2021View
13250 501 Returned PHN210/26/2021View
13351 51Proof of Publication of Order in D.C. Register103/29/2022View
13452 52Z.C. Order No. 20-081503/29/2022View
13553 53Attestation: Order No. 20-08104/04/2022View